An Armoured Car Named Breakdown

Co-Written by Breech Loader and Draven Of Shadow

NOTE: My first Transformers Prime fanfic! It involves Breakdown/Knock Out. This fic was based on a picture on DeviantArt. If you don't like borderline rape, or Breakdown being the submissive one, don't read.

Have fun!

Chapter One: European

Knock Out finished buffing the last smudge from his shoulder after his recent work on a group of drones, his eyes on the prize as he opened the door to his friends room, more than happy to get himself a little release. After all, he deserved it, right? It WAS his medical expertise that kept the crew together, even Lord Megatron himself would have been scrap without him, so he was MORE than entitled to take what he wanted. And what he wanted was Breakdown.

Time passed differently for Cybertronians, and even more so on the Nemesis, but even they had to rest sometimes, and get some downtime to defrag their drives. Breakdown had had a busy few days, and was deep in recharge. The jumpy 'con didn't wake even as his door slid open, but merely rolled onto his back, his engine revving slightly in robotic snores. Which made him even more open to Knock Out's advances.

The red 'con grinned a bit as the door slid back shut behind him, that ever present ambient purple light guiding him to his prize as he let his optics roam over the form of his friend, though he already knew every inch, every nook and cranny of that chassis from his medical procedures. It wasn't long before he was upon the helpless Breakdown, letting his slender fingers roam over his armour in a VERY unprofessional manner. "Perfect." was all he said, quiet and under his breath. Perhaps not as perfect as himself, but certainly good enough to help him fulfil his needs.

Again, Breakdown failed to wake, which was good for Knock Out - it would be tough to subdue the rough, tough Decepticon if he couldn't surprise him. Still, he stirred a little, a slight murmur and a deeper rev of engines leaving him. He stirred against the light touch, moving slightly towards it and, despite still being asleep, apparently finding some pleasure in it.

One hand went to the larger Decepticon's crotch, rubbing it a bit as Knock Out stole a kiss from him before he began to unbuckle Breakdown's plating, starting at his chest and slowly working his way down. "Now then, let's get you out of this armour," he smirked a bit as he quietly set aside the first chest plate.

When Knock Out unclipped the crotch-plating, that was finally enough to wake Breakdown. He didn't wake quickly, but opened his optics to look up at his partner, kneeling over him with a teasing smirk, "Knock Out?" he asked, "What're you doing in my room?" there was a pause as he felt the catches on his crotch plating snap open, and his gaze moved down to where Knock Out's hands were moving, "What are you doing with my armour?!" he yelped, starting to sit up.

The red sports car rested one hand on his friend's thick throat as he nuzzled his now bare crotch, planting a little kiss there. "Getting a little relief. You have no right to complain, not when you get a chance to experience me." He motioned to himself with his free hand as he set aside the armour plating on the pile, a smirk on his face as his optics roamed up the large body beneath him.

"N-no right to... what are you..." Breakdown was getting panicky. Technically he was stronger than Knock Out, but the red 'con always made him feel nervous for reasons he couldn't even begin to explain. Aboard the Nemesis, it was never a good idea to jack off the mech who repaired you. And that touch did feel very good, "What do you think you're doing?!" he grunted as he started to sit up again.

Knock Out's lips found the tip of Breakdown's Cybertronian endowment, pleased to find it was every bit as big as his body had lead him to believe, and he took it into his mouth, sucking at it and teasing it with his tongue as he slowly brought his hand down his friend's chest, pushing there instead, not only because there were less servos to resist him, but for the effect as well.

"Hnngh... ah!" Breakdown gasped, struggling for a moment in shock. Despite having some very strange fantasies of Knock Out and himself, this was not how he'd pictured it starting. He'd always thought that he would be the one in control, but right now it was very clear that role was being taken by the more dominant red 'con. And despite how he was being taken, that hot tongue felt terribly good against his sensory cables, "Kno-Knock Out... I-I think you should st-stop now!" he stammered, desperately trying to get back in control of the situation.

His fingers found Breakdown's headlights, as more of his partner's interface cable slide between his lips, meeting more sucking as his tongue rolled over the input prong. Finally, he pulled off with a chuckle, giving a cable a pinch. "Why would I do that? My rear input is aching for this, and I'm sure yours is feeling the same. I don't know about you, but it's been megacycles since my body had the interface it needed." He gave a dirty smirk as he gripped the extending cable, stroking it softly and encouraging more of it to emerge.

"But... but..." Breakdown released a huge groan, "But I'm not ready for this!" he insisted. The plea didn't hold much weight, with his interface cables swelling up of their own account and heat pooling down in his crotch. He started to sit up; a move which brought him even closer to Knock Out. The pleasure alone was almost paralysing and made his hips buck. It was scary; he was pretty slagging sure it shouldn't be as scary as this, "We... We work together, we shouldn't... nngh... shouldn't..." he gasped, "Shouldn't feel so good..." the words left him without thinking, and he stared into Knock Out's lustful red optics with a panicky expression on his face.

