AN: Alright, I'm skipping ahead 3 months, but don't worry, I'll do flashbacks to tell what happened in that time. Beginning of Wave Arc, and I will be redoing the earlier chapters later on, since a reviewer did have a good point. I didn't give a lot of detail, so hopefully I changed it in this chapter. Hope you enjoy

Time skip, 3 months, Hokage's Office

Team 7 stood in the Hokage's office, awaiting for the elderly man smoking his pipe to speak up.

"Alright, team Kakashi, I have a mission for you all to complete, it's actually quite easy," Hiruzen said, looking at the team. Sasuke had changed his attire a bit, wearing a regular T-shirt, dark green in color, with the Uchiha symbol on the sleeves. He kept the same white shorts, though with a few extra pockets to hold scrolls and such. Ino had changed her outfit too, now wearing a black T-shirt with Konoha's symbol on the front in purple. She also wore a dark blue pair of shorts, her Tanto attached to her hip. Her hair was a bit shorter, and it was all tied back in a ponytail instead of covering her right eye. Naruto kept his ANBU outfit, though he now stored his Nodachi in a scroll, easy to access in a time of need. Kakashi laughed, hearing his team whine at another 'easy' mission.

"Can't we have a C-rank already? We've been doing D-ranks for 3 months already," Naruto whined, receiving a slap to the back of the head by Kakashi, who acted like he didn't do anything, whistling and reading his book.

"Well, you're in luck then. I just received a C-rank mission to the Land of Waves, one which involves escorting a bridge builder," Hiruzen said, watching as Naruto jumped in joy.

"Are these the escorts? They don't look like much," a voice stated. Everybody turned, finding an old scroungy looking man with a towel around his neck, holding a bottle in a brown paper bag.

"Oi, we're the best gennin team around," Naruto said, frustrated at the comment, Ino slapping him in the back of the head.

"Naruto is right. They have out performed any gennin team in this village, and they can certainly hold their own against any bandit that wants to take them out," Kakashi said, the utmost confidence in his voice.

"Fine. My name's Tazuna," the old man said, walking into the room and inspecting the team.

"Yes, well, it's nice to meet you Tazuna. If that is all, then I guess we'll be leaving in an hour. Pack clothes for a few days, it will be at least that long of a round trip," Kakashi said, feeling as though he was forgetting something.

"Oh, surely you wouldn't forget to tell me, the Toad Sage, would ya?" Jiraiya said, popping through the window and surprising the old man, who instantly jumped back a few feet.

"Ah, yes Jiraiya. Since this mission is going out of the village, you will be accompanying Kakashi's team," Hiruzen said, Tazuna relaxing at the thought of more protection on this trip.

"Alright then, we'll leave in one hour, we'll meet up by the village gates," Kakashi said, walking out of the room with his team in tow, Jiraiya and Tazuna staying behind to chat, Tazuna being already packed and ready to go.

Namikaze Estate

The estate stood in the middle of a clearing about 300 meters, an almost perfect circle, surrounded on all sides by trees. The building itself spanned about 50 meters from side to side, and about 40 meters from front to back. It was painted a delicate color of sky blue, the shutters on the windows painted a plain white. Naruto approached the building, still hesitant about entering a place where only three people lived, though he relaxed as the ANBU assigned to watch him caught up.

"Mom, I've got a mission. I'll be back in a few days!" Naruto yelled out as he entered the house, still a bit cautious as he looked around. Everything seemed to be in place, and he headed up the stairs and to his room as he grabbed an extra scroll and started sealing his clothes, extra kunai, his father's special three-pronged kunai, and a scroll containing some jutsu he wanted to learn.

"Awesome honey, good luck!" Kushina yelled back from her room, a loud snoring following the yell. Naruto just shrugged, making a quick note in case his mom forgot, and left it on the table. He walked back out the door and disappeared in a flash, similar to that of his father's. The ANBU, knowing where Naruto was going, headed out after him.

Village Gates, 45 minutes later

"Alright, everybody ready to go?" Kakashi asked, receiving a nod from the group. Naruto, though, looked a bit uneasy at the thought of this mission.

"Naruto, what's wrong? You look worried," Ino asked, also worried.

