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They weren't sure exactly at what point they had started having sex. It might have been the very first time, pressed against the edge of the swimming pool with the lightest of touches, or maybe it was the morning after on Paige's bed while her parents bustled around downstairs, or maybe it was a week later when Emily finally got Paige naked and on her back, or maybe it was all of these things and more put together. Maybe sex with girls wasn't about one thing that you either do or do not do. Maybe it's about building up intimacy and experience until one day you run out of firsts and realise that your mind has been repeatedly blown by this one gorgeous woman who touches you like you're the eighth wonder of the world.

But maybe, also, there's a need to get it all out of the way at once instead of in quick snatches of time while hoping not to get caught. Maybe it'd be nice to spend a significant amount of time getting to know each other's bodies. Maybe then you'd know for sure, without a doubt, that you've crossed that bridge.

For Emily and Paige, the opportunity arose one weekend a few weeks after Emily told Paige not to look away and kissed her because she meant it. Pam was going away to visit Wayne and for the first time ever Emily was happy she wasn't going with. She was going to have Paige stay over (although she told her Mom that Aria and Hanna were coming too – the whitest of lies so that she wouldn't have to think about what they might get up to) and they had the entire night to themselves.

It was an exciting prospect and one that made Emily smile to herself as she got ready on Friday afternoon. Clean sheets, new lingerie, candles, take-out pre-ordered that involved absolutely no garlic whatsoever and a buzz that wouldn't go away. She practically jumped down the stairs when the doorbell rang and was therefore out of breath as she opened the door. She threw her arms around her girlfriend and pressed their lips together without even bothering to say hi. Paige dropped her bag to the floor and wrapped her arms around Emily's waist, surprised but not complaining about the greeting. They broke apart after a little while and Paige raised her eyebrows at Emily.

"Hi. Happy to see me?"


"What are we doing tonight then?"

Emily paused. Paige knew what they were doing tonight – hadn't they already discussed it, sort of, when she told her that her Mom would be away? She thought maybe Paige was playing a game or trying not to let the evening be awkward because they had basically decided that tonight was going to involve a lot of sex.

"I ordered dinner, it should be here in half an hour. Any thoughts on what to do until then?" Emily asked.

"A few." Paige responded as she took Emily's hand and lead her into the living room. They sat down on the sofa and Paige grabbed the remote. Emily was disappointed for a minute when cartoons – of all things – started up on the TV but it was a short-lived disappointment as Paige leaned over without even glancing at the TV and gave her the softest, gentlest, most heartfelt kiss she had ever received. Their lips moved together in unison – it was a practised kiss, open mouthed and smooth. Paige put her hands on Emily's waist and leaned in until Emily had to fall back on the sofa. They were practically lying down now on it, Paige climbing forward to lie on top of Emily and continue to kiss her gently.

After a while, the kiss started to heat up and Emily couldn't resist running her tongue across Paige's bottom lip. Paige responded in kind, flicking her tongue out to meet Emily's and as soon as they came into contact the room felt like someone had turned the thermostat up because suddenly there was heat and lots of it. They continued to thoroughly distract each other as Paige's hands wandered up and down Emily's sides and Emily's hands worked their way around to the back pockets of Paige's jeans, tugging her in closer. Paige pushed her hips forward teasingly to create a little pressure before being interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

"Who the hell is that?" she asked Emily through the kiss, slightly pissed that the whole world didn't know that she was not to be interrupted when she was kissing Emily Fields.

"Shit, it's the food!"

Paige breathed out a sigh of frustration and got up. Okay, maybe some things should interrupt them.

Once they had paid for the food and tried not to look guilty in front of the delivery boy, they sat at the dining room table and began to eat. The food was delicious but neither of them really tasted it. They kept sharing faux-shy glances and lingering looks and they struggled to force it down. They weren't really hungry – except for each other - but the evening was supposed to be romantic and eating a nice meal together was part of that. Eventually, they gave up on eating and took the whole lot into the kitchen. Emily insisted on finishing the dishes before they went upstairs – partly to frustrate Paige and partly because she didn't want to accidentally forget once they got down to business.

