Hi there! this is my first story on here so please go easy on me! This is a story using completely OC's but please read anyway :3 i would do a disclaimer here ...but i kind of DO own all the characters! Yaaay


Leader was standing in front of me, a mask on to hide the face I'd never seen, Cobra was standing by his side smirking at me. He didn't think I would survive this mission. That much was obvious.
'Saki your mission is to infiltrate Kuro Academy; you will search for information on the mirror. Do not let your true intent be discovered.'
'if by some chance you are discovered you have permission to kill'
'Hahaha! Yeah right unfortunately girlie here would never have the guts' Cobra leaned in close to my face, i tried to remain stoic without flinching away
'what ever happens don't get too friendly with em'
'silence Cobra! Saki you will use whatever means necessary to acquire this information'
I breathed in deeply
Leader turned and swiftly exited the room, i was about to follow so i could start packing a suitcase. Cobra roughly grabbed my arm and jerked me backwards. Years of training kicked in and I silently struggled I glared at him as he held me in place, distrust in his eyes.
'I'm watching you girlie'

The headmaster of KuroAcademy, Mr. Von Lynch, was a wealthy man who was heavily involved in Government work; he spent little time actually at the academy, and so there were very few students who could recognise him. Rumours had started to leak that Lynch knew the location of the lost mirror of Hades. This was highly unlikely but rumours often originated from truth. This is the reason for Saki Hayata was ordered to infiltrate the academy, she didn't know what the mirror was for or what it did but she knew it was important. Many people wanted it, the humans wanted it, the enhanced people wanted it but most importantly Leader wanted it, and that was what mattered most to Saki.

A sleek black car drove through the massive iron gates, through the lush grounds and pulled up in front of the main entrance of Kuro Academy. The brunette teenager stepped out of the car looking up at the colossal Victorian style building in front of her, marble pillars held up the heavily decorated roof over the top of the aged wooden doors, bronze lion head knockers about the size of her head rested on each door. Saki looked at the two lions that seemed to be glaring straight at her fiercely, baring their teeth and growling, as if she wasn't welcome. Before the girl realised it the man dressed in a black suit had already placed her suitcase on the ground by her side, he heavily clamped his hand on her shoulder as he turned back to the car. He leaned closer; Saki could smell the cigarettes on his breath as he spoke, 'good luck'. She nodded briskly, took the handles of her suitcase, taking it up the front steps to the doors she had been looking at earlier. She let her eyes drift shut and breathed deeply, 'go in, acquire information, and leave, show no emotion, it's for the sake of the mission'. Saki snapped back to reality, lifting up one of the bronze heads, letting it fall back to the door, bolts from the other side of the door clanged as they were undone and the door slowly opened, welcoming the teen into her new home. A place of monsters.

soooo what do you think? it may seem a little confusing but ALL WILL BE REVEALED in later chapters ;)