"I don't know, I just have a bad feeling about this mission, like something is going to go wrong," Naruto said, bouncing from foot to foot.

"Don't worry, it'll all go fine," Sasuke said, trying to reassure his friend and teammate.

"Yeah, besides, if worst comes to worst, you have a hidden trick you can use," Kakashi said, hinting at the Rinnegan. Naruto just smiled, it's not like he'd forgotten about it, it's just that he didn't like to use it unless it was absolutely necessary, or to try out a few things that had come to him in dreams.

"Alright, let's go!" Jiraiya said, the same uneasy feeling as Naruto rose up, but he didn't show it. He'd send toads ahead to scout, informing them of the dangers that would lie ahead. They all walked along silently, feeling it best to take Naruto uneasy feeling to heart, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. They continued on for hours, the only thing they saw were the trees that lined the dirt road. Naruto stopped, the rest of the group stopping a bit further ahead as they realized Naruto wasn't there.

"Naruto, is everything ok?" Ino asked, Naruto just shook his head.

"Two shinobi, ahead in those puddles. I can feel their chakra," Naruto said, pulling off his Tanto and readying to attack.

"So, the little brat found out about us. Oh well," a gruff voice spoke, a man in a black cloak with a black breathing apparatus appeared from one of the puddles, a near identical man appearing from the second.

"I've got the one on the right, Kakashi-sensei," Naruto said, not waiting another second as he charged the ninja, Ino and Sasuke dropping to guard either side of Tazuna. Kakashi sighed, charging the other ninja while Jiraiya just stood there, observing the battle that was about to ensue. Naruto brought his Tanto in a low sweep, aiming for the man's knees. The chunin laughed as he jumped over the attack and swung his gauntlet, catching Naruto in the head, only for the 'Naruto' to disappear in a poof of smoke. The real Naruto was waiting in a tree, watching and observing as he sent another clone to attack. He had to figure out the tactics of these men, tat way he could counter their strong points and kill them. He took his eyes off of his fight, watching as Kakashi pressured the ninja into a corner and went in for the kill. Naruto jumped from the tree, his clone still distracting the ninja, and brought his Tanto, sending it in a stabbing motion as the clone pushed the ninja backwards. The sword went through the man's chest, all life leaving his eyes as he struggled to get off of the sword. Kakashi came walking over, the other ninja half dead and being dragged behind him.

"Naruto, while that was a very good tactic, you have to use a bit more teamwork," Kakashi lectured.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I kind of got carried away," Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. Kakashi just chuckled and threw the ex-mist ninja against a tree, holding him up by putting pressure against his forearm, which he had against the man's chest.

"Why are you here?" Kakashi pressured, Naruto checking the bingo book for the men here. He had received it from Kakashi a month ago and told to study it, which he did so enthusiastically.

"We're here for that damned bridge builder," the man said, struggling to stay conscious.

"Who hired you? Why are you here for the bridge builder?" Kakashi pressured again, the man coughing.

"G-Gato hired us to kill him," the man replied, losing all consciousness. Kakashi let go, getting all the information he needed.

"They are Meizu and Gozu. They are rogue nins from the hidden mist village, and they work with Zabuza Momochi and an apprentice who at this time is currently unknown," Naruto recited out of the book, having found the page, "Kakashi-sensei, I knew that my feeling was correct. These two work with Zabuza, a jonin, and an unknown apprentice that could be just as strong. This is not a C-rank mission anymore, especially if a rogue ninja is involved," Naruto finished, worried. Kakashi let out a sigh, before walking away.

"Tazuna, why didn't you just tell the Hokage that it was an A-rank mission?" Kakashi asked, turning to the elderly man.

"Because, Gato has blocked off the country, and we don't have enough money to pay for that kind of mission, we barely had enough to pay for a C-rank mission," Tazuna replied, frowning. Naruto, at hearing this, lost all of his worries and gained a determined look.

"Kakashi-sensei, we can finish this mission. From the sounds of it, the whole of the Land of Waves depends on whether or not we complete this mission," Naruto persuaded, Kakashi sighing again as he turned to the rest of the team.

"I agree with Naruto. Besides, with Teamwork, we can defeat Zabuza," Sasuke said, Ino nodding in agreement.