They nearly got distracted again in the kitchen when Paige flicked some of the soapy bubbles at Emily and got pinned against the kitchen counter with a kiss in response. And then again when Emily was putting the leftovers in the fridge and Paige's hands reached around her waist from behind and she started peppering the back of Emily's neck with kisses. And then, finally, at last, everything was put away and the sides were clean and the dishes were on the rack drying and Paige was kissing Emily against the kitchen wall and her hands seemed to be everywhere at once.

"No, not here. Upstairs." Emily managed to gasp out as she felt Paige's fingertips sneak under her shirt, but then she remembered something, "Wait, give me… 5 minutes?"

Paige frowned but let Emily go. She watched her walk away and wondered what her girlfriend was up to. She paced around the kitchen alternately checking her watch and repositioning the plates on the rack nervously. When five minutes was up she tried very hard not to bolt up the stairs but took them one at a time like a normal person. As she reached Emily's slightly open door, her face lit up in delight.

Candles. Everywhere. Little tea-lights were dotted around every surface that Emily had deemed safe and there were some bigger scented ones thrown in for good measure. The room flickered with warmth and then Paige saw Emily and suddenly there was no air left to breathe. She was standing in the middle of the room wearing two things. The first was the widest smile Paige had ever seen and the second was a purple lace chemise that came to the top of Emily's endlessly long legs and was pretty much see-through over her breasts. Paige had no idea how to respond and found she couldn't move anyway. Her mouth had dropped open and she was very obviously staring at Emily's body. Emily's smile turned into a grin and she moved forward to allow Paige to instinctively wrap her arms around her girl.

Paige felt light-headed and very nervous as she realised that this was it – she had Emily to herself for as long as she wanted. This wasn't the desperate fumbles they had experienced before; they didn't have to get it over with as quickly as possible. Emily was expecting to be ravished tonight and she looked the part for sure. Her skin which Paige could feel as she ran the tips of her fingers along Emily's exposed upper back was impossibly smooth and warm. It made Paige feel inadequate all of a sudden and like an idiot for thinking she could get away with this. Emily was far too good for her. Paige was good at things like swimming and hockey and riding her bike and not letting people push her around and apparently she had also been quite good at touching Emily until now but surely that had been a fluke? She let her hands drop to her side and felt her body tense all over.

Emily realised something was up straight away and could see her girlfriend's lack of confidence in her lowered eyes and the way her mouth turned down at the edges. She thought maybe this would happen – Paige still had trouble believing that Emily actually wanted her, especially after the incident with the flask. She did what she would always do in these situations; reassure and state the truth. She reached up to put both of her hands on Paige's neck the way she had done all those weeks ago but this time she pressed her whole body – which was barely covered by the thin lace material – against Paige as she did it.

"I want you. I only want you," she said as she held Paige's gaze, "stop looking away."

She pulled Paige forward and coaxed her into a kiss, drawing her in and opening herself up to this hot mess of a girl. Paige melted into the kiss as she always would and found herself reaching up to run her hands down Emily's bare arms. Her doubts drifted away with each firm press of Emily's lips against her and she allowed herself once again to truly believe that this was real, that this was happening, that Emily wanted her. They kissed slowly for several minutes knowing that it didn't matter how long they lingered – they had all night and they were going to use it. Emily drew back to catch her breath only to swoop in again for another kiss, revelling in the way Paige leaned further and further in, never wanting to lose contact.

Having accepted that this was going to happen and that she wasn't about to wake up from a very good dream, Paige let her own want bubble to the surface. Her kisses became desperate, her hands wandering further afield. They landed on Emily's bottom, lifting the thin material up to reveal Emily's naked cheeks and the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties. Paige squeezed gently, smiling into their kiss as Emily's breath hitched in her throat from the pressure. She started manoeuvring them towards the bed but was halted by a firm hand on her shoulder. Emily pulled back from the kiss. Confused, Paige was about to ask what was wrong when Emily grabbed hold of her shirt and started pulling it up over her head.

