Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters except Tess.

Plus i got a lot of inspiration from Jacqueline Wilson, so sorry if it's too similar :P

Gazing out of the window as the sun shone brightly over me, and flicking my jet black hair with streaks of purple out of my face before tying it into a ponytail. I've been wondering what the new care home looks like, and if it's better than half of the care home's I've been too. However Elaine the pain's shit music's been blaring into my ears for about half an hour, so I can barely think.

"TESS! Have you been listening to anything I just said?!"" Elaine screams at the top of her voice.

"Huh? Not really…" I reply, trailing off back into my own little world

"I said," Elaine says slowly, trying not to shout, "I said that you should try toning down how you dress and come across, first impressions are important!"

"What's your problem now?! Honestly, first impressions are a load of bullsh-"

"Language Tess!" Elaine cuts me off, "Tess, you're wearing purple coloured contacts, added purple tips on your hair, wearing purple high waisted shorts, a grey T-Shirt and studded vans!"

"And? By the way, my top has the Rolling Stones logo on it, you would know that if you had any taste in music, my shorts have silver studs on the left side and studs on my vans are wing shaped, because they're awesome! Oh and don't forget my diamante cross necklace and cross earrings!" I say.

Elaine sighs, I can tell that I'm pissing her off, so I get my headphones and my phone from my bag, and listen to Airplanes by and Hayley Williams (that song describes my whole effing life) and read a magazine to pass the time. I honestly don't get what Elaine the Pain has against what I wear. So what if I like purple? It compliments my brown skin.

"Hey Elaine, Is my real name actually Tessa?"

"Your Surname is definitely Evitt-Riley, but your real first name is still unknown," Elaine replies.

I was abandoned as a baby, in a dustbin, hence the nickname Dustbin Baby, wrapped in purple blankets, hence my favorite colour being purple. It kind of reminds me that someday, I'll find out everything I don't know about myself, like my actual first name, or when I was born, or who my parents are. I think I'm 14, and found on August 2nd, so I pretend that's my birthday.

"Tess, Elm Tree House is about 10 minutes away; I think you'll like it there."

"Yeah but how am I going to get to Rosewood Grace from here? It's like an hour away!"

"You can get the train, it's all been arranged, you'll be getting a pass and you won't get detentions for being late, but you can board if you want to"

"Depends what the place is like, I still don't get why I had to move, I made friends there!" I muttered

"We told you each time you asked, that there was too many people!" I moaned

"We'll talk about that late Tess, we're here now." Elaine says, avoiding the conversation. I give up and get out of the car and trip on a rock. Smooth. I pretend that didn't happen and get a suitcase and my guitar.

"Tessa, this Is Mike, Gina, and Tracy" Elaine says, gesturing to a tall man, a large lady in a colourful maxi dress, with dark shin like mine, and a woman with brown hair, wearing black jeans, a blue t-shirt and a black jacket.

"Hey, nice to meet you." I say, I then feel that someone's watching me, I look at the window and I see a girl with black hair covered in pink clothes and a boy with brown hair wearing a checked shirt. A split second after they realize that that I can see them they hide, and run somewhere. I can hear people whispering inside, probably about me. The boy with brown hair looks strangely familiar though.

"What does she look like?"

"She's really pretty, and she has purple eyes!"

"If she has purple eyes then is she a monster?"

"No Harry she has coloured contacts. I wonder what her real eye colour is?"

"Do you want me to help you with your things?" Mike asks me

"Sure, Thanks!" I say, as Mike picks up my suitcases and heads inside.

I wonder if Elm Tree House is another loony bin

I guess I'll have to find out.