"My legs! My legs!"

A young lady, a foreigner in her twenties, cried in fear and acute pain. Her voice echoed through the empty alleyways, but nobody heard her. She had been running away in a maddened rush, but her legs suddenly started to tense up, forcing her to an abrupt halt. Though her legs stopped moving, inertia forced her down to the ground.

"Hah... hah..."

The young lady's breathing became heavy. The numbness that had ravaged her legs was crawling up to her hips. Her entire lower half was cramping up unnaturally. She wildly turned her head down to her legs and saw a trail of blood tracing down the path she had ran. Then, she heard footsteps.

"No... please..."

She begged desperately as a figure approached. The silhouette of a person came into view and the young lady's desperation grew.


"Gertrud Wickerstadt." The clear voice of the figure reached the young lady's ears.

"H-how did you know my name?" Gertrud asked, her eyes glazed over in fear.

"I know you, Gertrud... from another place... another time." The figure spoke calmly.

"What the HELL are you talking about?"

As Gertrud protested, the cramping reached her chest and constricted her lungs. She couldn't speak, her demand reduced to nothing more than short, pained breaths.

"Gertrud. You and I do not belong in this world. I'm here to take you and the others back."

The others? Who were these 'others' this figure was talking about? She would have no time to ponder.

The figure produced a shining stick of metal – a golf club. Gertrud's eyes widened in absolute horror. She wanted to flee, but her cramped body would not respond. As her face started to stiffen, she couldn't even wince. All she could do was watch the figure approach her with the golf club raised.


A clean metallic strike rang clear in the alleyways, followed by the sound of fracture. Though Gertrud's horrified face did not move, tears ran down her cheeks.

Then, blood ran down her temple.

MSWB Cold Case 088 – Wrinkle In Time

First File: The Auxiliary Unit


"Three murders in a row, all of them in the same night. This is one prolific killer we have here. Ain't that right, Kou?" A young man with short hair puffed a cigarette as he spoke.

"That seems to be the case, Sayama." Inspector Kougami Shinya agreed, "The MWSB already has its hands full with this damn Specimen Case too."

Kougami Shinya and Sayama, an Enforcer of The Ministry of Welfare and Public Safety Bureau (MWSB), were walking together through the streets of the Roppongi District, Minato Ward – the area where the recent slew of murders took place.

"Think that the Specimen Case killer's the one we're after today too, Kou?" Asked Sayama, an Enforcer.

"No..." Kougami shook his head, "The modus operandi seems to be different, so are the target patterns. This second killer of ours is going after foreigners; Gertrud Wickerstadt, Izabel de la Fuente, Patricia Reginald... all of them are foreigners."

"Hmm... that is true..." Enforcer Sayama hummed.

"In any case, the MWSB Unit 1 can't take on all of these cases at once." Kougami then said, "That's why we're headed to the MWSB Roppongi District Front Office. They have some fresh boots on the ground for us."

The two men reached the doors of a small building of glass and steel. Enforcer Sayama spat out his cigarette and stomped on it. The two of them then carried on inside. Upon entering, a bright voice greeted them.

"Inspector Shinya, Enforcer Sayama. Welcome to the Roppongi Front Office."

They turned to the source of the voice and saw four ladies in sharp coats, ties and skirts. Enforcer Sayama seemed rather happy, but Kougami jabbed him with an elbow to keep him in line.

The lady who called to them was the eldest of the four with curled golden hair and a warm disposition.

"Assistant Inspector Mami Tomoe." Kougami acknowledged her welcome. "I assume this is the team you have assembled to field for this case."

"Yes." Mami nodded. "Cadets Sayaka Miki, Kyouko Sakura and Madoka Kaname."

The three juniors stepped forward as they were called and gave respectfully low bows to Unit 1's Inspector and Enforcer.

"These girls are all still wet behind the ears and are total rookies compared to the Enforcers and Inspectors of Unit 1, but they have passed basic police courses and have been drilled on using the Dominator. Together, we are the Roppongi District Auxiliary Unit."

One of them seemed especially anxious about being out on the field for the first time.

"W-we look forward to working with you, Inspector Shinya!" Cadet Madoka Kaname, a timid-looking girl with pink hair and the youngest of the group, stammered.

"Your enthusiasm is good, but you should stay professional." Kougami advised, "This is completely different from Cadet School and their textbook cases. Your life is on the line here, and you're dealing with real criminal minds. Stay sharp, Cadet Kaname."

"Yes sir." Madoka gave Kougami a salute. The Inspector normally didn't do such formalities, but returned the gesture out of respect.

"Now then, back to business." Kougami said. He then tapped the bracelet on his wrist and a formless screen was projected in midair. "We have three crime scenes to investigate today. I'll send you the data from the Drones now so you can check them on our way there."

"There's three crime scenes and six of us." Enforcer Sayama said, scratching his chin in thought, "The faster we investigate the scenes, the better. What do you say we split up into pairs, Kou?"

"That's what I was thinking." Kougami agreed, "We'll split up into three pairs and investigate separately. If anything comes up, you have our access numbers. We keep each other informed. Also… Dominators will be provided for us on the scene."

Cadet Kaname gulped nervously at the mention of the Dominator.

"Understood." Mami nodded, "How do you want us to deploy?"

Inspector Kougami gave his team a quick glance then quickly gave them their assignments.

"Cadets Sakura and Miki can investigate the Izabel scene at the shoreline – Miki-san will be the point-person."

"Eh? Sayaka?" Kyouko sounded unimpressed, but kept herself from saying more. Sayaka gave the red-haired girl a smug smirk.

"Assistant Inspector Tomoe, I want you to investigate the Patricia scene at the Minato Ward tenements with Enforcer Sayama."

"Oh! Sweet!" Sayama was delighted to be paired with a female Inspector for once, or an Assistant Inspector at least.

"I'll be in your care, Sayama-san." Mami gave the Enforcer a courteous bow. It was a chance for her to try out the duties of a fully-fledged Inspector for size.

"The pleasure is mine, Tomoe-san." Sayama replied, matching her courtesy with his own.

"Lastly," Kougami continued, "Cadet Kaname and I will investigate the Gertrud scene in the Upper Minato-ward alleyways."

"Y-yes sir!" Madoka saluted again. This time, Kougami just smiled.

"Let's move out."

The three pairs made their way out the door and headed out towards their destinations. As Madoka walked towards one of the Bureau's cars with Inspector Kougami, the young Cadet looked out to the city skyline painted orange in the setting sun with wandering eyes.

"Kaname-san? Is something the matter?"

"O-oh! Sorry, Shinya-san!"

Some way, somehow, she felt as if someone was watching her. She just didn't know who was watching her… or why.

To Be Continued

Author Notes: Another experimental crossover I've had in mind for a while now. This one's a crossover of Psycho-Pass and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, both of which have Gen involved. I just couldn't resist giving this one a try.