"What if he does something I'm not okay with?"

Roy sighed. The office was empty. The other coworkers had gone home. Ed was perched on the edge of his desk anxiously. Roy continued signing the documents left by Hawkeye. They'd been going over what-if scenarios for almost 45 minutes.

"Ed, you calmly explain that you are not interested in whatever he is doing. But most of the time, the things you'll be doing, they'll want you in and out as quickly as possible. Rarely will it be overnight or even for an extended period of time. Most likely, you'll only have to suffer whatever it is for a little while…"

Ed was silent after that. Roy kept signing, waiting while Ed contemplated his words. He seemed nervous. Maybe the reality of the situation was finally hitting him. Roy shook his head, he was so stubborn… He'd just adapt and overcome, as usual.

"Is that what you did…?" Ed asked softly.

Roy paused then. He let out a deep breath and closed his eyes. This was already hard enough, but questions like that made him want to weep. Or drink. But he'd promised himself he wouldn't drink while teaching Ed. That's how things went sour quick, and he didn't want that.

"Yes Ed." He spoke calmly, his voice heavy.

Ed leaned forward now, across the desk and into Mustang's space. The Colonel looked at him then. They're eyes connecting. Ed seemed to be searching for something. Some answer. Roy gave him a quizzical glance.

"What is it, Edward?"

Ed looked down at the use of his name. He spoke softly,

"Do you regret what you did?"

Roy sucked in a breath. Trying to stay composed.


He looked at Ed. His heart in his eyes and spoke softly,

"No. I don't. I know that I did what I needed to do, and as long as it doesn't endanger the lives of others, I'll continue to do so until I complete my goal."

Ed stared into the onyx eyes. He looked reassured. Roy hated to be his reason for continuing this shameful task, but he would not lie to Ed. Ed smiled, his usual crooked smirk,


He kissed him. Roy rolled his eyes. Of course, now the kid wanted to play doctor. After he'd put him through all of that hell…

He let Ed crawl over his desk and into Roy's lap, straddling him. This seemed to be Ed's favorite position. He knew what Ed was going to do before he did it. The teen began to grind against him. Roy let his eyes roll in pleasure; he had a feeling that was a particular favorite for Ed was well.

"Ok, what am I learning today?" Ed whispered huskily in Roy's ear.

Roy grinned then. It was lecherous. He raised a brow and said easily,

"How about dress up?"

Ed glared at him.

"You're kidding, right?"

Roy smiled wider.

"Sorry Ed, given your age and looks, this wouldn't be an uncommon request for you…"

Ed grew pale and looked horrified.


He loved it when Ed was embarrassed.

"We don't have to go too crazy…" Roy soothed, kissing the teen's forehead, "I got a student's uniform. So nothing too revealing, just something to get you used to the idea."

Ed nodded shakily. He was never one for performing, and certainly not in a sexual aspect. But he let Roy pull the custom out of a drawer in his desk and hand it to him. He sighed and crawled off Roy's lap to slip it on.

It felt odd.

He'd never worn a uniform before. The white shorts and top accentuating his tan skin. The blue seams making his eyes and hair stand out. Now Roy was staring at him hungrily. He felt nervous. Embarrassed. The uniform seeming to confess his filth to him. He felt dirty. Roy seemed to sense it and came over to him. He wrapped his arms around him gently,

"You ok?"

Ed nodded. Still not comfortable with showing weakness to the Colonel. Roy smiled ruefully. One day he would have to put away his pride and accept help. He unbraided the blonde hair. Ed didn't look too keen on this either.

"We can stop this any time." Roy assured him.

Ed nodded once more. He closed his eyes and tried to get into a character. He wasn't the Fullmetal Alchemist, he was Edward Elric the student. And he knew what Mustang was supposed to be…

"Mr. Elric, I noticed you didn't complete the assignment as I instructed." Roy spoke, slowly circling the young teen. Ed gulped at the authoritative tone he took. It made his stomach pool with heat.

"I'm sorry, sir." Ed mumbled, not sure how he was supposed to respond. "I got distracted and-"

"No excuses, Mr. Elric." Roy cut him off. "I'll just have to punish you…"

He pulled Edward to himself and kissed him. His tongue teasing the blonde's lips. Ed tried not to respond. To act like a frightened and surprised student…but he really liked kissing Roy. He responded. Roy gripped his ass before giving it a firm smack. Making Ed squeal against his lips. Roy smirked when Ed pulled away and looked up at him annoyed.

