She ran up to him, willing her legs to move faster. He couldn't sacrifice himself…he couldn't. She wouldn't let him!

"No!" she exclaimed as she reached him, "We can't do this without you!"

He turned to her, and she could see it in his eyes. He was going to do this…because he had to. For all of them.

"They all died because of me," he said, "I started this, and now I need to finish it."

He took her hand in his for a moment. Looked into her optics for what would probably be the last time… she couldn't bear it…and then he was gone. She put her hand to her chest, where her heart would have been if she were human. She watched as he walked towards the huge mechanical monstrosity…towards his death.

"He looks so helpless…" she thought, but then she corrected herself, "No, he's not helpless. He saved me! And now he's…he's…"

She wanted desperately to run to him, reason with him, convince him that there was another way…but she couldn't. She couldn't move. She was frozen in fear.

Fear…she never would have thought that it could consume her so entirely. Squeeze the courage out of her so much that she could barely breathe. But she was afraid now…so, so afraid…of losing him…forever.

He was standing right in front of it now, and she could see the red light of the machine fade away, only to be replaced by a bright green one. Green…a colour that signifies life. How is it possible that such a colour could now mean little more than death to her kind? Death to him…

She saw him close his optics and look away, but he didn't move from where he stood.

"He's so brave," she thought as she also closed her optics and looked away, unable to make herself watch any longer, "Why couldn't I see it before…?"

And there it was; the sound of a life being forcibly taken.

He was gone.


Her optics snapped open, and what she saw made her feel weak with relief.

He was alive.