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Chapter 20: Fate or Coincidence

It has been three years after the accident. Shizuo was attending a different middle school somewhere in Ikebukuro, while Shinra goes to Raijin middle school. It felt different of course, since Shinra was always with him and blabbering about everything, but here he was alone and got nobody.

Oh, and about a certain boy with red-brownish hair that always follows Shizuo everywhere? He's not in Ikebukuro anymore, he moved to Saitama two days after Shizuo had the accident. He didn't say "Good bye" to the brunette, he only smiled and waved his hand at him, saying "I'll be back soon".

Shizuo didn't want to admit it, but he felt kind of lonely without the redhead's company. He was wondering how the redhead was doing in Saitama. Maybe he became a ladies' man there, because he loves girls and respected them. With those good looks and personalities of his, Shizuo was sure he would meet him again someday.

Aside from his daily activities, there was something that kept him a little bit bothered. Maybe not anymore, though. Shizuo recently had this same dream every night. It was the dream he had when he was in a coma three years ago. It was bothering him that he always dreamt about that raven haired guy with a beautiful pair of crimson eyes.

That guy annoyed Shizuo whether it was in the dream or not. Shizuo would mumble to himself sometimes how annoying the guy was. But there was a moment where he remembers that he dreamt that he was doing 'it' with him.

It almost frustrated Shizuo, so before he gone mad, he thought he would try talking about it to Celty. He was relieved a bit after he talked to her, but nothing changed. He was still having that dream every night.

Oddly, two days he slept like usual, he didn't dreamt about it. Maybe he was tired because of school? No, he didn't do anything difficult at school these days.

The next day, he didn't dreamt about it anymore.

-Raijin Middle School-

"Huh… so I'm guessing you still had the same dream like yesterday, Izaya-kun?" The bespectacled boy asked. He sighed when the other raven haired teen didn't reply him. Izaya already told him 3 or 4 times that he always dreamt the same dream. It's about a blonde guy who seemed inhuman. The blonde's strength was beyond normal human. Though it was just a dream, Izaya felt something different about it.

Shinra never told this to Izaya, but he always thought that the blonde guy in his dream was Shizuo, his childhood friend. But then, he remembered that Shizuo's hair was brunette, not blonde. The personalities and how this blonde person in Izaya's dream was described matched with Shizuo. Shinra wanted to tell Izaya, but he wasn't sure because Shizuo's hair and as far as he known Shizuo, he never saw him touched anything, like cigarette. So instead, he just shrugged it off.

"I couldn't help but feeling excited when I dreamt about him! Well, it should be interesting if there's anyone like him~ too bad it's just a dream..." Izaya grinned as he leaned back on his chair near the window class. He looked outside as his grin disappears. He never told Shinra about this one, sometimes he would had a dream about him and the blonde guy doing something else. And to his embarrassment, he would found his pants soaked in the morning.

It pissed him off a bit, why would he get erect from a guy that didn't even exist? Humans always interest him, but the blonde in his dream was different. Izaya never saw that inhuman strength before, it made him more interested in the blonde. He was like a monster… though he knew that the blonde didn't like being called a monster. It pissed him off knowing that he knew the blonde even more day by day. He didn't like this at all, he'd like for that dream to disappear when he tried to have a nice sleep.

The next morning he woke up, he realized one thing.

He didn't dreamt about the blonde again.

-The Next Day, Kishitani residence, 08:28 PM-

Shinra shocked a bit when he heard that Izaya finally got rid of that dream (that what was Izaya said to him). He asked Izaya the next morning again and the dream didn't appear anymore.

Shinra who sat on the couch in the living room crossed his arms. His eyes were set on the television, but not his mind. He was thinking how weird that a dream could repeated for 3 to 4 times and then, the next day, without anything happening, it's gone. Maybe it was just him that thought too much, but he couldn't get rid of the thought.

His thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell followed by some footsteps coming from the front door. He turned his head to the side to see the urban legend that lives with him, the dullahan, Celty Sturluson. He smiled at the headless woman as he tilted his head, "How's work?"

[It was fine. Oh, I haven't told you this… I met Shizuo two days ago and it seems like he got a problem with sleep.]

Celty showed her cell phone to the bespectacled teen on the couch. She walked and sat beside him as she got a reply, "Problem with sleep?" Shinra arched a brow.

"What did he tell you?" Shinra's curiosity rose because of this. If the case was the same with Izaya, then….

[He said that he always had the same dream. It was the dream he had when he was in a coma three years ago. It's been… three days, I guess… I don't know if he's still having that problem today…]

Celty gripped hard on her cellphone, getting worried about the brunette. Shinra puffed out his cheeks, jealous, because Celty worrying Shizuo.

"Ne, Celty~! You should worry about me more~" Shinra whined at her, sadly, he got jabbed after that.

As he let Celty rest herself in her own bedroom, he walked to the kitchen and made his own dinner. He hummed to himself, thinking if it's possible to have a coincidence like that. Or…

"Or is it…fate? Heh…what am I talking about..." Shinra smiled a little and sighed. He looked at his cell phone on the coffee table as he heard the buzz. He took it and looked at the screen.

[2 New Messages.]

[From: Shizuo H.

Text: Oi, Shinra I think I need your help. I'm going to your place tomorrow.]

{From: Izaya O.

Text: Shinra, it was coming again. I've had enough of it, I need your help.}

"Is that even possible..?A fate like that…" He chuckled to himself as he closed his cellphone and walked back to the kitchen.

Little did he know their lives would change from now on.

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