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Carlos woke up the next morning, deciding that today he had to make a decision. It was Christmas Eve and he wanted to kiss under the mistletoe, snuggle under a blanket while watching a movie and dance around to fun Christmas songs and he wanted to do it with the one he wanted to be with. But the problem was, he had no idea who he wanted to be with! He loved Kendall, they've been best friends forever, they know every little thing about each other and Carlos has been crushing on him for years. But wouldn't Kendall be the safe choice? Drew was new. Carlos didn't know much about him, only a few things and that he was the sweetest guy ever for doing all those things for him. Going into a relationship with Drew would be exciting, fun and full of surprises.

It was just too tempting.

Besides, what if he did date Kendall and they had a long, amazing relationship, then something goes wrong? Carlos didn't want to lose him or put their friendship at risk. That would hurt more than anything. And what about James and Logan? They'd be in the middle of the whole thing, not knowing what to do or where to go. He couldn't do that to his best friends.

Of course, if he did choose Drew, his friendship with Kendall would be a little rocky at first; Kendall having to get over rejection and Carlos having to get over his feelings for his best friend. But that would be much, much easier to get through than if they ever broke up after a long relationship.

However, there was the possibility that he'll never get over his feelings for Kendall. And he could cheat on Drew. Carlos could tell himself he won't, that he would never do such a thing, especially to someone he cares about. But he lived with Kendall, the temptation might be too much to resist.

There were too many buts and what ifs. Whatever happens, whoever he chooses, someone will get hurt and something will go wrong. How was he supposed to make a decision like this? He was Carlos. Simple, little Carlos. He didn't make big decisions, he did crazy stunts and ate food. This was all too much for him and it wasn't fair.

With a sigh, he jumped out of bed and got ready to start the day; showering, brushing his teeth and getting dressed in jeans and one of his Christmas sweaters.

Everyone was already awake and having breakfast when Carlos walked into the kitchen.

"Goodmorning, sweetie." His mom said as he passed. He wasn't hungry this morning, which was weird. But the thought of having to tell either Kendall or Drew "no" today gave him an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach and he was sure if he ate, he'd throw up.

"'Morning, mom." He said, deciding on just a glass of orange juice for breakfast.

"Hey, Carlos." Kendall said. Carlos panicked, quickly downing his drink in one go while thinking of something to say. He didn't want to say anything that would give him the idea that Carlos might choose him, but he didn't want him to think that he wouldn't. But before he had any idea what he was going to say, the glass was empty.

"I'm gonna go take a walk." He said, at last, which was probably the worst thing he could say in a situation at last. But without even thinking about it, he bolted out of the apartment.

The Palm Woods was half empty, the remaining residents leaving to go home this morning with only a few people staying there for the holidays. Carlos made his way to the park, stopping to say goodbye and Merry Christmas to a few people.

Okay, Carlos thought to himself as he sat down on a bench. Time to make a decision.

He thought of Drew, the perfect things that he has done the last week and a half. He thought of the flash mob, how perfect and fun and sweet of Drew. He thought of the movies, putting that message on the screen, he thought of how all the women gushed and how special it made him feel. He thought of the flowers. All of them. Especially the ones with meaning, it was this very park that was filled with sunflowers eight days ago, they meant adoration. Drew brought everyone's family from Minnesota to them. That was perfect beyond words.

But then there was Kendall. Best friend Kendall. Who did everything with him, who knew everything about him, who did everything for him. Kendall was in pretty much every one of Carlos' memories growing up. The best ones, like when he tried his first corn dog when he was four, when he went to his first hockey game when he was six, when he got his very first A in school when he was ten. He was there for the bad ones too, like when his bunny died, Kendall held him while he cried. And when some girls at school were picking on him when they were in first grade, Kendall defended him. And when he went to the hospital for the very first time when he was eight and Kendall held his hand the whole time and told him he was so brave when they stuck the needle in his arm.

But Carlos knew Kendall as a friend, someone he never wanted to lose. He knew Drew as an admirer, someone who wants to be with him.

Carlos knew who he was going to choose.

With the decision in mind, he got up and practically ran to the Palm Woods. When he reached the lobby, he slowed down, seeing Drew there on the phone with his back to him. With his heart beating a million miles a minute in his chest, he slowly made his way towards Drew, but stopped when he heard the phone conversation.

"I know, I miss you. But you'll be here soon, your plane lands in two hours, right?" He said. Carlos didn't think much of it, his parents were probably visiting for Christmas. So Carlos just stood and waited for the conversation to end. "Yeah, I'll be there to pick you, like I promised. But I have to do this thing for Kendall." Okay, that caught Carlos' attention. "Yeah, this whole thing kind of blew up in his face. It didn't really go to plan, but we're fixing it." What was he talking about? What plan? Was this all just some big joke to him? Because it wasn't to Carlos. "Okay, I'll let you go. Have a safe flight, I love you, baby." You don't call your mom "baby". Carlos wanted to know what was going on right now.

