"Tell me about love on your planet" Paige pressed her palms firmly against Emily's for a moment and grinned, still barely believing her luck. No matter how many times Emily leaned in to kiss her or how many times Emily's fingertips ghosted her over skin only to entwine their fingers together once more, it still felt like the first time. Simultaneously thrilling and comforting, Paige felt little jolts of excitement at every touch and yet it felt so right. She never felt more right than when she could feel Emily against her skin and as Emily's lips moved against hers, she instinctively stepped forward to press their bodies together.

Emily's hands snaked through the gap at the front of Paige's suit jacket to wrap her arms around Paige's waist and pull her closer in. She used the temporary distraction to deepen the kiss, taking Paige's bottom lip between hers and firmly running her tongue back and forth over the sensitive skin. Paige gasped and her knees almost gave way.

"Emily…" she warned breathily, pulling her lips away.

"Yes?" replied Emily, her face all innocence but her wandering hands betraying her true intentions. She moved them from Paige's waist to her ass and pressed herself even further into Paige.

"We're in public. I'm not so sure this is a good idea."

"It doesn't seem very public to me. And besides, what's the point of bringing that thing with if we're not going to make use of it in this very private car?"

Earlier that day.

Paige stepped carefully up the stairs towards Emily's room trying not to trip over her huge heels. She didn't usually wear heels but they were sort of imperative for the costume and she figured she could deal with them for one night.

"Emily," she called, "are you ready yet?" She peeked around the bedroom door and was blessed with one of the most gorgeous views she had ever seen. Emily was stood in front of her mirror preening her hair and wearing an undeniably sexy outfit that left little to the imagination. She was in a black bra and grey shorts that hugged her pert ass perfectly, and it took all of Paige's energy to not be outwardly pleased that Emily was, alas, not yet dressed for Halloween.

"Seriously, Em, we have to leave in five minutes" said Paige, her eyes glued to Emily's ass.

Emily, finally satisfied that her hair and make-up were settled, turned around to reply and found her words lost in her throat. Paige was wearing a suit. Again. Paige was wearing monochrome tuxedo, complete with cream coloured waistcoat, black silk top hat and - glancing down - 3 inch heels. Emily stared, speechless, still half-naked at her girlfriend. And then she started noticing the details – the white bow-tie, the deep brown eyes under the shadow of the top hat, the huge flower in her pocket, her pink lips and – oh god – the gentle, never-ending curls of her auburn hair. Tonight was going to be a long night.

"Emily, hello? Are you getting ready or what?" Paige asked, trying not to get too caught up in the way Emily was looking at her and was also – how could she forget – mostly naked. Emily finally broke out of her stupor and registered her own state of undress.

"Er, yeah. It only takes a minute to put it on. See?" Emily tore her gaze away from Paige and reached over for her Barbarella costume. First, she had to strip down even further and it gave her great pleasure to see Paige shift uncomfortably once she had taken her bra and shorts off and thrown them into the hamper. The costume came as two parts. The first part she stepped into, pulled up, put her arms through the arm holes and zipped up the front. It included the entire torso and cape part of the costume and she was left with two black straps hanging down her legs. These attached to the second part, which were simply two thigh-high silver boots that had the black strap running all the way down them.

"See! Easy." She said, raising her eyebrows at Paige and hoping that Paige got the implication that just as it was easy to put on, it was easy to take off too.

"Wow. I should've gone with that costume. This took forever to put together. All these layers" Paige gestured down and Emily was once again confronted with the sight of her girlfriend in that suit. Her eyes lingered over Paige's hips and she felt a flush creep up her throat as the most inappropriate idea in the world popped into her head.

"Are you ready to go now then?" said Paige brightly, but Emily didn't even register the question.

"Paige, I… you're gonna think I'm crazy but could you do something for me tonight?" Emily knew that pretty much everything she asked Paige for she got, and she knew she was using this to manipulate her, but she was also sure someday Paige would be really grateful.

