Title: it started with a whisper (and that was when i kissed her)

Author's Note: Thanks so much to those who commented with interest on the first part of the story. I hope you like this update.

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"We recovered what's left of the trigger device but just our luck, Fong's not in today," Kono says to the group as they examine the evidence left from the bomb blast. "The other lab will take days."

"Tell them we're Five-0," Steve demands.

"Uh, they don't really like us very much since you went in there last year and yelled at them to work faster or you'd tell the Governor on them," Kono reminds him.

"Bastards," Steve mutters under his breath.

"I love it when the universe works against us," Danny says sarcastically. "Just makes going to work all the more fun. This is why I tell you to be nice to people, Steven. Thank God I chaperone when we visit Fong and Max or they'd hate us too."

"Chaperone? I don't need a chaperone, Danny," Steve exclaims, offended at the phrase.

"Yes, you do, buddy. You could barely function in civilized society until I came into your life," Danny proclaims as he points at himself. "You're welcome, by the way."

"Hey, what about Catherine's guy? She had somebody run stuff for us a few times, right, Steve?" Chin suggests to the boss.

"Uh... no, you know what, I may know a guy, let me give him a call," Steve says as he grabs the evidence bag and hurries into his office, very unlike his usual calm and professional self.

"Was it something I said?" Chin asks out loud after exchanging confused glances with Kono.

"Sorta. Steve and his lady friend have called it quits," Danny explains with a wave of his hand.

"Like, quits-quits?" Kono asks with a frown, cause it's not as if they seemed like a perfectly stable couple in the first place, what with Catherine deployed at sea and all.

"Yeah, I think it's over for good this time," Danny says, throwing a glance behind him at Steve's office to make sure he's still inside. "She got a promotion and couldn't do their little arrangement anymore so... I guess she wanted more than he was ready to give."

"Ouch," Chin says with a grimace.

"So no more friends with benefits, just friends," Danny concludes. "I mean, who didn't see that coming? But-"

"Hey, guys, I found a guy who can take a look at the device, Danny and I will drop it off," Steve says as he hurries back from his office. The other three turn to look at him and can't manage to disguise their expressions quickly enough. After all, he is a SEAL. Sneaking up on people is what he does best.

"Danny told you, didn't he?" Steve says, tossing his partner a glare.

"They were gonna find out sooner or later!" Danny exclaims in self-defense. "We're all friends here. This is a safe zone."

"Sorry, Steve," Chin says sympathetically.

"Sorry, Boss," Kono adds.

"I'm fine. It's fine," Steve says fiercely. "We're gonna stay friends, it's better that way." They continue to stare at him and he turns to Danny. "Are you coming or not?"

"With the mood you're in, I'd like to decline the offer of getting into a vehicle with you behind the wheel," Danny says.

Steve huffs at him and heads for the door. Despite his protest, Danny follows him anyway.

"Kono, I can't stay in Hawaii anymore," Adam says frantically. "It's not safe. We're thinking of going back to the mainland."

"'We?'" Kono repeats. "Who's 'we?' What are you talking about, Adam? You can't just leave."

"My accountants and financial advisors, the lawyers. It hasn't been safe for me since my father disappeared and I'm fooling myself if I think the rival gangs will just let me take over without a fight," he adds grimly. "I can't be here."

"What... where will you go?" Kono asks, trying to keep her voice steady, trying to blink the tears away.

"Probably back to New York for a while. That's where I was before my dad's trial."

"Oh." It's all Kono can say as she stares at him frantically pacing up and down her living room, his energy palpable as he finally stops to stare at her.

"Come with me," he says as he sits down next to her, his hand squeezing hers a little too hard for comfort.

"What?" Kono says as she strangles out a half laugh. "I can't go with you to New York, Adam. I live here."

"Come on, haven't you ever wanted to start over? I don't wanna lose you, Kono. Take a chance and come with me," he pleads.

"Adam, you're not being serious. I live here, my family is here. My work is here. I can't, you can't just ask me to give all that up for you," she exclaims, anger seeping into her tone as she pulls her hands out of his grasp.

"Kono, I know you feel something for me too. Don't give that up," Adam tells her. He runs his hand through her hair lovingly, but she continues to stare at him in half amazement and half horror at what he's asking. "Think about it, okay? My plane leaves Wednesday afternoon at four. Please."

When he kisses her, Kono kisses him back fiercely but her mind is running through a list of everyone and everything she'd have to leave behind. The waves, her parents, Kamekona's shave ice, her favorite clothing boutique, movie dates with her girlfriends, the view of the sunrise from her back porch, Chin, her work, Steve, Danny, Grace-

As they fall onto the bed, she's still thinking of everything she'd miss from home.