"You're wearing too much," was all she said as she tugged it off, messing up Paige's hair in the process and throwing it off to the side. She wanted to feel Paige's skin pressed against hers so she continued to remove clothes, fumbling in her enthusiasm over simple tasks like undoing bra clasps until she had Paige naked except for her panties and could take her by the hand and walk backwards to the bed. She leaned back, letting herself fall and bringing Paige down on top of her.

They resumed kissing immediately, Paige dominating this time as she covered Emily's body with her own naked form. She could feel the lace against her breasts and as she moved the patterned fabric rubbed against her but she didn't let out a gasp of shocked pleasure until she felt Emily's nipple through the fabric slide against her own. They broke the kiss again and stared at each other, each arching into the contact and moving slightly to create friction. It sent shocks up directly through their cores. Paige moved her hands down Emily's sides, to the edge of the chemise and slipped them underneath, lifting herself and tugging it up Emily's body. The lace felt good but Emily's skin would feel better. They wriggled and shifted until Paige could lift the whole thing off and throw it over her shoulder.

Paige looked down at the now naked Emily Fields. There was no doubt about it. She was the most gorgeous person on the planet. Against the flickering candle-light her skin looked delicious, all soft and smooth and curvy. Paige was awe-struck. She lowered her mouth and kissed every inch of it she could, all over her neck and shoulders and then down her left arm to her hand. She kissed each fingertip, the palm of her hand, the pulse point at her wrist. She brushed her lips all the way back up Emily's arm to her shoulder and repeated the process this time with the right arm. Nothing had ever made Emily feel as loved or safe as that did. Her skin tingled everywhere Paige's lips touched it, a tingling that persisted even when Paige had long since moved on.

Settling back down on top of her, Paige brought her thigh in between Emily's and let out another gasp when she felt how warm and wet Emily was for her. She pressed her thigh in gently, watching Emily's face as it clouded with pleasure. They kissed again, more insistent and less romantic than before. Paige was becoming increasingly aware of Emily pushing her hips up against her thigh, her juices smearing over her bare thigh. It was taking so much self-control not to dive straight in and watch her fall apart but they had promised to take it slow.

Paige moved back to her neck and started sucking a little more insistently, enough to leave a mark and make Emily gasp. She soothed it with her tongue and moved down to just under Emily's collarbone where she sucked again, harder this time. Emily's gasp was louder here where the skin was more taut. Paige continued on, sucking on points of flesh here and there until she reached the swell of Emily's breasts. She drew back and sat up slightly to look at them.

Perfection is an overused word, Paige thought, and it's also no where near strong enough. She honestly didn't think breasts could get any more perfect than Emily's. She leaned forward to touch her lips to the soft, smooth curve of Emily's right breast, barely touching it but feeling the warmth against her lips.

"You're so beautiful." Paige said as she glanced up at Emily's face. Emily smiled and reached her hands up to tangle into Paige's hair, gently guiding her to an erect nipple where she desperately wanted Paige's hot mouth to be. Paige took the hint along with Emily's nipple into her mouth and sucked on it tenderly. Emily panted, her hips canting up against Paige's thigh, her fingers gripping into Paige's hair as her nipple was tugged and stroked and sucked. It felt amazing; she always knew her nipples were sensitive and she could feel her need growing with each wet movement Paige made. Paige took the nipple between her teeth experimentally and bit down, then a little harder as Emily didn't seem to want her to stop. She tugged at it, still biting in a way that was might have been painful but the only response she got was a harder cant of Emily's hips against her.

