"I talked to mom yesterday, and she asked if we would like to come over for lunch this Sunday." Mary said to Steve as they stood at the front door.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Steve replied.

"I know it's hard for you, but one day you will have to face her again." Not if I can avoid her until she dies, Steve thought to himself. "Why don't you tell her, that if she really wants to see me, she should ask me herself and that if I do show up for lunch, Catherine will come as well." Steve replied, knowing Doris wouldn't have the guts to ask him to come over herself.

"Okay, but I would be really happy if you can make it."

"We'll see. Good night, Sis." Steve said hugging her.

"Bye, Steve." Mary hugged him back before she moved over to Catherine to hug her as well.

"See you soon." Catherine said leaning in to hug Steve's sister.

"Don't forget to make an appoitment and tell caveman." Mary whispered into Catherine's ear.

"I will." Catherine whispered back. "Thanks again, Mare." She added as she let her go.

"So I'll see you tomorrow for breakfast again?" Mary asked and Catherine nodded.

"Mabye this time your brother will join us."

"Take care of my sister and my nephew or niece." Steve said shaking Ryan's hand.

"I'll do my best." Ryan replied, scared to look at Steve for too long.

"That's not good enough." Steve muttered as he let go of his hands when Catherine nudged him.

"Steve!" she whispered. He did so well the past few hours, why does he have to go into the protective brother mode again? "Be nice." Catherine said through her clenched teeth.

After Mary and Ryan were gone Catherine changed into her comfortable sweatpants and a top before she joined Steve downstairs. "Do you want a glass?" Steve asked as he reached for the bottle of red wine, her favorite he remembers.

"No thanks." Catherine replied abruptly.

"Are you sure? I thought it's your favorite?" Steve asked again.

"Yeah, I'm positive." Catherine replied. You have to tell him before he finds out…

"Okay, so I take it you had a great day with my sis again?" Steve asked after he had put the bottle back into the kitchen. When he came back he found Catherine laying on her back on the couch. Catherine pulled her legs up as Steve was about to sit down.

"Yeah, after you left we went shopping, by the way, what was that about?"

"What was that all about?" Steve asked playing dumb.

"The way you left and what Danny said…" Catherine sat up, her legs still over his lap.

"Oh, that… ehm, he needed a birthday present for…. For Gaby, you know his girlfriend." Steve lied and hoped that Catherine would buy it.

"Really? And he asks you to come with him, because….?"

"I have better ideas. Remember Valentine's day? I got you exactly what you asked for:" Steve said letting his hand travel up and down her leg, caressing her gently.

"Chocolate, as if that was so hard." Catherine said, getting a feeling that there was more behind it, then he was giving away. Specifically since Danny said YOU wanted to go do something…remember Steve, Naval Intelligence, not stupid, she thought to herself.

"Don't forget that I had put in a request to do my reserve drill on the Enterprise just to be with you."

"Oh, yeah, that was SO romantic…you, me with 3000 other sailors. That's the way to get a girl's heart." Catherine started to tease him. She was happy when he told her he would spend the next 14 days with her and she still thought that it was a cute way to make it up.

"Hey, I thought you liked it, and I all ready HAD your heart…."

"I liked it, you know I did, didn't I thank you over and over? It was a great way to catch up the lost weekend by the way. But why do I get the feeling that if we ever get married, we'll spend our honeymoon on an aircraft carrier?" Catherine teased him.

"Isn't that what you want?" Steve asked playing along and Catherine agreed.

"Yeah, I can totally see us going on a carrier for honeymoon." Catherine replied seriously and then she looked into his eyes and had to giggle.

"What you are saying is, that you could see us getting married?" Steve asked testing the water. This wasn't the way he had planned to propose to her, but he could test her a little and maybe see how she would react.

"I haven't thought about it…maybe… in the future. I don't think it's the right time quite yet…." Catherine said looking into his eyes. Somehow she had the feeling that what she just said wasn't the answer he had expected or wanted. His eyes said something that she couldn't exactly figure out. "We are a real couple for like eight weeks…so…" Catherine was struggling to find the right words to tell him that she would like to marry him, but not in the too near future. Unless you're asking, then the answer is YES.

"I get it, Cath." Steve said when he noticed that was becoming uncomfortable with the topic.


"Movie?" Steve asked grabbing the package of his Halloween movie.

"I'm really tired, but you can watch it if you want." Catherine said removing her legs from his lap to sit then stand up. "I'll be upstairs." She said giving him a quick kiss before she headed upstairs leaving Steve dumbfounded on the couch.

A couple of minutes later Catherine was laying on her back in their bed. She was staring at the test in her hands. I have to tell him… she thought to herself looking at the test with hope that suddenly it would change to negative, but it didn't. Tomorrow, Catherine thought to herself. "Tomorrow." She whispered before she put the test back into the drawer of the nightstand. Then she turned off the lights and tried to fall a sleep.

When she had almost drifted off to sleep she felt the mattress shift and knew that Steve had come to bed. She got that confirmed when she felt his arm around her waist and then his body aginst her back. "I love you." Steve whispered into her ear before placing a kiss on her neck.

"Love you too," Catherine mumured back shifting a little closer to the man behind her before she took his hand into hers and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next morning it was still early when the sound of Steve's phone rang through the house.

Steve let go of Catherine and turned over to answer it.

"McGarrett?" Catherine heard his hoarse voice respond. "Okay…where? … I'll be there in 20."

"Work?" Catherine asked still cuddled up in the blanket, her eyes closed.

"Unfortunatly, yes." Steve confirmed leaning in to place a soft kiss on her lips before he rolled over to get out of the bed.

"Don't…work…sleep….stay…." Catherine muttered trying to hold onto him.

"Cath, I'm sorry I have to run, but I will make it up to you." Steve kissed her one last time before he got out of the bed.

"Aircraft carrier." Catherine muttered burying her face back into the pillow as Steve laughed about her comment.

"Stop laughing. I hate it." Catherine commented frustrated when Steve left.

For a couple of minutes she tried to go back to sleep, but she couldn't. On her mind she was playing through all the different possibilities of how Steve could react when she tells him the news. So after another round of tossing and turning she sat up on her side of the bed, her head started to spin the second she felt the floor under her feets.

Woah, next time I'll get up slower, Catheirne thought as she got up when she thought the feeling was gone. But the second she stood up to take her first steps she felt even more nauseous. Oh my… was her last thought before she quickly got to the bathroom and got sick.

A couple of minutes later Catherine was still sitting on the floor of the bathroom feeling weak, but good thing wasn't feeling nauseous anymore. Slowly Catherine got up, she was still afraid that it was coming back when she moved, but it didn't. After she had cleaned her face she got downstairs to the kitchen to drink some water and to see if she could find any crackers or something dry.

Thank god, Steve caught a case, she thought to herself as she sat down at the table. Looking out of the window she was trying to find a way to tell him that she's pregnant. This is Not going to be easy.is all she could say to herself.


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