Hi my beautiful viewers this is my new story it's been in my head awhile since I read one similar, but it only had a preface and I think its been deleted.

Also some more information that will help you understand my story.

1) The Alice in this story is going to be evil and dark. I know that's not like the normal Alice, and I do love her happy excited self so I'm sorry Jalice lovers you might want to press the back button now. To let all of you know I didn't want to write Alice like this but it won't make sense any other way.

2) Also I know most of you know that Jasper has a different personality called 'The Major' and he is meant to be a killing machine and a ruthless murder, but he is but not with His Bella. He will love her and she will be able calm him down.

3) In this story Jasper is going to be possessive, over-protective and very dominant. I've written one of those before but I'll try.

Disclaimer ~ I don't own Twilight or any of the character that are going to be in this story. The characters may be a bit OOC but, I still don't own them no matter how much I would like to. *grins and sighs dreamily while imagining owning Twilight*

Summary ~ Alice has a vision of Jasper's true mate. Bella. She knew all along that she and Jasper weren't mates but wanted to have him as her puppet till her true mate came along and then she would just dump him. So Alice knew that Bella was Edward's singer and put Bella in Edward's biology class and hoped she got killed. But she didn't, and she meets Jasper and then they realize the truth.

So. Read, Review and ENJOY.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Preface ~ *~ * ~ * ~

~ Alice Cullen's Point of View ~

Today was just an ordinary day, little did I know it would soon be the end to all of my plans. I knew it would happen one day but I didn't know that it would be so soon, I hoped it won't be so soon.

I was lying with my husband, Jasper with him embracing me around the waist and rubbing smoothing circles onto my back in our room.

When suddenly a vision hit me, causing all of my muscles to tense and my eyes to glaze over as everything came into focus.

~ * ~ * ~ Alice's Vision ~ * ~ * ~

When everything came into focus I realized that my vision was set in the Cullen's house. But things looked different it was set in a room that I didn't recognize. In reality or in one of my visions.

That's when I noticed her.

She had long brown hair that hung in loose curls down to her waist, she had chocolate brown eyes, meaning that she's human. She also had a small button nose and was lying down on a sofa.

That's when I noticed the arms that were around her. At first I thought nothing of it until I noticed the scars on the persons arms. 'The only person that has scars like that is Jasper'. I thought with disgust, I always hated his scars but always tried to ignore it.

While I was silently fuming about MY HUSBAND having his arms around another, or at least who I thought was another. I let the vision carry on.

It was like someone pressed the 'zoom out' button, I could see the entire room. Also I could see that my suspicions were right and it was Jasper behind her not a strange nomad like I had hoped.

Jasper had his arms wrapped firmly around her waist and was nuzzling her neck while purring, something he had never done with me.

He then whispered possessively into the brown hair girls ear "Mine, My Bella, My Mate. MINE." and then he started kissing down her neck to her collarbone. She moaned loudly and made a 'mmmm' sound.

He suddenly stopped kissing her and said again, more strongly this time. "Your mine Bella. Say it!" she turned her head to look up to him and told him "Yours, Your mate." This 'Bella' then started moaning while Jasper continued to kiss and lick down her collarbone and started to remove her top.

~ * ~ * ~ End of Alice's Vision ~ * ~ * ~

The vision faded and I went back into mine and Jasper's bedroom. I sat there fuming silently to myself while I thought back to the vision of Jasper and this 'Bella'. I knew that her and Jasper were mates I knew all along that me and Jasper weren't mates but that doesn't mean that I don't love him.

Jasper voice broke me out of my anger filled haze. "Alice sweetie, what's wrong? What did you see?" he asked in a panic I guess he most of felt my anger, hate and determination. "Oh nothing Jasper, it's just that I saw Rosalie planning to burn my favourite handbag" I lied, while putting fake sincerity into my emotions. Not that he could tell the difference.

I decided that once I get more information about this 'Bella' I will kill her. They way I get Jasper all to myself until my true mate arrives.

~ * ~ * ~ Few months later ~ * ~ * ~

~ Alice Cullen's Point of View ~

Whenever everyone else had gone hunting or when I was alone I searched my visions to find out more about this 'Bella' so far I've learnt;

Name - Isabella Marie Swan.

D.O.B - 13th of September 1985. (The year is a guess)

Parents - Charlie and Renee Swan.

Siblings - None.

One interesting fact that I can use for my advantage is that she's Edward's singer.

So maybe I don't have to kill her. He can.

But all I know is the one Isabella Swan is going to die very soon.

~ Jasper Whitlock/Hale's Point of View ~

I don't know what's wrong with Alice lately. She's been acting really strange. I think I'm starting to fall out of love with her, it's like she's a different person than she was a few years ago.

I also don't know what's wrong with her emotions, it's like they're fake. But I know My Alice wouldn't do that to me so I just put these troubling thoughts at the back of my mind, and wore a fake smile. All the time wondering what she was really thinking when she sent me 'fake' emotions.

I hoped you liked it.

Please review and tell me what you think and if I should continue or not.

Jasper's Little Sweetheart x