Drew hung up the phone and turned around, his bright smile falling and eyes going wide when he saw Carlos.

"How much of that did you hear?" Drew asked with a look of panic all over his face.

"The end bit." Carlos answered, voice small. "About Kendall and you saying 'I love you' to someone."

"Listen, I can explain." Drew said, taking a step forward but Carlos stood back.

"Was this all just some big joke to you?" His voice was filled with hurt, his eyes stinging with the prick of tears. "Messing with my feelings? Doing all of that for me?" His voice was raising, getting angrier and more hurt with each question. He was thankful that the lobby was empty, just the two of them so no one would see him like this. "Was that all some kind of sick joke to you?!"

"No, Carlos, I swear!" Drew said, desperation clear in his voice. "Please, just let me expla-"

"And I was going to choose you!" Carlos shouted at him.

"What?" Drew said, but there were three more voices. Turning around, Carlos saw Kendall, James and Logan. This whole thing just got way out of hand.

"You were going to choose him?" Kendall asked, with sadness in his eyes that broke Carlos' heart. Silently, Carlos nodded. "But he wasn't even the one who did all that for you! He has nothing to do with any of that!"

Carlos was silent for a moment, trying to make sense of his words but nothing made sense. The anger and hurt was clouding his mind and he couldn't think straight. But if he could think straight, he wouldn't be in this boy drama. "What are you talking about?" Carlos yelled.

"I did all those things for you." Kendall said with a sigh. "I set up the flash mob, the flowers, the message, everything."

"But-but...Drew, and he said- and you said- but like... huh?" Carlos stuttered, finally giving up with making sense of it all.

"I'm your Secret Admirer, not Drew!" Kendall yelled.

"Is it me or does this feel like a weird episode of Scooby Doo?" James quietly said to Logan, who just nodded.

"Let me explain." Kendall said. "On the first day, I bought those roses and lied about where they came from. I organised the flash mob and Drew was one of the dancers. On the second day, I texted James that message and told him to put it on the screen and give you a corn dog. While you were at the movies, Logan and I were getting ready for the third day, he helped with the meanings and helped me pay for all of the flowers. Day four, well. That needs no explanation. Drew actually did bring everyone's families here because I was trying to convince Gustavo to give us some extra money for Disneyland. But then we kissed and I kind of had to improvise. I didn't want you to know the Secret Admirer was me because I didn't want to come across as a loser so I asked Drew to set up the corndog gourmet. But then he was caught the next day with the wreath. When you asked him if he was your Secret Admirer, I told him to say yes from behind you. This whole thing got out of hand, I wanted to see if you would choose me even though you thought it was Drew who did all of those things for you. I told Drew to act like he really did like you like that. But I didn't think about how this would affect you, and I'm sorry."

"You are such an asshole!" Carlos yelled, punching Kendall on the arm. "Why didn't you just ask me out to go to the movies like a normal person?!"

"That's what we said." Logan and James said in sync.

"And you two knew about this!" Carlos shouted, pointing an accusing finger at the two of them who looked a little startled by his sudden outburst on them. "Logan! You said you'd tell me if this would hurt me! You bastard!"

"He made me swear not to tell you!" Logan yelled, pointing at Kendall.

Carlos was about to shout something back, about how he didn't care what he swore to do or not do, that he should have told him. But he was interrupted by Kendall, "You were going to choose Drew?"

"Yeah, but not for the reasons you think." Carlos said. "You're my best friend and I love you, so much. I think, the only reason I didn't choose you in the first place was because if we break up in the future, and I lose you, I won't be able to handle that. I'd rather have you as a friend than not at all."

"Carlos," Kendall said, a small smile playing at his lips as he stepped forward, taking both of Carlos' hands in his. "You won't ever lose me. I can't tell you what's going to happen but I can promise you, you will never lose me."

Carlos smiled a small smile, "Okay."


"Okay." Carlos laughed, reaching up and bringing Kendall down for a sweet kiss.

"I love you." Kendall said, smiling against his lips.

"I love you too."

"Eleven days later and all this crazy is finally over." James said, folding his arms over his chest.

Carlos turned to face Drew, "So erm, who were you on the phone to?"

Drew smiled, "My girlfriend. She's flying out for Christmas."

"So you're straight?" Carlos asked, with a raised eyebrow.

With a laugh, Drew nodded, "Yeah, I'm straight. And I am a dancer by the way, but I'd be an awesome actor."

"You would," Carlos smiled. "You play a very convincing gay man. You should audition for Glee."

Drew knew he was joking, but the idea wasn't a terrible one. "I might just do that."

"We can still be friends, right?" Carlos asked, because even though they were practically fake dating, he was still fun to hang out with.

"Yeah, of course, man." Drew said with a friendly smile. "But I think I'm going to leave you with your... Boyfriend."And with that, he was gone. When Carlos turned around, James and Logan were gone and it was just Kendall standing there.

"So..." Kendall said, grin on his face. "Boyfriend, huh?"

Carlos just rolled his eyes and pulled Kendall in for a kiss they both smiled into.

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