She realizes later that she never thought of how much she'd miss Adam.

She knew it was too suspicious to be true.

"We need to talk to Adam Nishomiri," Chin says, tossing a glance Kono's way as he mentions the name.

It's two weeks later and have a dead gangbanger and the young Yakuza boss is nowhere to be found.

"He didn't kill him, and he's gone," Kono says coldly as she tries not to feel too embarrassed by the situation.

Danny and Steve exchange glances with Chin and each other as they take in her defensive posture and clipped tone. She clenches her teeth and tries to remain professional about this.

Well, as professional as she can be considering she's sleeping with the head of the mob.

Was sleeping with him, thank you very much.

"Kono, the lab reports came back with time of death. I know you want to believe he didn't do it, but in our business, we need an alibi." Danny says in that tone he uses when talking to grieving widows or lovesick girlfriends during an investigation.

She is neither.

"He was with me that night, okay?" she snaps.

There's silence in the room for a moment broken only by Chin's sigh.

"He mentioned the street violence escalating and he's losing control ever since he didn't take the shot on Wo Fat when he had the chance," Kono says, avoiding Steve's eyes as she refers to that night at the airport. "He said he's moving back to New York. Check his plane manifest," Kono says and watches as Steve pulls up the airport record.

"Kono..." Steve begins slowly, meeting her eyes from across the table. "Your name's listed on the register too."

"He invited me along."

"To move to New York?" Chin says in surprise.

"What did you say?" Danny asks.

"Well, he's gone and I'm still here, aren't I?" Kono answers bitterly. "I guess that answers your question."

She's enjoying her usual grape shave ice at Kamekona's and watching a little girl attempt to make a sand castle when someone sneaks up behind her.

"Steve!" she shrieks. "Don't do that. I coulda dropped my ice."

He just grins. "Sorry, couldn't resist. What are you doing here?"

"Nothing. Just ran some errands. What about you?"

"Same," he says as he holds up his own cone of pineapple ice. "Can't believe we haven't been called in yet, right?"

"Tell me about it," Kono says.

"The day's not over yet," he reminds her. "Something important could come up before nightfall."

"Thanks a lot, Boss. I'll tell Danny you jinxed us."

Steve shakes his head at that. "Did you eat yet? Wanna grab some food?"

"Sure," she answers with an easy smile.

"So how's Mary Ann doing?" Kono asks as she digs into her steak when they're served their meals at a local restaurant.

"Good. She just flew back from Tokyo," Steve says as he takes a sip of his beer. "Then she's headed to London next week."

"Frankfurt, actually," Kono corrects. Steve stares at her in surprise and she shrugs. "We've kept in touch. She's cool."

"Oh. That's... nice," Steve says, still seeming surprised by the news.

Kono chuckles. "What? Is it weird? Do you not want me to be friends with your sister or something?"

"No, it's fine, it's cool," Steve says as he waves away her question. He's really using his hands more when he talks, Danny would be proud. "I guess it'd be wrong of me to ask you to give me a heads up if she gets herself into trouble again?"

Kono laughs at that. That's Steve for you, him and his control issues. But Kono knows by now that it's less about him wanting to control everyone, and more about him being protective of the people in his life.

"Yeah, totally wrong, brah. We're not twelve. I can't tattle on her."

"I figured. I just worry," he admits, looking down at his plate of food and avoiding her gaze.

"Well, don't," Kono reassures him and waits until he locks eyes with her to continue. "She's in a good place right now."

"Good," Steve echoes. Then he grins a little wickedly and leans toward her. "So if I ask her for your secrets, I guess she won't spill either?"

"Nope," Kono says with a grin. "But nice try."

It takes a good twenty minutes before the topic turns to work. Kono's glad to know they have more than their jobs to talk about. She can't explain why that pleases her so much but it does.

Kono gets her leg sliced open by a drunk arsonist who waves a knife around wildly before she tackles him to the ground. Her right pant leg becomes soaked as the blood trickles down her right thigh. She only grumbles half-heartedly as the guys drive her to the hospital, because, well, she just got her leg sliced open and it hurts like a bitch.

"Good thing you came in," the doctor says, snapping on her gloves as she opens a medical kit. "You definitely need stitches."

Kono already has her jeans unbuttoned and is ready to slide out of them before the doctor even asks her to. When the metallic sound of her zipper echoes in the quiet, Chin clears his throat and nods at the other two men who are huddled around her in the ER.

