Author's note" Dis is my first Harry Potter-storey. Read my other storeys and REVIEW!

It waz a lovley day at Hogwarts School For Bitchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter wuz a boy with a lightning scar and evryone thought he was tha Chosen One who shuld defeat tha Evul Lord Voldemort.

One day Harry was walking down da halls of Hugwarts for no reasion at all with her friend Ron Weaslet. But Hermione Granger was nowhere to be seen!

"Where's Hermione" Harry asked

"Lol, dunno" Ron answered and saw a spider and ran aaway cuz he's afraid of spiders but he crashed into a wall when he ran and it broke and mcGonnagull came to him and scream:

"WHY are you breaking a WALL, Weasley!?" MacGonnagall said "I will give You DETENSION! You must nut break walls here at hogwarts, YOU MEDIOCRE SIMPLETON!"

Harry didn't care and he skipped away and still wondered where Hermione wuz.

But suddenly LUNA came to him:

"Hi Harry, y'know that a new student asre cumming soon?" She informed him

"NO, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!" Harry wuz happy cuz he saw Chewchang and he loves her but he didn't care bout tha stundent cuz theres alredy THOSAND STUDENTS AT HOGWARTS THEY DIDN'T NEED MORE

Suddenly he saw Hermione. She was in the entrance Hall and he threw books at people and yelled BAAAWWP cuz she dous that when she's perioding.

"Hi Hermione a new student is coming to Hogwarts did ya know that?" Harry said

"YES I knew that coz I'm SMART which you AREN*T and she's already here!" Hermione sed cuz she wuz mad at evryone coz

"HELO EVRYONE IM DA NEW STUDENT!" a voice suddenly sed and harrry turned around.

"Hi my name is Tara Enoby Rawen Darkness Way Von Glockenspiel, you must be Harry Potter!" she sed and shook Harry's head.

"Nice to meet you erm... Tara Enoby Rawen Darkness Way Von... Glockenspiel?" Harry said desperatly.

"Oh, you can call me Mary Sue, everyone does that" she answered cutefully

Everyone looked and looked and looked summore at her then everyone ran away screamingly!

"Why are yu runing away from me?! YOU MUST LUV ME CUM BACK!" She screamed after them and ran after them

Everyone wuz so scared cuz no-one called Mary Sue in a troll fic can be a good person.

They ran around corner after corner after corner in a desperat try to flee from... that Mary Sue thing.

Suddenly every running person cummed to a dead end and Mary Sue wuz there.

"HAHAHA Now I got cha!" Mary Sue scramed triumfantley.

"WHAT SHULD WE DO I'M SO SCARED" Ginny sad scaredlye

"I know a GARLIC SPELL" Hermione sed and did da garlic spell.

"HAHAHA im nut going to die even though im a vampire (A/N Mary Sue is a vampire)" Marei sue said and laughed.