Alan Grant, Billy Brennan, Paul Kirby, Amanda Kirby and booking agent Udesky ran through the forest frantically with a monstrous Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing close behind. They were unable to get far though because closing off their exit was the beast who forced them into the rex's domain, a magnificently titanic Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus's teeth were still stained with the fresh blood and flesh of two unfortunate men who were unlucky enough to end up in his jaws. His back was also bloodied from being slammed into by the passenger plane that was just destroyed.

The sailed behemoth's blood scented the air and quickly caught up to the Tyrannosaurus's nostrils. Sniffing the air, the rex went eye-level with the Spinosaurus and bared his huge knife-sharp teeth menacingly. The Spinosaurus snarled as well and flexed his monstrous clawed fingers, then bellowed challengingly. The humans caught in-between saw the Tyrannosaurus roar back and quickly, the people fled as the two carnivores charged at each other.

First landed strike came from the Spinosaurus who had slammed the side of his large crocodilian head against the right side of the rex's large body hard. His clawed feet staggering against the forest ground, the Tyrannosaurus shook his head frustratingly and struggled to stay still. The Spinosaurus saw the Tyrannosaurus's predicament and seized his chance by forcibly ramming his head into the neck of the Tyrannosaurus. The rex bellowed painfully before crashing onto the ground and before long, the Spinosaurus was upon him.

A sharp painful screech erupted from the Tyrannosaurus's jaws due to the Spinosaurus digging his dagger claws into the rex's flesh. Warm blood streamed from the Tyrannosaurus's wounds and pooled into the grounded dirt. The rex screeched again, this time louder than the first and suddenly the Spinosaurus caught the sound of heavy approaching footsteps. Fiercely, the claws of the Spinosaurus ripped out of the rex's flesh and the sailed monster looked towards the area where the Tyrannosaurus had originally shown himself.

Entering the fight was the larger and much more menacing female Tyrannosaurus Rex, cranky from her disturbed nap and noticing her wounded fallen mate. She bellowed thunderously at the Spinosaurus and charged. The force of her powerful prehistoric body pushed the Spinosaurus off his feet and onto his back, horrendously breaking the back sail in the process. The Spinosaurus was crippled and was unable to regain his footing due to his sail being a literal part of his spinal cord.

The female Tyrannosaurus stomped forward and pushed her left clawed foot brutally onto the Spinosaurus's femur, then bent her body down and closed her jaws over the Spinosaurus's neck with bone-crushing force. The strength of the bite crushed the Spinosaurus's neck and the female pulled her head back hard, taking a large-sized portion of the dead Spinosaurus's throat flesh in the process.

The Spinosaurus laid immobile with his throat ripped out wide open streaming red blood. The male rex managed to regain his footing and moved over alongside his victorious mate who had just finished swallowing down her rewarding Spinosaurus flesh. She then turned and trumpeted ferociously at the male, her way of telling him that she was the dominant one and she not yet finished her turn at the carcass. The male rex could only step back and watch his girl pull huge heaps of carnivore flesh into her jaws until she was finished.

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