Another kiss, this one hard as the slender 'Con straddled his half bare partner, having managed to slip his armour off with the other barely noticing, and pressing his port down against his friends cable. It was cute to see how nervous Breakdown was, and it suited Knock Out just fine. By the time he was done with the Wrecker, he'd be able to take him any time, any place, something that perfectly suited someone like himself. He let his motors rev, sending vibrations though his chassis, into Breakdown's mouth and cable as he slowly took more of his cable.

Breakdown actually looked frightened, which Knock Out might have been concerned about if he wasn't so self-obsessed. But the pleasure was visible on his features, as nervous as it might be. He yelped again as Knock Out began to come down on him, his toned aft and port tight around the blue mech's cables. The pleasure only increased. How could it be that Knock Out could be so much in control when it was him inside the mech, and in his room and he was supposed to be the stronger one? "Please, Knock Out..." he moaned, and felt shame at being reduced to begging like this, "Stop... I... nnnngh... I'm not-" he moaned as Knockout pressed him into another stifling kiss.

The smaller mech might have been out of practice, but it didn't take him long to get all of Breakdown's cable deep within his port, moaning into the kiss as he sent a strong, dominating sure down his partner's cable, beginning to ride it now as he drug his fingers down the blue 'Cons chest, finally breaking the kiss. "Just shut up and take it like a 'Con already you whining prick! Aren't you supposed to be big and tough?" He chuckled a bit and licked his lips.

"Not used to-" Breakdown gave another groan of arousal. He had been hard before, but with Knock Out's rear port around his cables, they became harder than ever, and the feeling spread, demanding that he want more. The domination of his unwilling body was scary... but it was more frightening in how much it pleasured him. As Knock Out's aft started to ride against him, his engine revved again in pleasure, and the friction of his thick cable moving in and out of that tight port all but set him on fire. With another groan he started to reach up towards his molester's body, trying to sit, perhaps to roll them over, seeking to take a little more control. But control was not something Knock Out intended to give him.

Breakdown found his wrists pinned as Knock Out made a little 'uh uh uh' sound, digging his fingers in and beginning to work his hips faster, keeping his engine running at a nice, slow pace so the vibrations had more time to play through the Wrecker's cable before more came and cancelled them out. "Your body belongs to me now, so just lay there and take it. You'll get yours soon enough." He smirked at that, his own cable hard and ready.

Breakdown's hips began to buck harder against him, trying to get some control. It backfired somewhat as he thrust up against Knock Out hard and fast. The vibrations were sending thrills through his body, and his feet scrabbled against his bunk, but the simple fact was that even with such little effort, the red mech could take so much from him. He wondered if he'd ever done it before as he moaned and bucked faster, aching to feel that tight port rub against his swollen cables as much as possible, trying to get himself in deeper, "N-no... I shouldn't... shouldn't belong..." he protested. It wasn't working. He was becoming more and more desperate for Knock Out's touch. The medic was dominating him more and more, despite his protests.

A moan finally escaped Knock Out and his pace picked up, nearly twice as fast now, taking full advantage of his faster servos. He might not have been able to produce the same force as the 'Con beneath him, but when interfacing, his speed more than made up for it, bringing more and more moans from his lips as his cable ached to feel the same sensations he was giving Breakdown. "That's better... Just give in and you'll get to feel this more often." With that, he bottomed out and arched his back a bit as his engines hit their rev limit.

"No... Knock Out, no... don't make me... don't make me..." Breakdown moaned again, and a whimper of deep arousal passed his lips, "Oh... feels so... so good..." He gave a sudden cry and another sharp jerk up and even deeper into the tight port of his dominator, "I don't want to..." he bucked again, now wondering not only what it would feel like to have his cables inside Knock Out, but to feel the other's cables inside him, "Stop... Don't want to... stop... Don't want to STOP!" he cried out, "Oh... Oh Knock Out... Let me... let me..." he bucked harder, his irregular thrusts adding a whole new dimension to the arousal, "I'm going to... I'm going to..." his engine gave almost a roar as he came, sending thick transmission fluids deep into Knock Out's port. He gave a wail of despair and passion as he felt himself submit entirely with the release.

The sensation drove Knock Out over the edge, throwing his head back as he received Breakdown's transmission fluid and data, sending a surge of his own back as he painted his unarmoured chassis and face with transmission fluid as he came, clawing down the other's arms, glad he'd left them armoured as he bucked his hips hard for several seconds, his frame shuddering from the strain of his motor before he finally came down from his orgasm, quickly making an adjustment on the interface built into his arm as he moaned. "Now, was that really so bad?" he asked with a knowing smirk.

Breakdown was still trembling, and yet his cables were still hard. He stared up at Knock Out, terrified at how good this felt. He shook his head mutely, before finding his voice again, "I want... I want..." he blurted the shameful realisation out, "I want your cables in me..." he pleaded. The interface had practically been forced upon him, and yet here he was, begging. Begging for Knock Out to take him again, desperate to feel that thick interface cable thrusting in him and dominating him even more. He pulled his wrist out of the mech's grip and reached under himself, unclipping plating that covered his rear ports, "Take me, please take me Knock Out," he begged.

