Rise of a fever: Chapter 2

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Jack woke up in snowflake pajamas and in a comfortable bed.

Unlike the beds we have that keep us warm, the bed and P.J's that Jack had kept him cool.

He was confused as he looked at his surroundings but calmed down when he realized he was only in one of North's guest rooms.

As he tried to get comfortable again he suddenly realized he was thirsty.

Sighing heavily, Jack climbed out of bed and stumbled out of his bed room.

He was meaning to go in the kitchen, get a glass of water and get out but he was so out of it he accidently wandered in wear the yetis were making the toys.

He grasped the railing and tried to pull himself up but he gave into exhaustion and collapsed.

He was expecting to fall on a cold floor and probably get trampled by a few yetis but that wasn't the case.

Two furry arms caught him and held him up.

"What're you doin' out of bed mate?"

Bunnymund looked at his fever-flushed face.

His pupils were dilated and didn't seem totally lucid.

"…thirsty…" was the only thing Jack mumbled.

"I get it mate."

He carried Jack back to his room and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water for the winter spirit.

As he held the cup to Jack's lips, he drank the water in one giant "gulp".

"Why is it so warm…?" Bunnymund turned around as Jack's faint voice reached his long ears.

"You gotta fever mate. You will be warm."

Bunnymund kept his voice low.

He took the old cloth that fell off of Jack's forehead a replaced it with a new one.

The winter spirit fell asleep once again.

Bunnymund didn't know much about taking care of a sick child so he called someone who probably would: Toothiana the Tooth fairy.


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