She woke, shivering, in the dark of the night. Her hair was damp, matted to her forehead with sweat, and her eyes were wide and alert, not sleep-fogged as they should have been. The duvet was looped like rope around her ankles. She kicked herself free before descending from the thick mattress to the floor. The pyjamas she wore were askew, several buttons come undone and one pant leg bunched at her knee. That fell back to rights once she moved, walking to tug open the first drawer of the dresser. It snagged as she opened it and she let a sigh, jiggling it expertly until it slid out. She groped and came up with a glasses case, from which she extracted a smeared pair of rectangular-framed glasses. She pushed them onto her nose, and the arms wound into her disarrayed ginger ringlets. She stepped lightly, her feet inaudible on the carpet, and winced at the creaking of the door. She didn't turn on the lights in the hall, but stretched her arms out like feelers into the dark. She almost ran to the kitchen door, then opened and shut it with exaggerated movements. It banged closed anyway. The blinds hadn't been closed on the window above the sink, and the moon was an improbable white spot on the folds of clear black night. It reflected in her hazel eyes and she stared transfixed for indeterminate minutes until she gradually roused. She avoided the bright eye as she crouched to the kitchen cupboards, pushing past packages and bags until she found what she was looking for. The cardboard packet was unopened, so she fetched the scissors from the drawer to snip a diamond into the corner. She ransacked the freezer for her next object. She freed the long, thin box from the crammed shelf, then skimmed her fingertips over the top, unable to resist leaving curly pictures on its frosted surface. She shuddered at the chill, bringing her afflicted fingers in to her heated torso. The patterns vanished moments later, once the ice melted. She was careful not to clang pots as she retrieved one from the cupboard, and she winced at every beep of the microwave. But, in the end, it was worth it. She peeped at sunrise out the window above the sink as she ate her fishfingers and custard.