Here's the sequel to Little Stevie grows up. If you haven't read it, you better do it before reading this one.

We pick up 2 months after the dinner at the end of the Halloween episode, after watching the Notebook.


"Bad was the understatement of the year." Danny said as the credits of the film started.

"That movie was a horrible romantic. How can anyone watch something like this, Steven, huh?"

"It wasn't horrible." Catherine defended her movie before Steve could even think about an answer. "Right, Grace?"

Because Catherine tried to seduce me with it? His mind yelled Danny.

"Yeah, I love that movie so much." Grace agreed after she had yawned again.

"See." Catherine pointed out with a huge smile on her face as she looked over to Danny and Steve.

"Chick flick." Danny muttered as he got up. "Monkey, let's head home, it's late."

"But, Danno!" Grace was about to complain but Danny cut her off.

"No, it's already past your bed time. Get up and let's go home." Grace looked at Steve and then to Catherine as if she was looking for help.

"You better go, Grace, listen to your dad. Next time you come over we watch a movie again, without those two, okay?" Catherine whispered in to her ear.

"Yeah, Girls Night, right Catherine?!" Gracie nodded and got off the couch.

"Have a good night and remember what I told you today." Catherine said hugging her tightly.

"I will, good night, Catherine."

"Are you going to fly home, Superhero with the red cape?" Steve asked as he opened the front door and Danny just pointed at him but didn't reply since Grace was within ear shot.

"Good night, Uncle Steve." she said as she went to hug Steve.

"Good night, Bumble Bee." Steve replied and after Danny said goodbye the two Williams' and Steve closed the door.

"So back to my movie then?" Steve asked rubbing his hands.

"Really, Steve? It's late…" Catherine asked yawning.

"I want to see the end."

"Well, if you hadn't made out with Jenny Feldman and all the other girls after her, you would have already seen it. Bedtime." Catherine replied getting up from the couch.

"There weren't that many girls after her, in fact there were…" Steve paused pretending to think hard about it. "Only two or three."

"And I should believe that, why?" Catherine raised an eyebrow as she stood right in front of him her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, and you know how scary that movie is so I needed someone to hold on to." Steve said wrapping his arms around her.

"Right." Catherine said rolling her brown eyes.

"You know how scary it is." Steve said walking her backwards to the couch, stopping after every word and kissed her. Is he sure, about watching the movie? Catherine thought to herself as she felt her legs hitting the armrest of the couch. Gently he let her sink down with him on top of her kissing her again. We will not watch it if he keeps on doing…that…. Catherine stopped thinking as she felt one hand leaving her neck. With his lips still on hers he reached over to the coffee table for the remote and pushed the play button.

"Are you serious?" Catherine asked in disbelief as she sat up quickly, pushing Steve off of the couch as she pushed him off her. "Really, Steven?"

"I just… Cath, I told you." He said standing next to the couch again his hands on his hips.

"Whatever." She shook her head and got up again this time walking past him and up the stairs. "If you want to hold on to something take a pillow." Catherine stopped as she was halfway up the stairs. "Or maybe you should just call Jenny Feldman. I'm sure she would be happy to hear from someone who used a scary movie to hook up with her." She added walking upstairs and into the bathroom, leaving Steve in the same position, mouth opened as the movie played in the background.

A couple of minutes later Catherine walked out of the bathroom again wearing a top and shorts, she gave Steve one evil glare before disappeared into their bedroom.

Great McGarrett, now you pissed her off with a movie. She's wearing those clothes….that means no sex for me tonight. This movie used to work on the ladies; I guess Cath is too much woman for the old 'Scary Movie Trick'. What's next? Will she throw me out of my own bedroom? He wondered himself as he looked up to the, now closed door of their bedroom. He went over to the coffee table and picked up the remote. For a couple of seconds he thought about what to do now. He could stay and watch the movie or go upstairs and try to make up with her. He turned off the TV, then the lights and went upstairs. After he had used the bathroom Steve walked over to the bedroom door. He took a deep breath before he reached for the handle and opened it. Catherine had already turned off the lights so he had to walk over to the nightstand and turn on the light again.

"Turn it off!" Catherine said annoyed, her voice muffled as she lay on the pillow with her face down.

"You know that you are mad and you never can fall asleep when you are mad." Steve replied as he stripped off his boxers.

"Steve!" She complained again after it took him way too long, for her taste. He ignored her and got in to the bed next to her. The second she felt the mattress shift Catherine turned around her face to the other side. "Lights off!" She demanded, but Steve didn't think about doing it.

He lay down next to her and thought whether he should touch her or not. "Don't you even think about it." Catherine pointed out as if she could read his mind. Has she taken a lesson from my sister? Steve asked himself.

"You are jealous?" he asked her.

"Why should I be jealous?"

"The movie, Jenny Feldman and HOW you've said it, plus the other girls that I had hooked up with?" He said, thinking to himself it was cute that after seven years, she still was jealous.

"Don't try to be funny!"

"I'm not trying to be funny; just pointing out the facts…"

"There are no facts and just because I don't want to watch a movie, doesn't mean I'm jealous of that slut." Catherine turned and sat up to face him.

"Right. Funny thing is... I noticed you gave me "the look" yesterday when I told Kamekona all about this movie."

"That wasn't "the look". I just thought it's cheap to use a scary movie to hook up with a chick." And I didn't think you would stoop so low just to make out with a girl.

"It worked." Steve pointed out."

"Maybe with her, but not with me."

"Maybe that's because you're not a schoolgirl anymore."

"What am I then?" Catherine asked, praying for him that his answer will be what she wants to hear from him.

"You are…a woman…a real woman, the total package." he said letting his fingers trace down her arm starting at her shoulder. He could feel her starting to relax. "You are way past a teenaged schoolgirl; you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." Catherine raised her eye brow at him. "It's true, Cath. You know that, I had fallen for you the moment we met for the first time all those years ago."

"Is that so, Commander?" She asked not changing her expression and Steve nodded.

"Yes, ma'am." He smiled at her.

"You know I hate it."

"You hate what?" Steve asked confused.

"How much I love you." Catherine replied reaching for his cheek. "I really love you, Steve." She said again looking in to his beautiful blue eyes.

"That's a good thing because, I really love you too."

"So after we've made up may I go to sleep now?" Catherine asked ruining the moment for Steve.

"Do you really want to sleep, really?"

"Steve." Catherine rolled her eyes as she lay down again. "Good night."

"Good night kiss?" Steve asked.

"If you let me go to sleep then?" she replied.

"Fine, then Cath." He leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss. "Good night, then, I love you." He whispered against her lips, and then he turned around to turned off the lights. The moment his head touched the pillow Catherine snuggled against his chest.

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