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It wuz a great day at Hugwartz and Herry, Rin and Hermione hqad a Transfigurationallesson.

"You shall learn how to morf a computer into a telefone" MacGonnaglalkj in formed them and ran away from tha room, leaving da students dere.

Rib loked at his computer:

"How we're giong to morpf dis?" He wondered but Hermione had already dune dat, so Ronn becummed so mad that he made a Blak Hole and suked evryone in.

L8er dat day dey were in the common rom and they saw a noticed on the notice bordf:

"What daos the notic sey?" Harry asked

"It sais that a famous singer is cumming to Hugwurts" Hermione raed the notice

"Who's is it?" Ron askedd?

"It's..." Hermionie started, butt she got an fangasm and screamed "It's... ADELE"

Evryone in da rum fangasmed and screamed fangirliley, cuz they luv Adele.

Da next day it wuz a consert in tha Great Mall.

"OMG I cun't belive dat tha best singer in tha WURLD is here!" Hermionie fangirled.

"I ALSO LUF ADELE!" Ginney scremed.

The consert started and Adele cummed out on da stage.

"Hello, I'm Adele and I'm going to sing to you this night" ADELE said and started to sing Hometopwn Glorey.

Evrywun in the aiduience fangasmed.

Halvf an hour later Adele had sanged a couple of songs.

"Pfft she isn't dat good" Dragon Badfoy sed

Hermione bacame evul:

"U don't like Adele I MUST MURDER YOU!" Hermione scramed and tried to murder Badfoy.

Goerge cummed and held Hermione back

"Hermione, I don't fink Adele wuld be happey if sumwun died on her conserd!" he sed warningley but Adele wuzn't there she wuz on tha toilet and peeing in the toilet.

Adele hed just sunged Someone Like You and evryone cryed cuz it's such a beaitiful song.

"The next song is gonna be my last one" Adele stardet and evryone wuz like NOOOOO! "Thank you so much for coming, this is Rolling In The Deep."

She started to sing and evryone luved her.

When she had singed done evrywun wuz crieng cuz they didn't want it to be ovar. Adele said farewll to tha audinece and wuz ready to go home.

In the entrance Mall Hermionbiue wuz waiting. Adele cummed to the Hall.

"HELLOW ADELE!" Hermione sed "I love your sungs and I LUV U!"

"Thank you" Adele siad frendily and gav he an autograf. Hermione got an serios fangasm and orgasmd so much that she EXPLODED!

Everyone said god bye to Adele and she disappareted home. When she wuz heme she ate a sanwich coz waz hungry, den she drank a gallss of watar cause she wuz thirsty, the she wutched TV, den she went to tha bed, then she sleppt, da next day she woke up in her bed.


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