A/N: By request of ReadingBlueWolf, this is a companion piece to 'In Another Universe'. These are Kristin's thoughts about Nathan after the seaQuest goes missing in 2022.

Disclaimer: SeaQuest DSV and its characters are not my creation. They are the creation of Rockne S. O'Bannon as a 1990's television series. This work of fanfiction is for entertainment purposes only and is not for financial gain. I am just borrowing the characters for a bit and promise to return them unharmed and in their original condition, maybe just a bit happier.


You were not allowed.

That's what I'd told my heart.

I had told myself I was done with love.

But that quickly changed and

Like a thief, you stole my heart.

I threw caution to the wind

And became your willing victim.

We took baby steps;

Neither of us was ready for more,

Or so at least we thought…

Until that fateful day.

And once we took that leap,

Everything seemed to break.

I never wanted to get in the way,

Only wanted for you to be happy.

And then there was Lucas…

He needed you more than I did,

At least that's what I thought at the time.

In all honesty, I was afraid.

I saw how you looked at me;

You saw me for everything I was,

Good and bad. You had looked

Into my soul, and I

Couldn't hide from your eyes,

That scared me to death.

No, you were uninvited.

I had to let you go.

I tried to move on and

Heard you did the same.

I'm not sure how things worked

On your end, but I failed miserably.

I regret the choice I'd made.

I was going to contact you

After the tour...

I wanted to tell you I never thought

You were unworthy.

I just needed time to deliberate.

I'd hoped you would understand.

But now it seems that will never happen.

You'll never know how I feel.

I hope and pray for your safe return.

I never even got to say goodbye.

I'm still working on hello.

Your words haunt me in my dreams.

You may have been uninvited,

But if the fates allow us to be together again,

I promise that this time,

I'll never let you go.