Pairing: Aomine x Kuroko

Warning: Grammatical error(s), typo(s), etc etc..

another short drabble from imagineyourotp, that blog really gives me too much inspiration to write.. lol

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It was a fine day. A couple of young pre-school teacher and a policeman were sitting comfortably in their livingroom, enjoying their days off.

The light blue haired one was sitting in between the dark blue haired, reading a slightly thick novel. He read it page by page in silence, just the way he liked it.

The taller one shifted his body and leaned his chin on his reading lover's small shoulder. His dark blue eyes followed the line of fonts from the book read by the other.

Once Kuroko finished reading the current page he managed to turn to the next page, Aomine's large palm stopped him.

"Wait, Tetsu... I haven't finished yet.." the policeman's deep voice reached Kuroko's ear in a mumble.

The pre-school teacher lifted his eyebrows, but didn't say anything. He let those dark skin hand held his which was holding the book's page.

He turned his head to see if Aomine really read the book and found the frowning handsome face.

"What is it, Aomine-kun?" Kuroko tilted his head to see the other n better sight.

Aomine sighed, "I don't ever know why you like that kind of book... It's a fiction and you have to think while you read it.. damnit.. I can't even.." he grumbled while scratching throuh his dark hair.

A light cuckle was heard from Kuroko's pink lips. He knew that the taller man never liked to read a complicated story like he did. The only kind of book Aomine read were those gravure magazines until he told him to threw it away sometimes ago.

"But I like the story..." Kuroko said calmly as he reached back to stroke Aomine's hair in comfort.

The smaller man barely hear the other mumbling something on his shoulder. He let out a thin smile as he felt Aomine's strong arms around his stomach tightened. He leaned his back some more to his lover's toned chest to get comfortable position and continued his reading.

Probably they would stayed in that position all day long.