"Jiraiya? What's you're opinion?" Kakashi asked. Jiraiya just chuckled, confusing the others.

"The kid has a point Kakashi. We could save an entire village, or let Gato destroy it," Jiraiya responded, confirming the team's mission status.

"Alright, let's get moving. Naruto, you head up the rear, Sasuke, Ino, keep guard up on Tazuna, Jiraiya, keep doing whatever you are doing," Kakashi ordered, heading off with a kunai in hand and his team following. They continued on for another few hours, reaching an opening in the trees. It widened out, and a good 100 meters away was a boat dock, a lone boat sitting there, a lone man sitting in it, a nervous gaze searching the horizon.

"Alright, we're almost there!" Naruto yelled, getting excited. He was about to run, but felt the powerful chakra and paused.

"Naruto, don't get so excited, we've still got to keep watch," Ino reminded, falling on deaf ears as Naruto created a dozen shadow clones.

"Naruto, what the hell?" Sasuke asked, turning just in time to see a giant sword cut down the clones. The real Naruto stood aside, sinking into the ground.

"Kakashi-sensei, it's Zabuza!" Naruto yelled before he was concealed completely under the ground. The jonin acted immediately, pulling out a kunai, ready to attack and defend.

"Sasuke, Ino, form up. Jiraiya, get ready to help out Naruto, he's going after Zabuza alone!" Kakashi yelled, getting a big surprise as Naruto popped up from the ground next to him.

"No I'm not, I'm going to work with my team, I just wanted to mess with him," Naruto said, forming a protective triangle with Sasuke and Ino.

"So, if it isn't Kakashi Hatake of the Sharingan, how nice to finally meet you," a voice said as a thick mist started to cover the area. Naruto growled, sending chakra to his eyes.

"Everybody down!" Naruto yelled, hearing everybody hit the floor. 'Here goes nothing,' Naruto thought as he used a shinra tensei, blowing the mist away and knocking Zabuza backwards. The Demon of the Mist growled, angered by the fact that he was hit. Then he saw Naruto's eyes, and a whimper came over him, one that would make anybody that knew the demon of the mist laugh.

"Curses, he has the Rinnegan!" Zabuza mumbled, preparing for one hell of a battle. The rest of the leaf ninja stood up, smiling in confidence.

"Nice move Naruto," Kakashi said, lifting his headband as Naruto deactivated the Rinnegan and fell back into position.

"So, the brat has a doujutsu, all the more interesting," Zabuza stated, ready to give it his all.

"He's not the only one," a voice came, and before he knew it, he was kicked in the back, sent forward by the power of the kick.

"Why you little brat, I'll ki-" Zabuza stopped mid-sentence as he turned, finding the raven-haired boy from before. That wasn't what stopped him, though, it was the fact that the boy had the Sharingan, which made things even harder. He began thinking he would have to just give up at this rate.

"It's already over," a feminine voice said, and before he knew it, somebody else was controlling him.

"Nice teamwork. Ino, on the count of three, release the jutsu," Kakashi said, watching as Sasuke moved back into position, while Naruto was cradling Ino's body. Ino just nodded her head, watching as Kakashi did a few handsigns and his right hand light up with a lightning type of chakra.

"3!" Kakashi yelled out as his student left Zabuza's body, and he charged, the world around him a blur with his normal eye, but with his sharingan, it was all a slow image in his eyes, and he slammed his arm forward, meeting flesh. When Kakashi looked, though, he found that it had been a fake hunter-nin he hit, his arm protruding from the person's back. Kakashi pulled his arm out and jumped back, just in time to dodge an enraged Zabuza, swinging his sword like a mad man.

"You killed my apprentice!" Zabuza yelled, chasing after Kakashi in a blind rage.

"Naruto, now!" Kakashi yelled, watching as Zabuza kept getting closer. He then watched as Zabuza was thrown to the side by Naruto, who body slammed the jonin. The jonin looked at the blonde, watching as his eyes went from a cerulean blue to the Rinnegan, all in a matter of seconds. Zabuza jumped away from the blonde and tried to run, only to be hit in the back by another shinra tensei and thrown into a tree and knocked unconscious. Naruto leaned on one knee, panting. Between everything today, he was slowly getting exhausted.