Paige was kind of surprised. She always thought Emily would prefer it gentle, but she was more than happy to be a little rough. She bit down harder and rolled it between her teeth, Emily gasped above her, and Paige noticed that Em had moved one of her own hands to her neglected nipple and was pinching at it roughly. Paige moved her hand up to swat Emily's away, grasping hold of the nipple and pinching harder, she hoped, than Emily had been. Emily let out another gasp and reached her now free hand down to try to press Paige's thigh further into her. Paige dropped the nipple from her mouth and looked up at Emily.

"Babe, I thought we were going to take it slow?" she asked, still pinching and twisting the nipple hard.

"Ah, yeah. I know. It's just… I'm so turned on. It feels like I'm being teased."

Paige grinned, making a mental note to tease Emily on purpose next time.

"Can we just speed up a little, for now? We'll go slowly afterwards, we've got all night… please?" Emily continued, still canting her hips, her arousal perfectly evident against Paige's thigh, "I need you."

Paige nodded slightly. Emily looked so genuine and full of want that there was no way in hell she could have denied her, not when she said "I need you" with a hint of desperation, and what was the point anyway? They had all night; they could do what they wanted.

She shifted down, planting kisses over Emily's stomach until she reached her hips. Emily, suddenly shy, drew her legs together and lifted her knees up, a somewhat vain attempt at hiding herself. Paige had never licked her out before, in fact no one ever had, and although her clit was throbbing and she could feel how wet she was, she was still kind of nervous. She thought Paige would use her hands first and hadn't expected this. Paige understood that so she said nothing and set about trying to relax Emily and get her back to the place she was only a few moments ago.

She kissed along to the top of Emily's thigh, feeling the muscles tense in anticipation underneath her. She continued all the way down to Emily's knee and then switched legs, following the path back up to the jut of Emily's hipbone. Paige continued to kiss every part of Emily's legs she could reach, all around to the side and back to the middle where they were pressed firmly together. She nudged gently, encouraging Emily to open them so she could plant more kisses on Emily's inner thigh. Emily slowly opened them, panting heavily, her knees still in the air but her need to feel Paige's mouth against more of her completely destroying her shyness.

Paige kissed the soft, supple flesh inside Emily's thigh and bit it ever so gently. She settled in between Emily's legs, running her lips over the skin and breathing in deeply. She could smell Emily now; it was rich and heady and it was making her light-headed again and without controlling herself, without meaning to, without knowing what she was doing, she leaned forward and pressed her open mouth against Emily's wet cunt lips.

They both let out a moan, Paige because she was taken aback by how good she tasted, Emily because a new, intense lick of pleasure flooded through her lower belly from the contact. She lifted her hips up again to beg for more contact and Paige, having regained control of herself, pressed her mouth firmer against Emily, her tongue darting out to slide up Emily's slit for the first time. Paige couldn't believe her luck and couldn't get enough. She wondered, randomly, what on earth she did in her youth or childhood that meant she was rewarded now with something this good. She licked in slow, deliberate drags of her tongue all the way up Emily's slit to her clit where she finished with a harder flick. Emily tangled her hands in Paige's hair, gasping at the contact and already so close she was embarrassed for herself.

Paige was still trying to go slow (well, as slow as the situation would allow) and was using the flat of her tongue in gentle strokes against Emily's clit, worshipping it and almost teasing it with the contact. Emily was loud above her, lifting and rolling her hips up to increase the pressure, pushing Paige's head down. Paige didn't realise it but the gentle licks were actually working more on Emily right now than if she was being hard and insistent – the teasingly light strokes of her tongue were making her clit swell and harden and it was so oversensitive that Emily could feel an orgasm building even as she strained against it.

"Paige," she panted and struggled to get the words out, "Keep going, I'm gonna come-"

Paige stopped and drew back slightly. This was supposed to be slow; it was supposed to be about a connection. She placed a single, chaste kiss against her lower lips as Emily groaned in frustration and lifted her hips up, begging for attention. Paige crawled forward, placing wet kisses against Emily's torso on the way up until they were face to face again.

"I wanted to see," she said simply, "I want to hold you."

As frustrated as she was, Emily understood that. This wasn't about the final destination; this was about getting there over and over again and enjoying the journey.

