"Hey Gina, I broke my guitar string, can I have some money to get it fixed, since I've got like 4 lessons today?"

"Yeah sure, how did it get broken?"

"I don't know."

"Well, don't worry. You do know where to get it fixed, yeah?" Gina asks me, giving me £30 pounds

"Yeah I do" I reply, as I leave the office, running into Tracy


" Yeah Tess?"

"Can you go to town with me since I forgot how to get there?"

"Sure, I'll give you a ride."Tracy says, picking up her car keys, and walking down to her car. "So what do you need to do when you're in town?" Tracy asks me once we're in the car

"Well I need to fix my guitar, then I have like, 4 music lessons"

"Why do you have so many lessons in one day?" Tracy asks, with a shocked look on her face

"Haven't you read my file?"

"Well… not yet, I never really got round to it"

"Well It says in my file, that I play 17 instruments, since I was 5"

"Wow, how did you have time to do all of that?!" Tracy asks, shell shocked

"Easy, I'd spend my entire Sunday, Monday and half of Tuesday in lessons. My care workers wanted to keep me occupied, since I'd always ask about my family. When they didn't tell me, I'd throw tantrums."

"Sounds like my past, I'd always ask my social worker if my mum had called, it was always the same answer, not yet."

"Who was your social worker?"

"Elaine, everyone used to call her-"

"Elaine the Pain?"

"How do you know that?"

"She's my social worker, usually she just lectures me for having purple coloured contacts and purple tips in my hair."

"Sounds like Elaine to me, back when she was me social worker and I was in care"

"You were in care?" I asked, shocked

"Yeah, I'd always ask about my mum, and if she had called or said anything, she never did. Except once."

"I'd always ask if they have found my real family, they always said they were looking, personally I don't think they ever bothered, so I gave up asking."

"Your real family?" Tracy asks, with a confused look on her face

"Yeah, if you read my file you would know." I started to say, slowly looking down at the floor, "I don't know what my real first name is, who my parents are, of my birthday and that sort of stuff."

"You don't know your birthday?! Didn't your parents write some sort of note?!"

"…I-I don't really want to talk about it." I mutter quietly, but loud enough for Tracy to hear. Then I spend a few minutes, staring out the window, since I have nothing else to say.

"Well, we're here" Tracy says, getting out of the car, but then her phone rings She picks it out of the pockets of her skinny jeans, flicks the top and puts it to her ear, She's talking to somebody called Cam. "Tess, I'm sorry, but my foster mum, Cam, needs me to help her in the house. Liam's texted me and he's also in town, he'll be here around about now." Tracy, rambles, climbing back into her car. "Well, I have to go now, sorry!" Tracy says, as she speeds off. For a care worker, she doesn't seem very organised. As I stay standing there, being lost in my trail of thoughts, someone taps me on the shoulder, which shocked me a little bit, until I realise that, that's probably Liam, and when I turn around, my thoughts were confirmed.

"Hey Liam. Where's the music store?"

"Just follow me" Liam says, walking off, with his hands in his pockets, he walks fast, meaning I have to powerwalk to keep up. As soon as we get there, Liam starts admiring the drum kit, and I walk up to the man at the counter,

"Excuse me, please can you fix my guitar" I ask him, handing him my guitar. He's tall, has long scruffy dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and he's wearing, an AC/DC T-shirt and jeans.

"Sure, give me like 10 minutes" He replies, looking straight into my eyes. I eventually get tired of waiting and start to wander around, looking at the instruments,

"Hey Tess, this guitar would suit ya!" Liam calls out from the other side of the store. He's pointing at an electric guitar, that's purple with black on the outside, like mine, except mine's white and black.

"Yeah." I agree, walking over to it, "But I still have mine, so I guess I'll have to wait." I sighed, not really sure about what else to say, so I make my way over to the counter, and wait for the guy to finish fixing the guitar string,

"Well, here you go, that'll be £10." He says, handing me my guitar, I pressed a folded £10 note into his palm, and put my now fixed guitar into the case and slink it around my shoulder.

"Cheers." I say to him. "Come on then!" I yell at Liam, who's gazing at a drum kit.

"So, where do ya want to go then?" I ask Liam, once we've gotten out of the music store.

"Well.." Liam starts to say, obviously think about where he wants to go

"You can almost hear your brain cells whizzing into action"

"Oi shut up!" Liam replies, jokily, followed by a grin. I realise that my face feels flushed and I'm probably blushing, so I quickly look down. By the time I look up, Liam's already made his way into the shop

"Hey thanks for waiting" I sarcastically yell at Liam, once I've found him, the inside of the store is bigger than it looks.

"Hey ya welcome" Liam replies, looking at a pair of black Vans.

"Those would suit you, what do you think of these?" I ask him, pointing at a pair of purple toms

"They're Ok, why are ya asking me this?"

"Because there's nobody else to ask, what do you think of those purple creepers, the ones with the really thick soles?"

"They're alright, they'd suit ya, by the way, is it true that you don't know your birthday?" Liam asks me, randomly changing the subject.

"Yeah, I was abandoned, as a baby, so I don't know most things about me. How do you know this?" I sighed,

Liam taps his nose, "I didn't think you were like me though."

"I'm guessing you were ditched too?"

"Yep, outside the hospital, what about you?"

"Don't really wanna say, you'll laugh at me."

"I promise I won't laugh!"

"Fine, I was found, wrapped in purple blankets… in a dustbin" I say, forcing the words out of my mouth. The moment I finish, Liam starts sniggering

"Hey you said you wouldn't laugh!" I yell, hitting him upside the head

"Sorry, just, when I went to Burnywood, everyone talked about this girl, but everyone called her Dustbin Baby, I just had no clue it was you!" Liam explains, still smiling

"Well I'll forgive you," I say, letting out a little laugh, and smiling, which makes Liam grin back. How come I'm admitting why I'm in care to someone I met 2 days ago? At the last care home it took me a year. I always built a wall from everyone; it's like as soon as he smiles that wall is gone, as if I've known him forever. As we leave the shop, we walk past an ice cream van

"Hey let's get some ice cream, but I'm picking yours" Liam says, as he joins the queue, "Wait there."

After a few minutes, Liam returns,

"I just got us both mint chocolate chip." Liam says, handing me mine.

"Thanks, that's my favourite flavour" I say, grinning at him, and he blushes a tiny bit before smiling back. Then I check my watch, its 4.30. "Shit, my lessons start in 15 minutes" I say, "See ya Liam" I say, hugging him. I'm not sure why I did, but I did. When I let go Liam's gone red. Then I make my way through the sea of people, and get to my lessons early.