Author's note: I think my bed wants to kill me, it follows me everywhere and it wihspers that it wuntz to killme when I'm sleepping and I am so scared :-(

It wuz Christmas eve and Shaggy waz at Velma's home with da gang. And he waz sad cuz he hadn't Scooby then and Daphne and Fred wuz just snogging and Velma was just orgasming with her Sciemncse things. So Shaggy wnet out for a walk:

"I'm going for a walk outside" he said but no-one over the snogging and scienscing so he went outside.

Meanwhile a talking dog namd Scooby Doo was outside in tha cold. His former owners had kicked him ut cuz he ate to much and shit. So Scoobey was also sad. He wer walking a block when he suddenly met a VAMPIRE!1!

Shaggy was walking a block or five when he saw a vampire and wuz like oh my shit vampire. So he ran and punched tha vampir then he saw a dog beingscared for tha vampire.

"I WILL EAT YOUR BLOOD" Da mesan vampire said.

"No, you don't!" Shaggy said triumfantly and held up one garlicmarinated STAKE.

"NO, NORT THE STAKAE, I'M ALLERGIC TO STAKES" Thea vampire said and flew away.

"You okay, doggie?" Shaggie asked the dog.

"Res, i'm rkinda rokeyy" The mystireous dog answered. It was... SCOOBY DOO.

"OH MY SHIT A TALKING DOG" Shaggy wuz scared

"Ryes, I can rtalk" Scooby said "My rowner rkicked me rout, so now rI don't rhave ranywhere to rbe"

"Dat's hurribel, you shuld cum to me" Shaggy said and bacame Scooby's new ownar

"Rokeyy" and Scooby wuz happy

They went home to Velma's place on christmas eva:

"Hello" Shaggy anownced to his gang and Fraphne stoppd snoggeing and Velma stopped her scinteffick orgasming. "Dis is a dawg and he is named Scooby Doo"

"Rello" Scooby entusistacially said

"AHHH, TALKING DAWGGIE" wuz evveryoneds reaction and dapphne waz so scarred that she threw a mongrel in Fred's face and then she proascedded to grill a watrmelon and eating ciuz she thoght that wuld be her last meal.

"Rhat's rwrong rwhit rher?" Scooby Doo asked butt no one didn't answer.

"Be calm everyone, he's nice" Shaggy said and evryone calmed down but sudenly tha VAMPIRe cummed into das room and screamed "I WILL EAT YOUR BRANS" an Daphne became so scared that she threw Velnmet into a black hole and then she pressed a peach into her vagina and put it in her uterus, coz she wanted peach baibies.

"What shuld we dong?" A bewilldred Fred asked but Scooby jumped to tha vampire and bit him twice zcoz dog saliva is pioisonus to vampires so the vampire was syucked into an giant voretex and dissapperad FOREVER.

Everyone was glad

"I love u, Scobey Dawg"

"Me too"

"Y'know, I think we shuld keep Scooby cuz his owner threw hin out!"

"That's a great IDEA" Everyone sed and den Scooby Doo said "SCOOBY DOOBY DOO" and nevryon lagughed und it wuz da best christmas evar.


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