"Of course, Em" said Paige innocently, "what is it?"

Emily grinned and disappeared inside her closet, reappearing a few moments later with the strap-on set that she and Paige had bought together a few weeks before.

"Could you wear this tonight?" Emily smiled sweetly as she said it and stood waiting for a reply.

Paige's cheeks burned bright pink as she realised what she had just agreed to.

"So, this is what you planned all along is it?" asked Paige

"Maybe. Do you not want to?" said Emily, suddenly afraid that Paige might simply not be in the mood and that making her wear it had been an inconvenience. Paige tore her eyes away from Emily's and let them roam once again over Emily's body. She moved her hands from Emily's shoulders to her exposed thighs and her breath hitched in her throat.

"You have no idea how much I want this, Em. You look amazing tonight and wearing this thing has been torture." Paige's voice was even huskier than usual, an octave lower and so quiet that it made Emily shiver with anticipation. "I'm just not so sure it's a good idea." Paige finished as she trailed her fingers up Emily's thigh and rested them on her hip. She knew that telling Emily she was turned on would only encourage her, and while she had no intention of resisting Emily's charms much further, she couldn't help but keep up the pretence that she needed convincing. Emily always got what she wanted (usually Paige wanted the same thing anyway) but sometimes it was fun to tease first.

Encouraged that Paige had admitted she was turned on, Emily released Paige from her grasp and stepped backwards towards the couch, determined now to show Paige that this was definitely a good idea.

"Remember how easy this was to put on?" asked Emily, raising her eyebrows seductively and reaching down her legs to unclip the black straps, "works both ways."

She unzipped the thigh-high boots and kicked them off. Then she reached up and began slowly lowering the zipper on the torso until it stopped just above her groin. The costume fell open and exposed most of her bare breasts. She shrugged her shoulders and arms out of the torso and began slowly pushing the entire thing down her body. As it passed her hips she turned slightly to give Paige a nice view of the ass that she knew Paige admired so much. She lowered the costume all the way to the floor, stepped out of it and flung it over the side of a nearby chair.

Paige just watched in silence as her girlfriend stripped down completely. Emily was throwing herself at her and, somewhere in the back of Paige's mind, she made a mental note that if this was what happened when she wore a suit, she should make a concerted effort to wear suits much more often.

Emily now stood entirely naked with her hand on her hip and a smile on her face, clearly aware that she had won. Emily closed the gap between them and immediately Paige's hands flew to the soft skin on Emily's waist and their lips met, parted and allowed entry to each other's tongues. They kissed each other with abandon, their tongues sliding wetly over each other, nipping and sucking at will, no longer questioning where this was going. Emily reached up to the lapels of Paige's suit jacket and she pushed it back over Paige's shoulders. Taking the hint, Paige started shrugging out of it and before she had even finished Emily moved on to the bowtie which, thankfully, was a clip-on and threw it over her shoulder before unbuttoning Paige's waistcoat and shirt. As she unbuttoned the shirt she was taken slightly by surprise – she hadn't realised under all those layers that Paige wasn't wearing a bra either so as soon as the shirt was open she was granted access to Paige's perfect breasts. Paige started to take her shirt off with the waistcoat but Emily stopped her.

"Wait," she said even as she tried to catch her breath, "leave the shirt on." Paige grinned and did as she was told. Emily reached in through the open shirt front and gently palmed Paige's breasts. Her pink nipples were hard and Paige gasped from the friction as Emily's hand moved over them. Emily gently squeezed them in unison and then moved to pinch her nipples firmly, at the same time bringing her mouth down to press kisses against Paige's creamy white collarbone and all over her neck. Paige gasped and twitched under Emily's touch and responded in kind – running her hands down Emily's back to squeeze her ass and pull her in closer. Emily trailed kisses all down Paige's neck, collarbone and chest and then over the soft, supple flesh of her right breast until she reached a pink nipple. She flicked her tongue at it, hard, and without waiting for Paige to adjust she took it into her mouth and sucked hard. Paige let out a moan and her hips bucked, her fingers digging into Emily's ass, trying not to lose to control. Emily continued to suck on the nipple, flicking her tongue over it and tugging with her teeth, but she let go of the other breast and moved her hands down to Paige's pants to undo the zipper and finally get at what she wanted.

