Author's nose: Hi, it's time for another fanfic dis time about Twilight! BTW I just found out that Peanuts is both show and sumthing you can eat! I DIDN'T KNEW THAT BEFORE THIS IS AMAYZING Anyway enjoy the fanfic.

Hi, my name is Isabella Swan butt I am called Bella cuz thats sounds better. Well, anaway my boyfriend is named Edward Cullen and he is a vampire! I was so shocked when I found out but I still love him less than three3. He has a big vampire famly but I don't cuz I'm not a vampire eww! Well any way I live in Forks (IMFORMATIONDUMP!) and this is my story.

I and Edward was going through a forest 'cause we wanted to. And we werw walking and walking and walking coz I didn't wan't to ride him cuz I'm being carsick when we do that. And suddenly we came to a meadow and Edmund was sparkelnig coz he does dat when she's in tha sun. We laid down on the meadow and we kissked and stuff. But I heard a sound! I turned around and I saw: JACOB LAUTNER! He was spying at us and he was jealous becoz he loves me too and this is bocoming a triangle love drama and I am crieing on the nights bocoz of this :'-(

Well, anyway he was jealous so he transformed intu his animagus wolf form and he ATE UP us. Me and Edward screamed and I wuz so mad at Jacob for eating us :-(

Me and Edward was in Jacob's stomche and we were sad so we kissed and stuff. Meanwhile Jacob was feeling sleepy so he laid dow and started to sleep.

Suddnely, ADELE ran throuhg tha forest.

"Oh no, Jacob must have eaten Bella and Edwin!" Adele said coz she didn'tt want us to be eaten.

She got an idea and took out a wand.

"Adepto Bella et Edwardi" She chanted and we cummed out of his stomcakh.

"Thank you so much Adele!" I said thankfully.

"Yeah, thank you so much I love you Adele!" Eduardo cryed.

"You don't have to thank me anyone would've done it." Adele said sexily.

"Oh no, when Jacob wakes up he will notice that we're not in is stomcah anymore and he'll be so mad that he will blow up whole Swtrzarland and he can't do that cuz people actually lives there!" Bella was not happy

"I see" Adele said figurtaively "I know what'll we do!"

She raised her wand and said "Evolvere duo magna lapides" and two big stones appeared.

I was awestruckt cuz Adele is Awsume!

She talked the stones and put them in the Jacob's stomahcag and the she raised her wond for the third time and scrayed (you'll get it if you read my Friends-fic XD): "Consuendi stomachum".

Jacob's stomach rerverted to narman.

"Well, I'm glad that I could help you, now I have to go to my consert in Glasgow. Bye Bella and Edawrd!" Adele said and disapparsated from tha place.

"Bye Adele" I Screamed

"I LOVE YOU ADELE CUM BAVCK SOON!" My boyfriend Edmund said. He was crying coz he lovce Adele I wuz also crieng!

We hid in sum buches for a couple of hours and we saw Jacob wake up. He was thridty so he went to tha weel to drank sum whatar.

The weell looked like that bottomless well in Coraline and Jacob said:

"Oh I'm so heavy"

And then he fell into the bottomless Coraline-well!

We were surprised. But at the same time we were happy.

There isn't any triengle lufe dramen anymorare!

I and Edwinard got married and got sixteen children who we named Jacob, Shaggy, Daphny, Chupacabra, Magalga, Ugly-Bich, Charlatan, Ugly-Betty, Missis Norris, Filc, Charlie, Bell, Edward, Alice, Hermione and Ugly-Bich#2.

Suddenly Edward said "I love you and I'm going to to dat As long as we're both breathing (TITLE DROP!)" It was so romantic 3


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