"Good job Team. Take a break, I'll finish off Zabuza," Kakashi said, walking over to the unconscious jonin. Naruto plopped back onto his butt, taking this time to relax and recuperate. Sasuke and Ino walked over, sitting next to him, while Tazuna went to talk to the guy in the boat.

"Don't relax too soon. Just because Zabuza is finished, doesn't mean that we are," a feminine voice came, and the trio jumped to their feet, Naruto being a bit wobbly.

"Yeah, and we can last a lot longer than that so-called Demon of The Mist," another female voice came. Sasuke activated his Sharingan, locating the two and gasping. Their chakra levels were twice the size of Naruto's.

"That's it, Sasuke, point them out to me and I'll wipe them out," Naruto growled, activating his Rinnegan once again, though gasping in pain as a kunai rammed through his shoulder. He fell to one knee, in pain and in chakra exhaustion.

"Naruto!" Kakashi yelled, seeing his students in a predicament and rushing over to help. He pulled out a kunai, his sharingan active and working hard, trying to predict the next attack. He dodged a well aimed senbon, which would've hit him in his eye had he not moved.

"Ino, move!" Naruto yelled, having seen the next attack, one of which would've killed anybody who stood in it's path. It was a lightning strike with 3 times the shocking power, and it was sent from where the two ninja presumably stood Naruto saw the blonde freeze, and he jumped in front of the attack. He took the full force of the attack, barely hanging onto life as the attack stopped, and Ino rushed to her blonde friend. He still had a pulse, and he was barely breathing.

"Ino, take Naruto and Sasuke and get to the boat! I'll take care of these two!" Kakashi ordered, looking around for the white-haired Sannin, who was nowhere's to be found.

"Hehe, alright ladies, come to pa-" Jiraiya voice was cut off as he was shocked, Kakashi sweat dropping. Of all the times to be a pervert, Jiraiya had to choose now.

"Hey, you just zapped me, the great toad sa-" Jiraiya was zapped again, obviously the girls were getting tired of him. Kakashi just shook his head, making a strategy, but he was interrupted.

"I'll kill you all," a demonic voice came. Kakashi turned, finding Naruto on all fours, a cloak of red chakra surrounding him.

"Shit, you didn't tell me that little tidbit about the team! How the hell did you not know he was a jinchuriki!?" the first voice rang out, scared as hell. Naruto ignored their conversation as he charged forward, towards where he smelled their chakra.

"You idiot, couldn't your tenant have told you that?!" the second voice rang out, angered.

"That damned three tails is worthless! All it ever does is complain about being sealed inside me!" the first voice rang out. By the time they stopped arguing, Naruto was upon the two of them, pouncing at the closest person, who was a teenage girl about Naruto's age, her raven hair pulled back in a ponytail. She wore a simple white T-shirt and black shorts, a kunai pouch attached to her right thigh. She evaded the attack, reaching into her kunai pouch and throwing a handful at Naruto, whose chakra cloak just stopped the attack. The second girl literally materialized out of the tree nearest Naruto, jumping away as he lashed out with a chakra claw. The second girl was tall, with long, light blonde hair. She wore a similar outfit to her friend, only with a blue shirt instead of white. She threw a few shuriken as the first girl through kunai laced with lightning chakra, enough to stun somebody even through a chakra cloak like Naruto's. Naruto just dodged, jumping towards the first girl again, who instantly became cloaked in a green chakra, which stopped Naruto's attack. Naruto jumped back, landing on a tree branch, the raven-haired girl charging Naruto as he tried to regain his thoughts as he dodged.

"Wood release: Binding technique!" the second girl yelled out, wooden pillars shooting out of the ground and trapping the two jinchuriki.

"Leave my student alone!" Kakashi yelled, finding this an optimal time to step in. He threw a punch at the girl using wood release, watching as the girl jumped out of the way, and, surprisingly, landed a kick to Kakashi's face, sending the jonin flying back. Kakashi came to a stop, his mask soaked with blood from a broken nose. The girl kept the wood release technique going, watching as the two people binded slowly lost their cloaks and dropped to one knee, panting.

"Who are you?" Kakashi questioned, trying to figure out how the girl could use wood release.

