Author's note: Dis is my new storey and it's about tha baord game CLuedo. Enkoy it pliase.

It wuz night at a hotel and seven poeple waz steying there: Reverend Green, Milss Peanut, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Ketchup, Professorr Plomm, Missis Whyte and Wathsworft da Buttler.

Evryone wus trieng to sleep but they heard a blood icing scream.

Proffessor Plomm ran to tha westibule and so did ereryvone else.

"What happened?!" Miss Peanuts said harshley "Y'know I cun't sleep when PEOPLE ARE SCRAMEING DA HOLE NIGHT!11" She wuz furioes.

"I dunno whut happnd!"Colonnell Ketshup sed.

But suddedly Wathsworth da Butter ran into the room.

"MISSTERS WHYTE HAS BEEN MURDERD!" He scramed and cried tearz of blod.

Evryone wuz terrified and started to run a rounfd tha room for then minutes then there energy waz empty and they layed down on tha floor.

"Who is the murder?" Revrap Green said lazingly "We're tha onnly ones here so it MUST be one of us!"

"It's nut me" Milf Scarlett sed "I wuz in tha Kitchen und I wuz cleaning it coz I'm OCD"

"And it wuzen't mi, cauze I waz in the Library and drinking alcohole wif proffessorr Plommon" Colonel Katnip said

"THAT*S TRUE" Ploomm said and high-fived Katschup drunkengly.

"well, it must be sumone!" Tha Reverende sad and turnd to Wahtsworth tha Bultter "How was she murder?"

He just continuum to cry blood and then he sed "she wuz murderd like Psycho was in that movei by Adolf Witchcock."

"What shuld we do?" Miss Peunot was despertley "I can't sleep in tha same ROOMAS A MURDERED PERSONN!1" (Peanuitmeg and Mrs Whiyte waz sharing room and shover)

"Iknow whut we sholde do" Da Butter sed "We should run away from here and then pretend like dis nevar evar happened"

"ok" evryone saed but sumwun didn't agree

"OH NO YOU DON'T YOU BLOODER MURDER!" and tha mysterios voice SHOT Wthsworth the Buttllerr in the back and he fell on the floor and kind of died.

"OH MY ROWLING WHO SHOT THE BUTTER!?" Peanutcock was horrifyeing terrifyeng icky

"It was... ME!" Da voice sed and showed herself. It Wuz... MR WHYTE!"!

"But you were dead!" Colonen Catsup protested

"NO, I wuzn't" She said "I pretende to be dead when he murderd me and then I gut dressed and ran down here to get REVENGE"

"Who murdered you?" Miss Scarr asked

"It was... WADSWORFT DA BUTTERL!" Whyte sed and evryone waz like GASP!

"So he tried to murder you... Is dhet true" Plomm asked

"Yes. You shuld've known cuz evry murderer cries tearsz off blood after they murdered sumwun"(A/N: That's true cuz ut happnd on Scooby Doo so don't you dare say it's not true!) White answerd

"And that waz exaktly what da Butter DID" Peanot sed orangely

"What suould whe do with Wathsworth bodey?" Revrend Green asked

"We shulsd dump in tha water"White said

they dumped the body in da wataer and the they went bavck and the they livved happily evar after