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Chapter 1: Welcome To Raijin High


A street sign flying fast in the air towards a raven haired teen with black uniform outside his red shirt. The raven boy dodge the street sign, turn around facing a blonde teenager and slash his cheek with mid-pocket knife.

The blonde didn't twitch or feeling any pain at all from the slash, since he's the strongest man in the school, and possibly in Ikebukuro.

"Stupid, Shizu-chan!Haven't you learn anything?!" Izaya smirk to the pissed off blonde. Students who's standing in the field, quickly run away from the field finding a safer place to hide and watch the fight between a sly raven haired guy with a short-tempered blonde.

At another place at a hall near the field, there are a raven haired teen with a glasses walking beside a red haired teen. He stopped when he saw the fight scene, the other turn around facing him.

"Ah..You're really lucky Chikage-kun. It's your first day and suddenly you've got to see them fight. But you'll get used to it since it always happens everyday!" The raven boy said with a smile on his face. The red haired guy called Chikage, chuckled and reply, "Lucky?I hope so, Shinra-kun. I always see this kind of scene too at Saitama, so I'll get used to it. But...I kind of curious, if i may ask..who's that strong blonde guy?" Chikage asked while watching the fight, looking at a certain brute with an exictement on his face. Shinra noticed that, he shifted his glasses , glanced at his two fighting friends on the field.

"Oh, he's Heiwajima Shizuo. And the other one is Orihara Izaya. Both are friends of mine, I could introduce you to them later if you want!" Chikage smile at Shinra and say,"Sure, I'd love to."

"Anyway, let's go. The teacher's waiting for you." Chikage nodded and follow Shinra from behind, he took a small glance to the field and smirk.

"...I finally found you.."

"Hello everyone!My name is Rokujo Chikage. You can call me Chikage or Rocchi, and I'm from Saitama. Nice to meet you all~!" He said with a charming smile making the girls in the class squealing in silence. He glanced at Shizuo who's seems not really interested, the blonde yawn with his left hand on his chin and accidentally make an eye contact with Chikage. Chikage give him a smile without the other students noticing. Except a certain brute and a flea in the class.

"Is he...smiling at me?"

"This guy...he's actually smiling at my Shizu-chan.."

Izaya's excited feeling went away in an instant, he narrowed at the red haired teen.

"So, where do I have to sit, Takuya-sensei?" Chikage asked to the brown haired teacher beside him. Takuya looks around the class, the girls are excited hoping that Takuya would make Chikage sit there beside them.

"You'll sit next to Shizuo over there. Be nice to him, Shizuo." He pointed next to the blonde's right seat. Izaya let out a small growl, while Shizuo give him an 'I don't care' look. The girls are quite surprised and feeling dissappointed also jealous that Shizuo get to sit next Chikage.

Chikage walk to where he's going to sit and say,"Nice to meet you, Shizuo-kun." Shizuo glanced at the guy and nodded, "Um...yeah..nice to meet you too..I guess.." Chikage chuckled and sat on his seat.

"Hello, Chikage, I hope you won't get hurt because of this brute." Izaya suddenly said to him ponting at Shizuo. Shizuo growled and turn around facing Izaya, "Shut the hell up, flea!".

Chikage blinks a few times and said with a smile,"Ah..thanks for telling me, Izaya-kun. But, I don't think Shizuo-kun would do that to me."

Shizuo quickly look at Chikage with a surprised look on his face, Izaya arched his eyebrow at Chikage's statement. Chikage casually look at the teacher explaining something, leaving the blonde and the raven with a curious and confused look on their face.

"How could this guy said that Shizu-chan won't hurt him?Is this guy knew something about Shizu-chan?"

*09:30, lunch time*

Shizuo furrowed his eyebrows, he look at the red haired teen infront of him with an unimpressed look. He took his small carton of strawberry milk, popped in the straw and drink it. Chikage tilted his head while eating his bento. People in the class are staring at them.

"Is something wrong, Shizuo-kun?" He asked with a small smile. Shizuo clenched his hand on the table and put the carton of milk on the table, he took a small bag with a couples of bread in it. He took one and eat it still looking at Chikage with an unimpressed look.

"Why are you eating with me?People are staring..." He said took a small glance to the students and then look at the view from the window while munching his bread. Chikage gives him a small laugh.