"I'm Tsuki Senju, and my friend over there is Kuri. We were hired to kill Tazuna," Tsuki said, a bit to happily as she released her technique.

"Well, that makes us enemies then," Kakashi stated blankly, preparing to kill a second teenage girl in his lifetime.

"Not necessarily. I mean, we could always help you guys, but only if we can join your village," Tsuki said, persuasively. Kakashi thought about it for a moment, weighing his options.

"Show me that I can trust you," Kakashi said,. Tsuki just smiled, and handed over all of her weapons, Kuri doing the same.

"Alright then, let's get to the boat, Jiraiya, you get Naruto," Kakashi said, leading the two teenagers to the boat as Jiraiya got up slowly, walking over to Naruto and lifting the boy up, noting the large singed spot on Naruto's clothing where the attack hit. It was dead square in the chest, and had it not been for Kyuubi, Naruto would be dead by now. Jiraiya jumped away, heading towards the boat, which now held 9 people, which ended up being very crowded. The boa driver left, heading towards the nearest dock in wave country. It took about 25 minutes, but they got there without so much as one problem, nobody speaking to eachother. They got off the boat, bidding their farewells to the driver as he sped off. The group walked on for another 20 minutes, reaching Tazuna's house. It looked more like a two-story shack than anything. Naruto stirred, having passed out in exhaustion on the boat ride. He tried to get off of Jiraiya's back, but was firmly held in place by the Sannin.

"Not now, Naruto. You're exhausted, and we need for all of us to rest," Jiraiya said as they all walked into the home. The kitchen looked nice and cozy, a women in her late twenties stood over the stove with a pink shirt on with brown pants. She turned and smiled at the guests, holding a wooden spoon.

"Hello, welcome to my home. I'm guessing that you all are here to protect my father while he's building the bridge, so thank you," she said, smiling.

"Yes, well, it's not a problem. Besides, we have a mission to fulfill. Do you have a place where he can rest?" Kakashi asked, gesturing to Naruto, who weakly waved. The woman's eyes wandered to the boy, and she gasped, seeing how bad off Naruto was in.

"Of course I do, upstairs, third door on the right," she said, gesturing to the set of stairs. Jiraiya quickly nodded in thanks and headed up, leaving the others downstairs to chat.

"Tsunami, what's for dinner?" Tazuna asked the woman, who just chuckled in response.

"I'm making some beef stew, though I don't think it will be enough to feed all of you," Tsunami said, laughing nervously.

"Don't worry about it, we packed food for during the days, so we can just eat that," Ino spoke up, pulling out a scroll and unsealing some food. The rest of team Kakashi did the same, leaving only 5 people needing to be fed.

"Hey, we've hunted for all our lives, living off of the land, so we're good," Kuri said, knocking that number down to just Tazuna's family.

"Inari! Dinner's done!" Tsunami yelled, a short boy in overhauls coming down the stairs. He had on a fishing hat.

"Why are you all trying so hard to win against Gato and his goons? He'll just kill you all, and then there will be even more deaths!" Inari yelled, ignoring his mom and running outside.

"Sorry, but he's been like that since his stepfather was killed by Gato. Honestly, everybody in this village except for dad has given up all hope on getting out from under Gato's control," Tsunami explained.

"That all changes today," Naruto said from atop the stairs, surprising everybody.

"Naruto, what are you doing out of bed?" Ino asked, worried.

"The fox healed me enough. I'm going to train for a while," Naruto said, walking down the steps. Ino watched in fear, while Kakashi watched in some sort of amusement. Here this boy was, having just been exhausted, and now he was going off to train.

"Naruto, I'm going with you. Somebody needs to watch you," Ino said, making to get up, but was stopped by Kuri.

"I'll watch after him, you all need to eat," Kuri said, following the blonde boy out the door. She tailed him, following him through a dense patch of trees, that eventually opened up into a large clearing full of flowers.

"So, what's your name," Naruto asked, his back still turned to the girl.

"The name's Kuri. So, who do you hold?" Kuri asked, surprising Naruto.

"The Kyuubi. How do you know I was a jinchuriki?" Naruto questioned, turning to face the raven-haired girl.

"I hold the three tails, that rotten turtle. He's made my life hell," Kuri said, earning a laugh from Naruto.