Emily undid the pants and slipped her fingers into the waistband to push them down over Paige's hips, dragging her boxer shorts along with it and freeing the dildo from being pressed against Paige's thigh. It sprang rigidly to attention. Paige, dimly aware of what was happening, kicked her pants and underwear away and pressed herself against Emily's thigh. Emily, however, had other plans and grabbed Paige by the shirt. She tugged and nudged Paige until they had switched places so that Paige was backed up against the couch in the carriage and then started pushing against Paige's shoulders to get her to sit down. It didn't take long for Paige to get the message and she dropped quickly to the couch, reaching up to take Emily's hand and pull her on top.

Emily straddled Paige's hips and let the dildo rest in between them, ignoring it for now. She wrapped her arms around Paige's neck and kissed her deeply, using her old trick of taking Paige's lip into her mouth and running her tongue over it firmly, before pressing her tongue into the other girl's eager mouth. Paige ran her hands all over Emily's perfect body starting with her hips, over her lower back and then to her stomach, gentle caresses and strokes that made Emily want to purr at the same time as she was aching to be fucked. Paige stroked up Emily's front until she reached her full breasts and here she grazed her thumbs roughly over Emily's sensitive nipples, pleased with herself when Emily immediately let out a moan of frustration and pleasure. Paige flicked each of her fingertips roughly over Emily's nipples, eliciting a moan for each one and an accompanying twitch of Emily's hips in her lap. She pinched them hard and twisted slightly before breaking the kiss and lowering her mouth to Emily's left nipple. She took it gently into her mouth and soothed it with her tongue, sucking lightly and wrapping her tongue around and over it again and again. All the while, Paige kept up an increasing, unrelenting, pressure on the right nipple, twisting it harder each time. Emily was panting on top of her, slumped forward over Paige's shoulders, driven to distraction by the twin pleasures of the slightly painful ache on her right nipple and the warm, wet haven of her left.

Emily was starting to lose control and she was just about ready to let Paige take the lead when she remembered that this was definitely not what she had planned at the beginning of the evening. Her determination and sense of purpose returned all at once, shutting off the urge to tell Paige to keep going and never stop. She pulled back, wrenching her chest free from Paige's lips and she reached for Paige's wrists. Paige started in surprise and looked into her girlfriend's eyes to find out what was wrong, only to find that Emily's eyes were as dark as ever with lust and a somewhat alarming clarity and determination. Emily took Paige's wrists and pinned them against the back of the sofa while looking directly into Paige's eyes and letting her know that under no circumstances was she allowed to touch without permission. Emily let go of her girlfriend's wrists and started running her hands flat along Paige's skin, starting at the soft, creamy skin at her neck and working her way down under the shirt, over her breasts and to her stomach.

Here, she shifted and brought her hips up off Paige's lap. She took hold of the rigid dildo and, still staring deeply into Paige's eyes, she guided it over her slit. She was soaking wet and her clit was throbbing, so when the head came into contact with it she let out a tiny wisp of a whimper and her head swam. She stroked it up and down a few times to really coat the head with her juices before positioning it just under her opening and lowering her hips, rolling them gently to allow it smooth entrance into her. As the head slipped inside, despite desperately trying to maintain eye contact, her eyes fluttered shut and she let out another, deep, throaty moan. She lowered her hips so that she was sitting once again in Paige's lap and she felt the tip hit her cervix causing her once again to gasp and flutter her eye lids closed, but as she got used to the full feeling she opened her eyes again and looked at Paige. Paige was staring at her face still, her mouth slightly open, panting heavily, eyes wide and – Emily was very pleased to notice – letting out tiny tremors of anticipation through her shoulders and torso.

