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It wuz Sundey and Kattniss waz sow sad! Her husbandf Peter Mellark hed jus dyed and she wuz sad so she went to da fuineral and cryed.

"OHNO me am si sad dat Peeter is ded!" She scramed so harchley that her mother got a tree ofver herself and DIED! So Catniss went to nother funeral for her motha and crieden.

Her littla sistar Trim wuz alsso sad so she cryed on tha mothars funnerall and she crieds so muhc dett she druwned in her tears ;-O Tha Katniss hed anlkothert funeral for her sistar end she cryed saddingly and was so SADS!

Suddenley her frend Gayl said "I've forgooten to store peanut ofver tha winter so NOW I'M DED!" He sed and just dyed! Catn,si wuz like I'M NUT GOING TO ANODDER FUNERAL BITCH and she tried to ran away but suddenley a SPACESHIPP cummed from nowere and it sad:

"CATHYNISS Y'ALL HAF TO HAVE A FUNERAL FOR GAY OR I WILL HEAT YOUR BODY AND UR ORGANS!" it scremed so she haed a funerall for Gay and she cryed.

Efter a whyle she went to she wuz hom at her hous and she sew dat she didn't heve eny fing home so she went to tha Dyagonn Alley and she mett a random blonde brown boy inn a store and dey tolked and he sed "we shuld haf secx" and they OH OH AH AH UH UH on da floor den they gott marryed and they gut fifefusandt clids and dey werew fianally so HAPPY!


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