"Um, we'll wait outside," he says to her as Steve and Danny quickly nod and join him behind the curtain.

Kono rolls her eyes at Chin's logic because she wears about as much clothing on the beach, and the guys have seen her in a bikini countless times. But far be it from her to question Chin and his old fashioned notions of modesty.

"Can someone get me some pants?" Kono calls after them. "Unless you want me to leave here in my underwear."

"I'll run down to the gift shop," Chin says.

"Is this gonna leave a scar?" Kono can't help but ask after the doctor stitches her up and she's pulled on the hideous shorts with the hospital logo that Chin's bought. She'll blame it on the lack of variety in the store because Chin knows her style better by now. "Cause I have great legs."

The doctor laughs at that as Chin snorts and even Steve lets out a chuckle. "This new procedure allows for the stitches to disappear into your skin. You'll barely see the difference. Just keep it bandaged a few days," she advises.

"That's Kono and her priorities," Chin says with a smile as Kono signs her hospital forms.

"Well, good. We wouldn't wanna ruin your beach body, Kono," Danny says sarcastically. "Also glad to know you're safe and healthy and not infected or bleeding out anymore."

"What?" she says defensively. "I do have great legs."

"Would you rather have a scar or your leg amputated off, Kono?" Danny questions in that tone he saves for someone who doesn't understand the severity of their consequences and must be reprimanded. It's how he addresses Steve half the day.

"Oh, come on," Kono says with an eyeroll. "It was nowhere near that bad. You are such a drama queen."

"Okay, kids, let's carry on this discussion in the car," Chin orders as he goes to stand next to his cousin. "Can you walk on it okay, cuz?"

"Uh..." No way to know but to try. She takes a step forward and nearly stumbles as her right leg wobbles, the pain making her hiss.

Steve's at her side, quickly grabbing her hand as she steadies herself with a wince. It takes her another second to re-adjust her center of gravity but she manages to stand on her own. There's no way she's letting the guys wheelchair her out of here.

"Let me ask you this, Danny. Would you rather have your leg amputated, or meet a tiger shark?"

Even Steve laughs at that.

"I'm coming, hold your horses!" Kono yells as she makes her way to the front door. "Who is it?"

"Steve," comes the answer and she quickly slides across the deadbolt to let him in.

"Boss? What are you doing here?"

"We have a case. You're not answering your phone so I had Chin meet Danny there," Steve says as he steps inside and looks around the organized chaos of her living room.

"Yeah, it's dead."

"Well, grab your charger. You can charge it in the car. Let's go," he orders.

She groans as she turns to put on her shoes. "I had plans tonight, you know. Actual plans with real friends that didn't involve dead bodies or crime scenes. Do I have to?"

"If you wanna get paid this month, you do," he says and grins when she rolls her eyes at him. "Come on, Kono, wouldn't you rather be on the hunt for a killer whose MO is leaving his victims with a morphine overdose? Tell me you don't wanna catch this son of a bitch. Much more interesting."

"Maybe," she admits as she follows him out the door.

Damn it, he's right.

"Do you think it's sad that the most exciting part of our weekend is a birthday party for an eleven-year-old?" Kono asks as she stands in the water, the waves lapping at her ankles as she digs her toes into the sand, her sundress billowing with the ocean breeze.

Steve laughs at that as he looks behind him at Grace and her friends huddled around a birthday cake as Danny passes out slices. "No, not for me. For you it is. Thought you were supposed to be the fun one, Kalakaua."

Kono rolls her eyes at that. It's hard to find time to have fun when you work odd hours of the day, not to mention more like fourteen-hour shifts instead of nine to five. Also hard to maintain your social circle of friends when most of your time is spent with your co-workers. There isn't much time to devote to anyone else.

"This is kinda fun," she admits with a small smile as she sees the girls line up at Kamekona's truck for free shave ice, Grace practically bouncing on her feet as Kamekona allows her to help serve.

"Yeah," Steve agrees with a smile as he takes another sip of his beer. "Guess the doc was right." Kono gives him a quizzical look at the sudden change of topic. "No scar," he explains as he points at her leg.

She nods at that, not sure what to say about the fact that her boss was eyeing her legs. Well, more like examining, of course. So he can assess her physical condition and how it would relate to her job performance in the field. Much more professional. Or as professional as you can get considering that her boss was ogling her legs and she didn't mind one bit.

"But scars are sexy too," he says with a wicked grin and she blushes as her heart rate quickens.

"Come on, let's get some cake."