"This damned fox has made hell out of my life too. I grew up in a village that shunned me for something I wasn't," Naruto said, creating three shadow clones. The clones took offensive stances, but didn't attack.

"I've never lived in a village, and besides, that Ino girl loves you," Kuri said, getting Naruto's attention.

"Wait, how do you know?" Naruto questioned. Sure, they were dating, but they never said anything about love.

"It's just the way she acts around you, the way she worries about you. It's everything she does, it shows that she loves you in some way or another. Also, that damned turtle can sense that she loves you," Kuri explained, receiving a weird look from Naruto.

"Alright," Naruto said, thinking it over as his clones attacked, Naruto weaving through the punches, kicks, and other forms of attacks. He didn't even through a punch, practicing to dodge any opponent that was better in Taijutsu than he was. Kuri, meanwhile, leaned against the tree, half sleeping and half watching the fight. It was interesting, watching the blonde dodge all forms of attack.

"Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu!" a voice came, and Naruto froze, recognizing the voice as Itachi's.

"Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!" Kakashi yelled, his water dragon intercepting the attack.

"Kuri, we have to go now! These guys are hunting the tailed beasts!" Naruto yelled, grabbing Kuri and sending his clones to attack Itachi. The duo ran towards Tazuna's house, weaving through the trees. They heard the sounds of fighting from behind them, a fierce battle between the two ninja. The trees opened up, and they saw Tazuna's house. They continued their run and opened the door, panting and slamming the door behind him.

"Jiraiya!" Naruto screamed up the stairs, the people downstairs becoming confused. The toad sage, sensing the urgency in Naruto's voice, leaped down the stairs.

"What is it?" Jiraiya asked, impatiently waiting for a response.

"Kakashi-sensei needs help, he's fighting against Itachi!" Naruto exclaimed, and Jiraiya sped out the door, not even waiting for any more details. Naruto plopped down, disappointed in himself. Instead of helping in the fight, he ran like a coward. He hit himself repeatedly in the head, calling himself baka.

"Naruto, what's wrong?" Ino asked, moving next to her boyfriend and hugging him.

"I ran like a coward when I could've helped Kakashi-sensei against Itachi, but I ran! I'm like what Kakashi told us during the bell exercise; I'm worse than trash!" Naruto said, angry with himself.

"Naruto, Itachi is way out of your league of ninja skills. Even with perfect teamwork with Kakashi-sensei, you'd still have trouble keeping up with Itachi," Ino said, putting Naruto in a tight hug. Naruto shrugged out of it, standing up.

"If he wants me, he'll get me," Naruto said, anger filling his voice. He went to leave, but was stopped by Ino, who laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Naruto, it's ok. Jiraiya is there helping him, and Kakashi-sensei can hold his own against Itachi," Ino said, calming Naruto down.

"Besides, he was hunting us, and if you had stayed, I'd have stayed and fought too, and one of us would have been captured in the end," Kuri said, trying to help the boy calm down.

"That might be true, however, people like us can't hide behind people forever, and one day we will have to face down those bastards," Naruto said, a fire burning in his eyes as he turned.

"You're right, and until then, we can train and get stronger, and help eachother and the others," Kuri said, the same determination in her eyes.

"Plus, noone ever said you had to face the Akatsuki alone. We all can face them, train together, and get stronger!" Ino said, the will of fire showing in her eyes as well.

"Ino's right, we all can face the Akatsuki by your side, no matter how many of them, we will not allow our friends to be hurt!" Sasuke said, smiling.

"Yeah, the little boy's right, we can all face down Akatsuki!" Tsuki said, a tick mark appearing on Sasuke's forehead.

"Oi, who are you calling little boy!" Sasuke yelled, breaking the serious moment and causing everybody to laugh, Tazuna's family included. Sasuke just looked around at everybody, sighing.

"Ino!" Jiraiya's voice came, a panting accompanying the voice. It came from outside, and Naruto was the first out. He gasped, and it was already too late. When he went running out, he came face to face with Itachi's Sharingan, trapping the blonde in Tsukyomi.


Naruto opened his eyes, finding himself strapped to a cross, the world around him black and red. He found Itachi, a few meters away, standing with his emotionless mask thrown up.