He gave him another firm smack on the rear. Ed glared at him then. Another smack. God damn it! That shit hurt! Roy just smiled. One final smack before pushing Ed to his knees,

"Now you can make it up to me. "

Ed glared up at him. After the "punishment" he wanted to punch him in the face. Roy grinned and let his pointer finger slide down the teen's jaw. Ed resigned himself to the duty, realizing Roy's gentle touch was to remind him that this was just a game, and that he wasn't really trying to hurt him.

He unbuttoned the trousers and released Roy's erection. Roy groaned and gripped Ed's shoulders. Ed smirked, oh wait…this could be fun…

He let his lips kiss the head, his tongue slipping from its confines to stroke the hard cock. Roy groaned in delight. Ed circled the base with his tongue and slid upward, taking the head into his warm mouth. Roy let out another moan, and jerked his hips a little. Ed's hand encircled the erection and began jerking it, as he bobbed his head up and down. Roy enjoyed this. That is if his moans were anything to go by.

"Shit Ed…"

Ed grinned and came up. He gave his best "small boy" pout and said into Roy's awaiting eyes,

"Oh Mr. Mustang, you taste so good…Can I please have more?"

Roy groaned and then glared at him,

"You little tease…"

Ed smirked triumphantly, and kissed Roy's abs. His human fingers moving to play with Roy's testicles. Roy jerked then. It wasn't enough stimulation to get him off, but god damn was it a lot. Ed moaned against the flesh,

"Mmmhm…so good…want more…" And started licking the cock like it was an ice cream cone. Roy was losing control fast. When had the kid learned to tease?! Fuck! Observant little fucker!

He then began to bob his head, his mouth capturing his erection, sucking hard as he came up each time. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Roy thought to himself. Fuck this was hot.

"Ed…come on…"

Ed moaned again,

"Am I forgiven for not completing the assignment?"

Roy could throttle him.

He didn't care that he'd lost whatever game Ed was playing. Fuck, this was more than what he had been expecting. And if that little punk moaned on his cock one more time, he was going to fuck his face!

"Yes! Fuck! Yes Ed! Please!"

Ed smirked and said cheekily,

"Yes sir."

His mouth swallowed the erection. He gagged but had been practicing apparently. Roy knew he had not taught Ed how to deep throat.

"Shit! " Roy groaned.

His tongue was swirling. His human hand moved to stroke his ass, inching toward the hole there. The automail cupped his testicals. The cold metal surprising him. He jerked into the teen's mouth. Ed gagged but didn't stop. The finger circled his hole and entered it. God he missed that…Roy shouted.

"Fuck Ed! Fuck!"

Ed was inexperienced but fuck did he go big. The finger made a come-hither motion against the walls inside of him as the automail stoked the testicals just right. The mouth sucking his dick and the tongue circling the head.


"Fuck!" Roy shouted, giving two frantic thrusts into Ed's mouth and then held him in place as he emptied himself inside the blonde.

Ed rolled his eyes. Great. Lots of cum…

He swallowed and saw Roy breathing heavily.

"Jesus Ed…"

Edward stood then and righted his uniform giving Roy a smirk,

"I learned from the best. "

Roy liked to drink. He sipped his bourbon from the tumbler slowly. He had dropped Ed off an hour ago. Alphonse looked cheerful, as always he had been respectful and asked how the time after was going. He hated lying to Al…

He was a bastard and he knew it. He hated himself for what he had done, and what he was still doing. All those Ishbalan faces still haunted him. Now Ed's bright eyes seemed dull and lifeless. Frightened and confused… He was teaching Ed to be a filthy prostitute…

He was a poor excuse for a human being, let alone a man.

He hated himself for picking out Ed's first client. He knew the man, he wouldn't hurt Ed, but he knew the first time was always the hardest. Ed wasn't ready yet…Roy groaned. There really was only one thing left to do…but..but…He didn't want to take Ed's innocence! He didn't want to sully the teen! But who else would care?! Who else would be kind to him and make sure he was alright?! He smacked his hand against the desk. He thought he'd been able to put his guilt behind him but he couldn't!

He sighed and tossed the shot back, pouring himself another.

He was well on his way to being completely drunk. He let his head rest in his hands. Fuck. What was he doing? He glanced over at his pistol. Maybe it was better…


He'd promised Hughes.

He'd figure something out…he assured himself quickly. Maybe one day Ed would even forgive him… He passed out at his desk. The tumbler in his hand and his face resting on the cold wood. It was pathetic really… But then again, so was he.

Hello all! I've greatly appreciated the support and feedback! Obviously there's lemon, but I wanted there to be an aspect of guilt as well, which they both experience. We already know Ed feels dirty and guilty obviously, but Roy is clearly affected too. Get ready for plot-twists and back-stories in the next installment! ^_^ Please let me know what you think! A lot of love went into this chapter!