Emily put her arms around Paige's neck again; one hand in Paige's perfectly curled hair and started to rise again up the shaft. When the bulbous head was threatening to pop out, she shifted down once again and lowered herself fully, this time able to keep her eyes locked with Paige despite the intense pleasure inside of her. She started up a rhythm, rising up relatively fast and then lowering herself excruciatingly slowly so that she could feel every centimetre as it pushed further in. Each time it bottomed out and reached her cervix, her ass finally landing in Paige's lap, she let out a little gasp of pleasure and rolled her hips forward and back to extend the pleasure.

Paige, for her part, was struggling to maintain eye contact even though she knew that was what Emily wanted because she desperately wanted to watch each and every detail of Emily riding her. Her muscles strained as she forced herself to keep her hands by her side, having put them down on the couch after Emily let them go. True, the sight of Emily's face as she received pleasure and reacted to the intrusion was incredibly hot but she knew what it must look like down there and she was desperate to get a good look. She was glad, then, when Emily broke eye contact, closed her eyes and leaned her head back, picking up the pace somewhat. Paige let her eyes wander and her brain clouded with an intense desire as she saw Emily's body, smooth, tanned and curved rising up off her lap and coming back down again, her hips rolling shamelessly in Paige's lap. She saw the dildo emerge as Emily rose and noticed that it was glistening with Emily's arousal. Paige almost lost it when the dildo started disappearing inside Emily again and it took all of her self-control to not flip them over and start pounding hard into Emily like she really wanted to. But she knew that it was this – having Paige watch her and want her – that was getting Emily off almost as much as the feeling of the dildo stretching and filling her. In compromise, Paige sneaked her hands up Emily's legs and gripped onto Emily's thighs, helping to guide her movements and she was pleased when she realised that Emily was too far gone to scold her for it.

Emily was now moving pretty fast, still rising faster than she descended but definitely moving fast enough to receive a good fucking from the dildo. She could feel her orgasm gathering deep inside her and had given up on trying to keep the whimpers, moans and sighs to herself, making more noise than was probably wise. Anyone directly outside of the carriage door would probably hear her but she really could not care less. She was starting to reach the point she sometimes found herself in when sex was really good and her orgasm was really close where she became keenly aware of all her senses and could feel every point of contact against her skin. She opened her eyes again to take it all in and experienced it all at once – the thick dildo inside her, gliding wetly, curved to press against her g-spot and ribbed to flick at the front wall of her channel with each centimetre she moved, her own hair cascading and ticking down her back, her throbbing clit, the rough fabric of the couch they were on against her knees that would probably leave an angry red smudge, the sound of her own moans and whimpers and, finally, Paige.

Paige with her dark eyes watching her so intensely, roving over her body, devouring her and so clearly wracked with desire that it made Emily cream all over again. Paige with her dazzlingly white shirt open, revealing the perfect creamy-white skin of her breasts, her pale, flat stomach, her pink and stubbornly erect nipples brushing against the starchy white fabric, peeking out as Paige subtly rocked her body in time with Emily's. Paige, whose hands were holding onto Emily's hips – huh, when did that happen? – and guiding her up and down, forward and back and who always, no matter what the situation, managed to apply the perfect amount of pressure. Paige, who was panting heavily and biting her lip and flushed all the way from her neck to her cheeks. Paige, whose skin was shimmering with sweat from the effort of holding herself back.

