it was a stormy night, Toby and Spencer were sitting around the fire place, wraped up in a blanket together. Toby said hey Spence can i ask you something , sure Toby Spencer said. W..w..what if we had kids what would we name he/her. I dont know Toby , said Spencer, maybe there name could have both of our name combined,yea that would be good said Toby. Spencer steared a Toby for a second and then started kissing him , Toby kissed back spencer intensivley and aggressive . As Toby started to take off Spencers shirt , she pulled back and said Toby wait, i cant . He said you cant what spencer , i cant have sex, with you toby and right now said Spencer. I want to save my self for you and do it at the right time and the perfect ok said Toby we will wait until your ready.


Spencer was sitting on her couch stairing into space thinking about the talk she and Toby had the day before . She then texted Toby and told him to meet her at her house. When Toby finally arrived , Spencer opened to door and let him in. They both then sat on the couch in awkward Toby started to say something. I really dont want to pressure you Spencer , i will wait for you , until your ready, i know that Toby said Spencer , but i feel like if i dont then you will leave me for good. Spence you know that i love you , right? said Toby . I know you love me but i really want to please you said spncer.