"Because I wanted to eat with you?Isn't it obvious?" Shizuo let out a small sigh and frown. He look at Chikage and asked, "Why do you want to eat with me?Those girls are obviously wanted to eat with you, why not them?".

"I can choose anyone to eat with, right?I just wanted to eat with you, that's all." Chikage said with a smile and then eat his rice chewing it as he took a sausage and put it in his mouth. Shizuo stares at him and reply, "...You're not planning anything weird, aren't you?"Chikage chuckled and shook his head, "No, I'm not planning anything, Shizuo-kun."

Shizuo didn't reply, he look outside from the window and then he felt someone's arms are on his head.

"Shiiizuuuu-chan~!Ah, Chikage you're actually eating with this brute?" Izaya asked with a mocking tone. Chikage nodded and eat his bento. Shizuo shoved Izaya's arms off of his head and shout, "You really have to put your arms there?!" Izaya only shrugged his shoulder and walk to Chikage.

"Ne, Chikage, why would you eat with Shizu-chan?He might attack you~" Shizuo growled and grabs Izaya's collar. "Don't tell bullshit to people, fucking flea!" Izaya chuckled as he pulled out his mid-pocket knife to Shizuo's throat.

People in the class hurriedly trying to get out from the class when they saw that. When Izaya is about to draw his mid-pocket knife, Chikage kick Izaya's pocket knife from his hand making it fall on the ground. Shizuo's eyes went wide as he look at Chikage.

"Ne...What are you doing, Chikage?" Izaya asked staring at Chikage. Chikage took the pocket knife from the floor and smile, "Hm?You're trying to hurt Shizuo-kun, I'm just helping." Shizuo furrowed his eyebrows, he don't understand why Chikage wanted to help him, he didn't asked for it.

"Helping?This brute?Seriously, Chikage...are you planning something?" Chikage frown and reply, "No, I really just want to help Shizuo-kun..even though he's not asking for it.." He flipped the pocket knife in his hand as he took a glance at Shizuo.

"...Why is that?" Shizuo asked now looking at Chikage, he let go his grasp from Izaya's collar. Chikage give him a small smile as he walk towards Shizuo. Izaya stare at Chikage who's now standing beside the blonde. His eyes went wide when Chikage suddenly pulled Shizuo's collar making the blonde's face closer to his face, he reached his hand to Chikage so he could pulled his collar. But suddenly a fist come to Chikage's face. Chikage threw his head back so it didn't hit him and steps back.

"W-What were you trying to do?!" Shizuo's face reddened a bit, clenching his fist on his side. Izaya gritted his teeth and he walk to Chikage.

He took his pocket knife from Chikage and put his hands on his pocket, "Seems like someone have a target..." Izaya said with a smirk as he took a glance to Shizuo. Shizuo raise a brow and frown didn't understand what Izaya's mean by 'target'.

Chikage smirk and look at Shizuo, "Sort of..." He said. Izaya snorted at him and quickly grabs Chikage's collar, "If you do something to my most favourite toy...things won't turns out good for you, Chikage.." Chikage chuckled and reply, "Heh...toy?Are you sure you just see him as your 'most favourite toy'?"

"Oi, what the hell are you two talking about...?" Shizuo frown at both teens as he put his hands on his pocket.

"Shizuo!" Suddenly a voice came out from the door class, Shizuo glance at the brunette guy who's standing infront of the door.

"What is it, Kadota?" Kadota look around the class and just saw three guys in the class since the students had left the room, and saw Izaya grabbing someone's collar. "Who's that?A new student?"

"Takuya-sensei called you, he wanted to talk to you." Shizuo growled as he rubbed his hair, "Che...that guy...fine, thanks Kadota." He left the class walking to the teacher's office. Kadota who's still standing infront of the class suddenly called by the raven, "Yo, Dotachin~!" Izaya waved his hand as he let go of his grasp. Kadota frown at the nickname, "Don't call me that...".

Chikage shifted his collar and look at Kadota, "Are you the new student?" Kadota asked as he walk into the class. Chikage nodded and say, "Yeah, I'm Rokujo Chikage, nice to meet you." He took out his hand to greet Kadota. Kadota took the hand and greeted him.

"Kadota Kyohei, nice to meet you too." Izaya look at both of them and shrugged his shoulder walking out from the class leaving the two in the class. He put his hands in his pocket walking to the teacher's office.

"Chikage definitely wants Shizu-chan...And I'm not letting that happens..Shizu-chan is mine.."

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