Emily crumpled forward, still keeping her pace but reaching out to wrap around Paige. She found herself frustrated with the fact that there was a barrier between the two of them and clumsily forced the crisp white shirt down Paige's shoulders, allowing Paige to wriggle free and toss it to the side. She pressed them together, skin meeting skin, arms wrapping around Paige's shoulders, burying her head into the side of Paige's neck. Emily breathed her in and placed her parted lips against the firm, hot skin that she loved so much. Paige returned her hand to Emily's breast and pinched the nipple hard, at the same time as lowering her head to take the other nipple into her mouth and suck on it gently. It was this – the twin sensations again of Paige's hot, wet mouth and her firm fingertips – that pushed Emily over the edge, unable to hold back any longer. Emily increased her pace even further, now dropping forcefully onto the dildo so that it was thrust harder and harder. Paige was all around her and inside her, she was all Emily could smell, feel, taste and hear. She clenched tight around the dildo and shuddered as the orgasm flowed from her inside out, travelling all the way down her arms and legs to the tips of her fingers and toes and then back again to her very core, where it shocked her again and again. She sat there whimpering and moaning as aftershock after aftershock rocketed through her and she gripped Paige as firmly as ever, now sitting perfectly still apart from the odd jolt as pleasure shot through her body.

Eventually, the shocks wore down and she started to relax her grip on Paige, even coming round enough to place lazy kisses on her girlfriend's shoulder. She was still feeling intense pleasure from the dildo inside her and was reluctant to get up off Paige's lap just yet but she became aware that even though Paige was sitting mostly still – her hands were tracing soothing strokes up and down Emily's back now – she was probably also intensely frustrated. The whole point of this exercise, after all, was to turn Paige on by giving her a little show, so Emily sat up straight and brought her lips to Paige's. She kissed her gently at first, slow and steady open-mouthed kisses that allowed her time to properly come down from her orgasm. Once her head cleared she deepened the kiss by insistently pushing her tongue into Paige's mouth. Emily massaged Paige's tongue with her own and used every trick in her repertoire to tell Paige that it was her turn now. She sucked and nipped and licked at Paige's bottom lip, coaxed Paige's tongue into her mouth only to place her own lips around it and suck it wetly, explored as much of Paige's mouth as she could. Paige's breathing turned ragged and her hands started to wander again, down Emily's back and onto her ass which she squeezed and massaged. This reminded Emily that she was still sat on Paige's lap with the dildo inside her and she lifted herself up until it came out.

Emily moved to unhook the straps at Paige's hips so that she could remove it completely, while out of curiosity Paige brought her hand up to touch the shaft and gasped in surprise at how warm it was. It was totally soaked, as was the base and the triangle of leather that covered her, but it was also hot to the touch. Paige wrapped her hand around the shaft to fully appreciate Emily's warmth and wetness and stroked it, marvelling at the mess Emily had made.

"Mm, feels like you had fun" muttered Paige, her head not entirely clear and her clit throbbing painfully.

"I did," said Emily, "but it's your turn now" Emily grinned, looking down at Paige's hand wrapped around the shaft and with that she started to pull the straps down Paige's legs and yanked the dildo out of Paige's hand. Once the straps were off, she tossed it aside and climbed back onto Paige's lap, wasting no time to start kissing Paige fully on the mouth and pressing their wet centres together. Paige let out an assortment of whimpers, sighs and moans as Emily grinded into her, frustrated beyond anything she had ever felt before and desperate for release. Emily, it seemed, was trying to build up tension by slowly increasing the contact between them, running her hands over Paige, ghosting over her breasts, kissing her neck. She knew Paige was already pretty wound up because she was squirming beneath her but she did not quite understand the extent of it.

"Emily… please, I can't take it anymore…" Paige was panting as she said it, struggling to breathe, her voice hitching even as she forced the words out. Emily was taken aback by the desperate plea. Here was Paige - perfectly patient Paige who seemed to be able to wait indefinitely for her turn, who endured endless teasing and remained in control of herself far beyond the point where Emily would have lost it – begging for Emily to touch her. Emily broke into a massive grin, but she wanted to milk this for what it was worth.

She licked the rim of Paige's ear in time with her hips grinding their centres together and whispered in her lowest, sexiest voice, "ask me again."

Paige's eyes hardened and for a split second she tried to resist begging for a second time but she was far too far gone and her resolve shattered as quickly as it was formed.