Emily wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and tugged her down for a kiss as Paige's hand reached in between them. She slipped her fingers through her folds, ghosting over Emily's swollen clitoris, working her way down to her entrance. She waited for a second, kissing Emily still, waiting for another sign, an invitation. Paige shifted so that she could put her arm under Emily's neck and hold her tight. Her brain was so clouded that she didn't realise kissing Emily prevented her from talking, and even as Emily tried to break the kiss, Paige followed her lips, disappointed that they were out of reach.

"Inside, Paige, please," she managed to gasp out before reattaching her lips to Paige's, her tongue pushing in with renewed force. Paige allowed her to dominate the kiss as she concentrated on doing this right. She started pushing her fingers forward and up into Emily, careful not to be too rough. Paige's brain fuzzed over when she registered how warm and tight and slippery Emily was. Her walls gripped Paige's fingers as they moved inside her; she was so frustrated and close that they were already fluttering, relishing having something to grip onto. Paige pulled out and pushed back in a few times, thrusting steadily.

After a while, she stilled and pushed her fingers as far in as they would go, curling them up into Emily's g-spot. She felt a fresh flow of hot, thick liquid flood her hand as she found it and the walls around her contracted once. She brought her thumb up to rest against Emily's clit, moving it from side to side over the sensitive bundle. It was like nothing else on earth, being inside someone like this. She was moving in slow deliberate strokes, struggling against the tightness, reaching in and stretching her fingers out fully only to curl them back and drag them against the spongy front wall. She wasn't moving in crazy, hard thrusts like the last time she did this, she was examining and pressing and exploring the inside of Emily with her fingertips, concentrating hard on the way it felt, trying to commit it to memory. She wanted to know what each press and stroke did to Emily, wanted to know her inside out.

Emily's insides were gripping at her tighter and tighter and she had stopped trying to kiss her properly now. She was alternately biting at Paige's bottom lip and whimpering into her mouth, trying so hard to make this last, to keep from exploding too soon. But something about the way this girl touched her ripped her apart completely, took her down to a raw level where nothing else mattered. She was fighting a losing battle and as Paige increased the pressure on her clit and continued to stroke her g-spot, she knew there was no holding back. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as it built and just as she was about to fall over the edge she felt Paige falter and heard a desperate plea.

"Don't look away," she panted, "I want to see."

Emily couldn't focus, couldn't really see even though her eyes were open, but she forced herself to keep looking at Paige even as the pace picked up again and she shot head-first over the edge. It rushed through her body in great big waves, starting at her centre and spreading out in all directions. She felt as though they had been lifted up off the bed and bathed in hot light, as though they were floating in space and it was all Paige. It was all Paige. Inside her, above her, all she could smell, taste, feel. It was all she needed and it was mind-blowing.

She seemed to keep coming for an unbelievable amount of time, shuddering and gasping against Paige's lips as wave after wave hit her. Her mind had completely emptied of everything except pleasure and Paige. It seemed to take ages to subside and for her brain to start working again. She collapsed back into the bed, letting her muscles relax, taking deep slow breaths and finally allowed her eyes to flutter closed.

As her breathing calmed, Paige looked down at her girl. She knew two things at that point.

The first was that when they were old and frail she would still be able to recall this exact moment with perfect clarity. Aside from the hard little nub under her thumb, everything about Emily was soft. It was one of her favourite things about being intimate with Emily. How soft and warm and inviting her body was. From her gently parted lips and her honey-fragrant hair to the way her stomach wasn't totally flat like Paige's was but had a little flesh to it that felt great under her palm. Paige felt a deep, contented pleasure wash through her body that made her feel warm all over and dipped her cheek to stroke it against the satin skin of Emily's. She breathed her in; somehow even the smell of her skin was delicate.

The second was that Emily was the one, the only one for her, and no matter what happened between them over the years, some part of Paige McCullers would always love Emily Fields.

