Chapter 4

A/N: This has got to be one of my worst-written stories! Why?! You guys could do so much better!

"Ice cream?" Tooth suggested, opening North's freezer

"Doesn't that cause a build-up in phlegm or something?" Bunnymund questioned.

"I heard on a program that ice cream does not produce phlegm; it thickens it or something along those lines."

"How is that supposed to make him better?"

"It was a suggestion Bunnymund."

Sandman made image of a snowflake and then an image of chickens noodle soup.

"Have you ever tried frozen chicken noodle soup before? It tastes disgusting!"

Bunnymnd made a face to emphasize his point.

"How would you know what frozen chicken noodle soup tastes like? Aren't rabbits supposed to be vegetarian?"

"Supposed to be."

Tooth stared at him for a few seconds, before she fully comprehended what Bunnymund had said.

"What else are you hiding?!"

A horrified gasp escaped from her mouth.

"Are you a cannibal?!"

"I was kidding!" He shouted, throwing his hands — er— paws into the air. "I did have frozen soup before, but it was vegetable!"

Sandman created a giant "STOP" sign and thrusted towards Bunny and Tooth. After gaining their full attention, the image of an ice-cream and then chicken noodle soup was created.

"Chicken noodle soup ice-cream?" They both exclaimed in unison. "That's even worse than the frozen soup!"

There was silence as the three of them crashed on the chairs in the kitchen.

After an extended period of silence, Tooth finally spoke.

"I still think the ice cream idea is a good idea."

"Phelgm thickening." Bunny reminded.

"Well, it needs the cold factor."

"Well, I've been thinking;"

Uh-oh. Both Tooth and the Sandman though simultaneously.

"Why don't we just keep him in that igloo of a room? If it was heat that made him ill, than it will be the cold that will make him health once more."

"I don't think that's how it works." Tooth said.

"Of course it is!"

Tooth sighed.

"Well, regardless of what you think, it doesn't change the fact that Jack is in bed with a fever that is probably spiking as we speak."

There was a quiet knock at the door followed by Tooth's soft voice.


"I am awake in here. You don't have to whisper."

Tooth nudged opened the door, with her shoulder, carrying a tray with a cup of something and a bowl of something.

"We have frozen orange juice and," Tooth placed the tray on his lap. "Frozen soup."

Jack stared at the bowl before looking at Tooth, eyebrow raised.

"I know it's been a while since I was human, but isn't soup supposed to be hot?"

"In a normal case, yes." Bunnymund responded, poking his head through the door. "You, however, are special."

"Because I am the embodiment of winter."

A long pause.

"Not quite sure that's true but it's close enough." Bunnymund replied shrugging his shoulders. "The point is, you need cold stuff to make you better. Hot stuff'll just end up melting you."

"I don't think I can melt."

"Bottom line is, hot stuff is not healthy for you. Eat."

Jack continued to stare at the soup.

"Couldn't you have just given me ice cream or something?"

"Not healthy for ya mate." Bunnymund said with a smirk. Sandman nodded in agreement.

Jack's look traveled to Bunnymund, to the soup, to Tooth and back to the soup.

"Eat up mate; it's good for you."