Goodbye My Beloved

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters form the Sons of Anarchy, they are the property of Kurt Sutter, I merely borrowing them for my own amusement and do not make any money from the stories I write.

Summary: Opie has been killed and his lover Juice says goodbye at his wake.

WARNING: This is SLASH but only a hint, so if you do not like then do not read.

Juice gazed down sadly at the body of his lover as he lay in state in his coffin on the redwood table in the chapel, he still could not believe that Opie was gone. When the guys had come back from Stockton after the witnesses that had come forward to point the finger of accusation at them concerning the shootout on the highway had suddenly turned around and said that they had been mistaken, he had mistakenly believed that he and Opie could finally spend some quality time together.

Just before Opie had gone inside with Jax, Chibs and Tig, the two of them, he and Juice had been planning a trip to Vegas. To spend just a few days together, a few days to forget who and what they were and just be a normal couple, or as normal a couple as two outlaws bikers could be.

Gazing down now at Opie, his body decked out in his leathers, hair slicked back and all evidence of the beating that killed him, skilfully hidden, Juice wondered if he would ever feel joy again. His soul mate had been taken in the cruellest way and his heart was breaking.

Leaning over the open coffin, placing a bag of weed in the side pocket of Opie's cut, his fingers lightly caressed Opie's cold cheek as he bowed his head in prayer and said goodbye to the love of his life, a single tear finding its way down his cheek before he brushed away all evidence of it.

"Come on laddie."

Juice heard Chibs softly mutter as the SaA, placed a hand on his shoulder, grasping it and pulling him back from the coffin over to the corner of the chapel, talking to him quietly as the prospects picked up the lid reverently and placed it over the coffin.

Other brothers stepped forward and hoisted the coffin to their shoulders carrying it out of the chapel, trailing behind it came Lyla, Opie's widow who was being comforted by another old lady. As the coffin and Lyla passed, members and others paying their respect joined the procession out to the car, to say their final goodbyes to the man carried before them.

At the back, unnoticed by the others Juice said his final goodbye as the hearse carrying his Opie left the lot for the very last time.

"Goodbye my love."

A/N: This little one shot is a side story to my main one about Opie and Juice, 'I Tried So Hard', it can be considered part of it or a stand alone. The choice is yours. As always please review, if you have the time or inclination after reading. :-)).