Paige lay still on top of Emily, their cheeks pressed together as they relaxed. Paige's hand had remained inside Emily's tight channel during their cool-down and now she gently slid it out and put it down on the mattress by Emily's waist. They were both drowsy and, even though Paige hadn't come yet, she was in no particular rush to. Emily's hands started to move, running her fingertips lightly up and down Paige's back, a sensual rather than sexual movement.

Somehow, though, through sheer force of attraction, they started kissing again, languidly, exploring each other's mouths as if for the first time. Paige removed her own panties, settled her hips over Emily's and brought their centres into contact. That changed things. Despite the satisfaction they felt only a few moments ago, the feeling of their wetness against each other sparked new heat and in no time they were grinding into each other, their arousal mixing for the first time. Paige became keenly aware that she was throbbing between her legs. She picked up her pace, gyrating her hips into Emily's, panting against her skin. They were so closely pressed together that Emily could swear she could feel Paige's throbbing as well as her own.

Paige was starting to get desperate now, grinding harder and harder but the contact wasn't direct enough for her so after a few moments she took Emily's hand from where it was resting on her shoulder and put it down between them, encouraging Emily to stroke her. Being on top meant that gravity was working on her clit, making it that much more sensitive. Emily was using only one fingertip, stroking slowly as Paige rotated her hips before jerking suddenly, her cries smothered as she buried her face in the crook of Emily's neck. She came hard, feeling it tremble through her body in short, sharp shocks.

She flumped forward over her girl, panting heavily as their movements stilled.

"So much for going slow," muttered Emily, breaking the silence as Paige crawled off and laid down next to her.

"You asked for it."

"I know. Just don't want it to be over."

"Who said it was over?" asked Paige, raising her head and her eyebrows to meet Emily's gaze.

"Oh. Oh. Nobody. No-one said it was over," replied Emily, turning red, thinking fast, "I just.. thought… you know…"

"Nope, I don't know. I wasn't finished with you yet."

Paige had that twinkle in her eye again, the one Emily now recognised as her I-want-you face. Despite having had two orgasms already, she felt an aroused growl growing in her belly.

She was in for a hell of a night.

They slowed down properly for the next few hours. Paige wanted to explore Emily and learn how her body worked. Each time she found a sensitive spot or got a particularly satisfying reaction from Emily, Paige committed it to memory. By the time her tongue was back between Emily's legs and she was starting to consider working her up to orgasm, Paige had a long list of them imprinted in her mind.

She didn't do things half-heartedly. If she was going to rock Emily's world, she was going to do it meticulously.

She applied the same attitude to figuring out what Emily liked on her clit and inside her. Paige tested and teased, her eyes roving over Emily's face and body to gauge her reaction. She saw Emily throw her arm across her eyes and would recognise the same movement in the future when it was really intense. She knew then it was the right point to let her come and she pushed harder, noting the way Emily's other hand was gripping onto the bars at the head of her bed, her knuckles white as she bucked her hips and tensed all over.

After, as they were lying together recovering, Paige asked what it was like.

Emily described the way she could feel every point of contact, especially where it was Paige, but also the sheets under her back and the cold metal of the bar she was gripping onto. It was the first time she had experienced it, and although she would do this many times in the future, it never failed to amaze her.

They snuggled in close and dozed for a while, Emily pushing her bottom back into Paige's front before legitimately falling asleep.

It wasn't the last time they fucked that night. Emily awoke a few hours later to find Paige's hands roaming all over her body. She came wrapped up in Paige's left arm, the right having reached around to her front to work furiously at her clit, Paige's lips pressed against the back of her neck. She realised after how one-sided the evening had been and paid Paige back in kind, her mouth and hands everywhere, drawing out two huge orgasms in a row before collapsing in a heap.

Sated and exhausted, Paige wrapped her arms around Emily's shoulders and tugged her in for a hug. Emily placed her head on Paige's chest and heard her heartbeat return to normal. She closed her eyes and thought about their evening, a smile on her face as she drifted off to a dreamless sleep.