Author's Note: Hey everyone, this is my first fanfic with chapters. Wish me luck finishing it... Also, this is about a group of Pokemon living in Eterna Forest, and in their "rule book", an Eevee must be a certain level to evolve. There ya go, let's start with the story!

The morning sun's rays made their way through emerald-green leaves, shining down on the forest floor. Somewhere in the middle of a clump of trees, an Eevee opened her brown eyes. She stretched, shaking leaves from her fur, and skipped into the clearing. "Good morning, everyone!" the Eevee called.

An older voice grumbled, "Some of us are trying to sleep…" as the source of the voice—a grumpy Swellow—glided down to the ground from his nest in a tree. One by one, the other Pokémon began to stir and gather in the clearing. Murmurs of greeting were exchanged between them.

The noise died down as a Shaymin—who was apparently the leader of the group—approached the Pokémon. "Residents of Eterna!" she began. "Today, we are celebrating a very important day…" the Shaymin said, her eyes sparkling. "Flora is now strong enough to evolve!"

The Eevee, whose name seemed to be Flora, beamed. A round of "applause" (Can Pokémon clap?) went through the Pokémon. The Shaymin shushed them all, and then continued in a big, important voice, "We will meet here again at Noon, when the sun is at its highest. You are all dismissed!"

All the Pokémon smiled and then scattered, doing whatever they were supposed to do. The Shaymin heaved a sigh of relief—she was glad that everyone listened to her. Even though she hardly knew what some of the words she used meant, the Shaymin had quite a talent for acting important.

Suddenly, Flora interrupted the Shaymin's thoughts. "Zahra, what will I evolve into?" the small Eevee asked. "Y-You have something for me, right? I didn't train for nothing, did I?"

Zahra flinched. Dang, she knew I'd forget something. She always knows. "Err… Don't worry. I've got something for you… You're gonna love it," she replied quickly. Looking satisfied with the answer, Flora nodded and skipped off.

Zahra slumped against a tree trunk and face-palmed. How could she be so stupid? …No matter, she thought, we'll just have to use the stone.

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