"Well, not exactly the person I was hoping to catch, but I guess I can handle you in this genjutsu," Itachi spoke, moving swiftly to Naruto.

"Bad move, Itachi," Naruto said, activating his Rinnegan and breaking free of the cross, though still in the genjutsu.

"So, the Rinnegan can work in any genjutsu, good to know, though in this world, I control what hap-" Itachi was cut off as he was thrown backward by a shinra tensei. Naruto growled, nobody was going to get the Kyuubi, and that meant not even Itachi would.

"I'll kill you," Naruto said, throwing another powerful blast at Itachi, and Naruto continued, "If you ever lay a hand on my precious people or village again, I will make your death slow and painful," Naruto finished, starting a barrage of shinra tensei on the Uchiha, though, soon 1 Itachi turned 3, and kept multiplying. Naruto kept up his attack, though, seemingly desperate to escape from the genjutsu.

"Chibaku Tensei!" Naruto yelled, throwing a large sphere of gravity into the air, and it soon started to pull all of the Itachis, and even the ground toward it as it started to create a mini moon. Naruto collapsed to one knee, though the Kyuubi fed him chakra, keeping the technique going as every last thing except Naruto were trapped in the ball, and it compressed, the genjutsu releasing and the world around them fading away.

Regular world

Ino sped out after Naruto and saw that both Naruto and Itachi had collapsed. She pulled Naruto back into the house and slammed the door.

"Sasuke, cover the door, Tsuki, help Sasuke, Kuri, come over here and help me with Naruto!" Ino ordered, panicking as she pulled Naruto as far from the door as she could. Kuri looked confused and worried.

"What happened?!" Tsunami asked, rushing over and seeing if she could help. Ino ignored the older woman, and started her diagnostic that Tsunade had taught her. A green like chakra came over her hands and she kept the above Naruto's chest, checking for anything serious. Finding nothing but chakra exhaustion, she sighed and stood up straight.

"Nothing we can do right now, he's just exhausted his chakra," Ino said, the two other girls sighing in relief.

"Ino, is Naruto ok?" Jiraiya asked as he popped in a window, carrying an exhausted Kakashi over his shoulder.

"Yeah, though I don't know what happened. I heard you yell my name, or at least what I thought was you, and Naruto got out the door first. I was too slow, though, as Itachi was at the door and the next thing I know, both of them collapsed," Ino explained. Jiraiya just nodded, running all the possibilities of what had happened through his head.

"It was a genjutsu," Naruto said, opening his eyes slowly, having heard the conversation.

"What happened though?" Jiraiya asked, setting Kakashi down.

"He said I wasn't the person he tried to get, though it would work with me. I used my doujutsu, since it was the easiest thing for me to use, and after a while in the genjutsu, I broke out, though it exhausted both me and Itachi," Naruto explained, trying to sit up. His head fell back, though, and he gave up.

"Wait, Ino, he said your name?" Jiraiya asked, receiving a nod before continuing, "Then maybe he was going after you to get Naruto, after all, he did see how Naruto acted when he tried to kill you," Jiraiya finished, Naruto shooting up, an angry red glow coming about him.

"Naruto, sit back down! Itachi's gone, he left," Sasuke said, leaving the door to see his friend. Naruto did as told, calming down slightly.

"What about the ANBU team?" Naruto asked, remembering the team sent to watch out for Naruto.

"Massacred, Itachi cut through them like they were nothing," Jiraiya said, remembering the carnage he had seen.

"I'll kill that bastard the next time he comes after me or anybody else that is like me," Naruto said, sitting down.

"Alright, everybody, get some sleep, we all have a long while ahead of us," Jiraiya ordered, everybody but Naruto heading off to sleep.

"I'm going to sit on the roof for a while," Naruto said, climbing out the window and scaling the wall. Jiraiya sighed, heading outside as well, only he was keeping guard while they slept. HE hid in a tree, keeping silent watch, seeing Naruto lay on the roof and stare at the stars. He smiled, thinking about his old student, Naruto's father, and remembering the times that Minato would train until he dropped. He sighed, knowing that it was the past, and went back to scanning the horizon, using nature chakra to check for any unwanted guests as the night went on.

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