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Chapter 1 -The Unexpected-

I rushed to my room, put on make up, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, and got dressed. It was the first time Spencer was going to come to my house in a year or so. Sure, he cheated on me, but I'm sure it was a rookie mistake, I loved him, so I am sure it won't happen again. I loved him more than Howdy Puppy, the best Christmas or birthday present any three year old could get, except, I never got it.

The doorbell rang, Gabe was about to get it, but I stopped him. "NO! I'll get it!" It sounds as if I screamed, but I was way too excited to tell, or care.

"Wow, must be Ivy, or Spencer. Oh, who cares anyway? Oh wait, you do. I mean, come on Teddy, he cheated on you. Are you really going to give him a second chance?"

He kept saying it; cheated, cheated, cheated. I wanted to cry, it seems as if everyone knew. I opened the door, and he smiled.

"Hey Teddy Bear, you look as lovely as ever, missed you." He said it with a big grin, showing his perfectly straight, white teeth.

"Hey Spence, I missed you too, and you look nice too." I tried to say it without screaming, but it was so hard, I just missed him, so much.

"Are, you two, dating?" Gabe tried to make me scream, I just know it.

"Um, n- no, w- we aren't, we are just studding for that test in two weeks. W- why did you a- ask?" Man! I hate stuttering, it always gives away my lying. But we DID have a huge test in two weeks, I already know what part of it is, we studied it in school, A LOT.

"Wait, don't you stutter when you lie? Ooh, you are dating."

"No, I stutter when I'm nervous too." Now, that wasn't me lying, I do stutter when I'm nervous, I just, wasn't nervous.

"Anyway, Spencer, do you want to come in my room so we are alone? We really need to study."

"Love to."

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