"Please touch me, Emily" Paige said it simply, determined at least not to pant this time. Emily didn't need asking a third time and she scooted back, lowering a hand to Paige's lips. A second surprise awaited her there as she slipped two fingers in between Paige's folds.

"Wow, you are wetter than you have ever been before" Emily whispered into Paige's ear.

"I've been wet all evening wearing that thing… it's been driving me insane." Paige whispered back, panting again, Emily's finger having made contact with her swollen clit.

In truth, Emily was the one who was constantly soaking through her jeans when they made out – even sometimes at school when they flirted or teased each other in class – and Paige was always very contained and neat. Not this time. This time she was drenched, her juices had seeped out around her lips and she was slippery smooth all over. Emily lowered her fingers and pushed two of them inside Paige, earning herself a low, satisfying moan from Paige. She placed a final kiss on Paige's parted lips and began to scoot down further until her head was in Paige's lap.

She kissed this other set of lips and dipped her tongue between the folds, savouring the taste of Paige which was heady and stronger than usual and absolutely delicious. She ran her tongue once up from where her fingers were at Paige's entrance to her clit and once she found the intensely swollen bundle of nerves, she clamped her lips down around it and sucked it into her mouth. She ran her tongue harshly over Paige's clit - knowing that if she did it softly it would actually make Paige come sooner – and began thrusting with her fingers, setting a steady pace. With her free hand, Emily reached for one of Paige's and entwined their fingers together. Paige was grateful for the gesture because she needed something to grip onto. She was so close to coming already that she was desperately trying to calm herself down, breathe normally, think of something other than Emily's tongue flicking against her and Emily's fingers fucking her.

Emily decided eventually that it was time to force Paige to come, so she let go of the hold she had on Paige's clit and simply pressed the flat of her tongue against it, curling her fingers up into Paige's g-spot as firmly as she could and licked slowly up and down against Paige, still using the flat of her tongue. She knew it would work and within moments Paige stopped even trying to resist and allowed herself to fully experience the orgasm that broke through her. Her walls clenched so tightly around Emily's fingers that it almost hurt. Paige felt the orgasm like a wave washing over body from bottom to top in three big rushes. She had brought her free hand up to cover her mouth and muffle her screams as she came, but now she was silent, breathing rapidly as Emily moved her fingers gently inside her, determined to extend Paige's pleasure as much as possible. Emily could feel Paige's walls tensing and fluttering as her breathing returned to normal and her body relaxed against the sofa. Emily pulled out of Paige once the fluttering had ceased and sat on her lap, snuggling close into her and resting her head on her girlfriend's shoulder.

They sat in silence for several minutes, catching their breath and allowing their heartbeats to slow down. They spent several minutes placing small, soothing kisses and strokes over each other's skin. Emily was starting to get drowsy when Paige cleared her throat and she realised that they would now have to put themselves back together and re-join the party. They got up reluctantly and started rooting through the clothes, their legs somewhat unsteady. When she found the strap-on Emily turned to Paige and held it up for inspection.

"Are you going to put it back on and wear it for the rest of the night now? It's kind of messed up" Emily asked, noticing that the base was soaked from both sides.

Paige grimaced and furrowed her eyebrows, trying to think up some way that they could get it out of the train unseen that didn't involve her putting it back on.

"You could just hold it, Em? People saw you holding that ray gun earlier; maybe they'd just assume it was that?" Emily laughed and shook her head at the suggestion.

"I know," says Paige brightly, "you wait here and I'll put it in my pocket and sneak it into the cloakroom where our bags are. I'll come straight back for you and then we'll go back to the party together? There probably won't be anyone around in that direction so I should get away with it?"

Emily nodded and watched her get dressed before handing the thing to her and watching her bunch the straps up and shove them into her large pants pocket. It left a very noticeable bulge but under her suit jacket it wouldn't be seen unless someone got too close. Emily dressed herself and walked Paige to the door of the carriage where she gave her a lingering kiss goodbye and pressed her back against the door to wait for Paige to return.