Author's Note:
This story takes place during the same time period of the anime.
It follows the events of the anime while adding several scenes between Amaimon and Mephisto on their own.
Also, this isn't necessarily pairing Amaimon and Mephisto. It's more of a brotherly bond that is concentrated on. If you wish to take it as a pairing, go ahead. x3 Take it how you will~
This first chapter follows their encounter in the anime right on- but after this chapter, there will be a lot more scenes that are "off-screen." So, don't worry. XD The entire story isn't just the anime rewritten.

Hope you enjoy it~ =)

It had been a considerable amount of time since I had seen my brother- much less actually been back in Gehenna where most believed I belonged. I guess, for the most part, it was true; I was a demon after all, but this world- Assiah- was so interesting. So much chaos occurred in this silly place- chaos that demons like me could simply chuckle at and observe from a distance. My infatuation with Assiah was something rarely anyone else understood, but did they really have to? It was where I enjoyed being and not a single person (or demon at that) could change my opinion.

When Amaimon showed up that night on that tower, there was slight irritation running through my veins. In general, I was never a patient person- having to wait for others often annoyed me. I made exceptions for my brother at most points, though. Despite the disappointment I felt over the fact that he hadn't shown up on time, my face didn't show a hint of it. I was good at hiding my feelings- probably rather helpful in most situations. Even then, when he did show up, he apologized immediately for being late. Oh, Amaimon… how did you constantly know what to say to get rid of my negative emotions?

The meeting was a rather pointless and short one. Even though we hadn't seen each other in a long while, we certainly didn't act like it. Every word that came from our lips was completely business-related. I casually asked how life was back in Gehenna (even though I wasn't particularly interested) and found myself smirking when Amaimon mentioned how delightfully furious everyone was. Surely, they were all drowning in envy over the fact I had Rin Okumura in my grasp- my youngest brother (excuse me- half-brother). How wonderfully fantastic it was that I could cause chaos back in Gehenna without even being there.

I took a casual sip of the warm tea within my hand to hide the joy on my face, feeling a rush of pleasure run through me when my boy was warmed against the cool air. However, when I felt my brother's bright blue eyes glued to my frame, the comforting feeling washed away to a tingling sensation of defiance. "What is it? Do you have something else to say?" I didn't look at him, simply raising my chin and pursing my lips.

His response was one that would have caused my eyes to widen with surprise if I hadn't mastered the ability to hide my emotions. "No, I was just wondering when you'll return to Gehenna." As usual, a rather emotionless look was plastered over Amaimon's face, and I chanced a short glance toward him. Why did he even care? Surely no one else back home was remotely concerned about my return.

"Go," I ordered sternly, completely avoiding the topic, "don't make our impatient siblings wait."

And just like a dog obeying its master, Amaimon did as he was told and left within the blink of an eye. I suppose that was something I was thankful for. Most of the time, the demon knew not to push me if I refused to do something- whether it be answering a question or simply performing an action. He knew when to let it go.

I didn't have the heart to tell him I had no notion of returning- both because I didn't want him pestering me about it and, deep down, I just didn't want to upset him. Surely Amaimon rarely acted like he cared about where I was, but just that simple phrase of his was enough to bring about new thoughts in my head. Perhaps Amaimon did actually have a bit of care within him; he just rarely showed it, similarly to me. Whatever it was, I decided to ignore it after that encounter, choosing to see it as nothing but a fluke.