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~ * ~ * ~ Chapter 4 - Chapter 3 Alice's POV ~ * ~ * ~

~ Alice Cullen's Point of View ~

*Part of chapter 2 and 3*

I suddenly all of my muscles locked up and my eyes glazed over as a vision came over me.

(Start of Alice's vision.)

As my eyes that were once blurry, focused as I looked at the scene in front of me.

It was Jasper. In the middle of the forest, outside the backyard. An annoyed and angry look on his face with a phone in his hand.

'Oh this must be the phone call that interrupted up from speaking.' I thought annoyed, but let the vision carry on.

"Hey fucker!" Jasper greeted someone, I cringed slightly at his horrible language.

"Peter, what's wrong? Why are you calling me?" Oh it was Peter, that Jasper was speaking to. His brother. Personally I HATED him, with his horrid language, his battle scars, they scared and disgusted me, as did Jasper's, not that he'd ever know, and human drinker diet, and he chose it even after having the chose of animals, he still chose human blood. Strange vampire.

"Why Peter? What do you have to say that I have to get out of hearing range of my family for? Jasper demanded him. The one thing I hated about phone calls in one of visions is that I can only see one side of them.

"Ok Peter." He paused, I could hear heavy wind blowing. Meaning that he was running, probably full speed. "Peter, I'm out of hearing range now what do you want?"

"Really? What did it tell you?" Jasper asked Peter curiously. I really wish I could hear the other side of the conversation. Oh well.

"What about Alice? Is she ok? Is sh-" He stopped suddenly, probably cut off by Peter, he is really rude like that. Jasper is really over-protective of me. But I didn't mind, but sometimes it could get REALLY annoying thought.

"Well what about Alice then, I'm losing my patients!" Jasper said angrily. To be completely honest I had a really bad feeling about this, but I just shook it off as nothing.

"Just spit it out!" Jasper snapped at Peter angrily. I was glad that I was not Peter right know. I HATED it when Jasper shouted. It scared the hell out of me if I'm being completely honest with you.

"What do you mean Alice isn't my mate of course she is!" Jasper shouted outraged, 'Opps my secrets' out now. Stupid Peter and his stupid knower gift!' I thought angrily.

I was knocked out of my thoughts by Jasper answering a question of Peter's. "Sure." He sounded so confused.

"No." Jasper answered truthfully.

"No, The Major HATES Alice." Jasper answered again. Of course the Major hated me. It was me that told Jasper it was best if he kept the Major locked up in his cage. In truth it was because I was TERRIFYED of him but also because the Major would have know that I wasn't his or Jasper's mate.

"No." He answered again. I'll admit I was a little bit curious, ok REALLY curious about what Peter must have been asking him and telling him.

"Yes. I can't believe she lied to me! Or how I could believe her!" Jasper screamed his voice full of anger and hate, it made me flinch and held in a whimper at just the sound of it. Suddenly Jasper said. "Peter before you said 'Alice isn't your true mate and she's planning to kill your true mate.' What do you mean she's going to kill my true mate!" He carried on screaming. 'Oh Crap! He's found out he's going to kill me!' I thought afraid.

"Bye Peter. I would speak with you for longer but I have someone that I need to talk to." Jasper told Peter in an anger filled tone, and all of that anger was at me *gulp.*

My vision started fading, the last thing I saw was Jasper put his phone down and start to run back towards the house.

(End of Alice's vision.)

O.M.G. I can't believe I just saw that. It can't be true, it must be a fake vision, if that's even possible, or part of my imagination or something that could happen but might not. He could be having a completely different conversation right now with Peter. Or maybe not even him. I don't know.

I was knocked out of my panicking when I heard Edward gasp and saw run to me and start screaming at me. "Alice how could you do something like that?" His voice was getting increasingly louder with each word.

I stood there shocked for a minute then I realized that Edward had just seen the vision of Jasper and Peter's phone call through my mind, meaning that I forgot to block my mind. I quickly blocked my mind by singing the Spanish national anthem in my head, but it was already both too late he had seen everything. I mean EVERYTHING all of the visions I have had of Isabella Swan and all the terrible things that I planned to do to her. Because then he's shouting at my again.

"How…how could you do something like that Alice. Something so horrible, heartless so… so… Selfish!"

Edward screamed at me, the venom in his voice made me cringe. Before I could reply to Edward Jasper, or should I say the Major barged through the door, his black eyes scanning through the room, settling on me.

All the rest of the family quickly got down onto their hands and knees and bared their necks. To make themselves completely venerable and showing that they are not a threat to him. But I didn't. I mean why should I? Why does he think that he have any rule over me? So I quickly gathered up all the courage in my and spoke to him.

"Why are you out Major." I sneered his name, hopefully making him intimidated but I don't think that I succeeded. "I thought Jasper had you locked up," I was always glad that Jasper kept the Major locked up, he scared the crap out of me. "Why are you hear not Jasper?" My voice cracking in places showing my fear.

"He let me out Alice." He sneered my name with so much hate that I barely suppressed a shudder of pure fear. "Well more like I forced my way out!" He continued, his eyes suddenly hardened. "Peter called, do you happen to know what it was about?" He asked, voice hard enough to cut steel.

"N-n-n-no?" Was all I managed to stutter out, in all the fear I was feeling and it still sounded like a question.

"Your lying Alice. You should know not to lie to an emphatic, so I take it you do know about the phone call?" I was too afraid to speak. I never understood the expression looking like a rabbit in the headlights until now. It was how I felt, frozen with fear, too afraid to speak - to afraid to move. So I quickly nodded my head. Trying hopelessly to get into his good books, enough though I knew it was useless.

His eyes suddenly sharpened. "You knew all about my true mate didn't you Alice? You knew all about her and you were planning to kill her, weren't you?" His voice that was just a moment ago filled with anger and hate was now emotionless. To be honest it was even more terrifying. I couldn't speak all I could think about was how he was going to kill me and how I had messed up.

"ANSWER ME!" The Major suddenly roared at me, I starting shaking now violently. "Y-y-ye-e-yes." Was all I could manage to choke out.

"Why!" He asked his expression staying the same, expressionless and emotionless. Suddenly I felt confident and determined to tell him, and everyone else what I thought.

"You want to know why then I'll tell you! I've searched for Jasper for years, since the moment I woke up. Then when I finally found Jasper I have to spend years to change him to the way he is are, submissive, easy to mutilate and he believes me and follows my every footstep. I had to make sure he kept you locked up though because I knew this would happen, then Jasper couldn't handle his bloodlust, pathetic really. I always knew that you and Jasper weren't my mate but I couldn't alone for all that time! Then when everything is the way I wanted it to be, I had my first vision of her, and it ruined everything I had worked so hard for. So I decided to kill her, or maybe even give her to the Volturi as a gift and I knew she was Edward's singer so maybe he could kill her for me and then I didn't have to!" As soon as those words came out of my mouth I regretted them, but I just couldn't stop myself from saying it.

I came out of my thoughts when I felt the Major slam me into the wall snaring, hissing and growling at me, I would be lying if I didn't say that I wasn't completely terrified. That was when I say the Major's eyes, or should I say The God Of War's eyes. They were pitch black with no white at all. All I could think was.

'I'm so dead!'

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