This is just a small compilation of very short mini-fics I wrote on my tumblr account, (hanasaku-shijin, if you're interested ;). They were originally just birthday presents and requests for friends, but I just wanted to share them. Slight spoiler warning cause some of them happen after volume 4.

This one was originally given to me by viodedtime/Noah Gabriel from a blog that lets you imagine your OTP in different scenarios.

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Chapter 1. Playground

"Oooyy! Asuna! You're too fast!" Kazuto called out as he stumbled over his own two feet in trying to keep up.

"Noo! You're too slow, Kirito-kun!" Asuna called back with a giggle, her long, chestnut hair glowing golden in the bright sunshine that was almost more radiant than her smile.

Well I guess they don't call her The Lightning Flash for nothing… Kazuto thought as he finally caught up.

It was early evening and the two of them had gotten some free time after school; what was supposed to be 'walking home together' had somehow turned into Asuna pointing excitedly at the vacant playground and suggesting "Neh, why don't we try out the swings?" before scampering off without waiting for his reply, which brought them to the present.

Dropping her school bag, Asuna elegantly climbed the small steps that lead to a series of wobbling bridges and climbing stations. She hopped easily from one structure to the next, remembering the game she used to play with her friends many years ago that did not allow one to touch the ground as they jumped.

"I thought we came for the swings…" Kazuto mumbled, dropping his bag beside hers as he climbed up next to her. She lead him to the top of a large slide, and after fixing the skirt of her school uniform, Asuna sat down at the top.

"Come down with me." She smiled, her hazel eyes brimming with enjoyment. Kazuto sat down behind her but there was not enough room for him to fit.

"It's too small." He frowned regrettably. "Guess I'll just have to do this!" Suddenly, he shoved her back with both hands and Asuna squealed as she began to slide down. He was just about to start chuckling when she reached back and grabbed his leg.

"Eh? DUWAAAH!" He shouted as Asuna pulled him down behind her. The couple crashed to the ground at the bottom on top of one another. Kazuto helped her up and wiped the dust off his uniform. "You brought that upon yourself." He mumbled as she picked grass of her skirt.

"It was worth it." She smiled. Kazuto reflected it with his own and plucked a leaf from her hair.

She then lead him to the monkey bars.

"Ah I remember these." Kazuto reminisced.

"I used to be so good…" Asuna murmured. With an experimental bounce, she jumped up and grasped the bars, leaving her feet dangling off the ground. She managed to get across four or five bars before her hands started to hurt. "Ah!" She whimpered briefly before suddenly dropping down. Kazuto just barely managed to steady her landing as he reached out to catch her. Asuna revealed her palms, slightly red. "Guess I've lost my touch." She shrugged.

By now, the sun was beginning to sink behind the distant trees.

"It's getting late." He cautioned.

"Oh wait, just one more thing!" She gasped before dashing off.

Reaching the swing set, Asuna adjusted her skirt and daintily sat down. Her long legs easily touched the ground, but still she felt compelled to ask, "Neh, push me, will you, Kirito-kun?"

"Fine, fine." He sighed with a hopeless smile as he stood behind her. She clutched onto the chains as Kazuto pulled her up a bit before firmly pushing her back with a grunt. Asuna squeaked a bit as she was sent forward and Kazuto nearly had to jump out of the way to avoid being kicked when she swung back.

Asuna was quickly engulfed by a childish joy, so much so that she could not restrain herself from giggling nonstop as the cool breeze brushed past her face and pulled at her hair.

"Kirito-kun, you too!" She beamed. The strong oranges and pinks of the sunset illuminated her figure and gave her the appearance of a fairy.

"All right." He agreed, taking a seat on the swing beside her. As he kicked off, he soon found himself immersed in the pleasures of his childhood once more, and could not hold back the grin that spread across his lips. Before long, he was laughing blissfully alongside her.

They swung to and fro unevenly for a while, Asuna soaring forward as he was pulled back and vice versa. Then, at some point, their motions synchronized. Without thinking, Kazuto remembered what his classmates would say when that happened when they were younger.

"Hey, Asuna! We're married!" He called with a big grin.

"E-Eh?!" Asuna's surprised squeal made him realize what he had just said and the both of them quickly looked over at one another. Their eyes met as they continued to swing side-by-side, and within seconds their faces became pink with blushes.

Gradually, the two of them began to slow down and came to a stop. Asuna clasped her hands together in her lap as Kazuto retrieved their bags.

"Let me see your hands." He offered her his own, and she turned her palms up so he could see them. They were still slightly red from the monkey bars earlier and by the way she was wincing as he rubbed his thumbs over them, he could tell they still hurt.

"Here." Grasping both of her hands in his, he brought her palms to his lips and gently kissed them. Asuna gasped lightly as her face became flushed and she quickly looked down.

"There. All better, right?" He smiled.

"Y…Yeah." Her coy hazel eyes met his onyx ones for a second before he gently pulled her to her feet.

"Let's go home." He murmured.


As she began walking beside him, Asuna quietly took his hand and entwined his fingers with hers.

~The End~

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