Oliver- The meeting.

I felt a slight irritation as I saw the expression on her face, as she looked at me- it was so predictable. Almost every woman I met reacted the same way to me and it had grown boring over the last few years, especially in view of my new- found calling. I was just one of the many new "hero's" trying to help innocent people fight the crime and injustice in this world. It made me feel whole, as if I had a purpose. Something I hadn't felt since my parents had been murdered. I was sick to death of being the empty and shallow playboy, using my looks to get what I wanted. I was finally using my inherited billions and my energy to help others. It was hugely satisfying. I was sitting discussing my calling with a new friend as she walked into the barn where we were sitting. I found her extremely attractive. She was small, petite and nicely rounded. Curvaceous in all the right places. Her short blond hair framed a face startlingly lovely with dark brows framing her clear green eyes. Her hairstyle gave her a pixie like quality I liked. When she smiled it lit up her whole face and made her beautiful. Clark, my new friend, introduced us.

"Chloe, this is Oliver Queen. Oliver this is Chloe Sullivan."

She didn't hesitate; she walked towards me hand out stretched. I took it and shook it lightly but firmly.

"Its great to finally meet you. I feel as though I know you already! All Lois talks about is Oliver this and Oliver that…."

She grinned at me in a friendly way. But it didn't dim the admiration in her clear green eyes.

"Well Chloe, its nice to meet you too." I said smiling down at her. "I hope the satellite images were of help to you for your story?"

She looked confused for a moment before she realized what I was talking about.

"Oh yes they were. Thanks."

I walked towards Clark then, eager to make my escape.

"Clark, I will catch up with you later."

With that I made a quick exit. As I rounded the corner I over heard some of their conversation.

"Wow. In the flesh he is really…wow." Clark chuckled. "Hello, Chloe…?"

I didn't stay to hear the rest of the conversation; I carried on walking into the night a smile on my lips.


A few weeks later I met up with Chloe Sullivan again. Impulse a.k.a Bart had been kidnapped by Lex Luthor and Clark had sent her over to the tower to bring me Intel. I was shocked that she knew so much about all of us. Especially that she knew about my secret identity. Clark hadn't told me that he shared so much with her. But if he trusted her she was obviously worth trusting so I had left her at my tower as our base communicator, code name watchtower. She had done an amazing job, giving us all exactly the information we needed at exactly the right times. She had brought us all out alive. My admiration for her grew. Beauty and brains, a great combination in my book. We all became a team, Clark, A.C, Impulse, Cyborg and myself and Chloe was at our heart. It was obvious she still thought I was attractive but her burning desire for saving the world overshadowed any other desires. I felt the same way about our calling although I was starting to feel very strongly about Chloe. It was impossible to know her and not like her and respect her. The other emotions she brought out in me I refused to examine too closely. Especially since I was still seeing Lois, her cousin. We made a great team and that was enough for now.

The Birthday.

I few months later it was Chloe's birthday, Clark couldn't make her party and he felt really guilty about letting her down because of her break up with Jimmy Olsen recently. It was no secret that she was hurting badly. I agreed to take her a gift and make an appearance at the shindig. it was being held at the Ace of Clubs, a big club in Metropolis. I arrived and found Chloe nowhere to be found. I searched through the many faces until I saw a flutter of light green fabric out on the balcony. I made my way there without thinking, knowing it was her. There she stood gazing down at the street far below. Her blond hair ruffled slightly in the breeze, a sad expression on her lovely face. Without talking I placed the gift I held in my hands into hers. She didn't turn but I heard the smile in her voice.

"Clark, you shouldn't have." She said teasingly.

"Actually, he didn't." I replied right in her ear.

She jumped and swung around.

"Olli. Oh wow. You are the last person I expected!"

The smile on her face was blinding.

"Come on princess, let's go and dance."

I didn't give her time to reply, grabbing her hand and towing her inside towards the dance floor. Chloe laughed happily.

"Now this is a side I haven't seen to you before." She teased me.

"Stick around, you'll be surprised at what you see." I grinned at her, staring into her eyes deeply.

She stared back without shame. I felt my insides clench down hard. I swung her into my arms and we started to dance, following the complicated rhythm of a tango. She was a good dancer following my lead perfectly, her small body moulded to mine. There was not an inch of her curves I couldn't feel against my suddenly starving body. I struggled to control my arousal, before she noticed it. She smelled so good, like a mixture of sunflower and roses. It was exotic. I wanted her, I realised, with a startling passion. Why had I never noticed before? Maybe because our mutual passion for our work always overshadowed everything else. But right now in this moment I didn't want to think about anything else but my desire for the blond temptress in my arms.