Knock Out chuckled softly as he slowly pulled himself off of Breakdown's cable, gripping the heavy 'Con's hips and trying to push him onto his stomach. "Why don't we try, as the humans say, doing it doggy style?" He chuckled a bit more, eager to see his bitch in a more submissive position.

Breakdown groaned softly at the red mech's hands squeezing his hips, "Y-yes, Knock Out," he agreed, and rolled onto his front, looking back over his shoulder. It couldn't possibly be right to enjoy the way Knock Out was treating him, could it? And yet he was, no matter how nervous it was making him. Trembling slightly, he tried to relax and raised his aft up, allowing easy entry.

Knock Out guided his cable to the larger mech's backside, teasingly prodding his partners port few seconds that felt like an eternity before finally pushing in with a low moan, his cable nearly as thick as Breakdown's despite having a smaller frame. "That's more like it. This is what you want, isn't it Breakdown?" He asked as he softly scraped his digits down the Wrecker's sides, starting at his shoulders.

"Uh... uh-huh..." Breakdown nodded frantically. Even as the cables were pushed deeper into him, his moan escalated and became a cry, various servos whirring frantically as he tried to control his internal heat. He was still tight, and Knock Out was long and very deep inside him, "Feels good..." he rasped, gritting his teeth.

Breakdown could soon feel Knock Out's hands on his hips, gripping them tightly as his engine idled faster and hard, bottoming himself out in the darker 'Con with a grunt before he began to fuck him hard, at least as hard as he'd ridden Breakdown when he was on top, and only going faster as he did so, "Glad to hear, cause you'll be getting it a lot more now!"

"A lot?" Breakdown felt a weak protest start to rise up in his throat, but a cry was all that got out as he was taken passionately. The fucking was hard, but undeniably pleasurable, and its speed sent spasms of desire through him. Again his cables were hard, and his fingers scraped into his metal bunk. After a few moments, he began to cry out even louder with each thrust, "Oh, Knock Out! Harder!" he begged, before he could think to stop himself.

The red 'Con grinned and picked up his pace, his engines revving hard enough that the vibrations from it went through his cables and into Breakdown's port, spreading through his body. The one-eyed mech could feel Knock Out's hands moving over his body again, one to his chest to pinch him hard as the other gripped his cables, digging the slender fingers in hard as he stroked it roughly. "That's it Breakdown, just give in and be my slut, you'll get to feel like this every day!" Knock Out chuckled into his ear as he told him this.

"W-wait, slut?!" The word almost made Breakdown fight back, but then Knock Out started to rub at his hard cable, and he couldn't resist, moaning louder, "Feels so good..." he vented frantically, trying to cool himself. Knock Out could tell that despite increasingly weak protests, the blue mech was becoming more and more willing to do just about anything he was told to.

Knock Out moaned louder with every thrust, every impact of hips on rear harder than the last, working into a furious blur of sex as he stroked his friend even faster, his hand a blur as the other moved to his headlight, rubbing it softly as he threw his head back, sending small jolts through Breakdown with every thrust. "Frag... This is one tight hole you've got back here..." he teased between moans.

In his current position, Breakdown decided to take that as a compliment, "Because... you're so... big..." he huffed, more pleasure coursing through him. He started to move himself back up against Knock Out, crying out to feel how deep those erect cables could push into him. Every touch sent more revs of ecstasy through him, as the friction against his aft increased and he bucked desperately.

Breakdown could hear it, Knock Out panting desperately for more intake, pushing his servos as hard as any battle had as he leant back, able to get in just a little deeper from this position, though it cost him his grip on the large 'Con's cable so he could grip his hips, both for stability and greater speed. "You're not so bad yourself..." he shot with a grin.

Breakdown nodded, allowing his body to be manipulated by Knock Out. Somehow, being submissive to the lighter mech was feeling better than it had done. When Knock Out let go of his cables, he reached down and started jerking at them himself, crying out louder than before, "For... for you..." he managed, trying to look over his shoulder at Knock out again.

Knock Out was nearing his limit rapidly, and it showed in his increasingly erratic thrusts, losing that control he'd shown for more force and speed, though he didn't always make it out that far before bottoming back out again, his hips moving from side to side so his cable seem to wiggle and twist inside the heavier machine as his engines topped out once more.

The sensation almost made Breakdown scream out, and his fist clenched tightly as he pressed back against Knock Out, "I... I feel like... I'm gonna..." he gritted his teeth harder, almost ready to come again.

Knock Out bottomed out hard, grinding into Breakdown's rear like he was trying to buff it as he came, filling the larger mech's rear with transmission fluid as he had his own, while he uploaded pulse after pulse of high voltage code, nearly screaming Breakdown's name.

Breakdown gave a yell of his own as he came almost simultaneously, the transmission fluid spilling all over his bunk, his engine groaning deeply as he did so, "Knock Out..." he felt a shudder of pleasure race through him, "K-kiss me again... please..." he pleaded with the red 'con.

Knock Out fell over him, the slender mech's hips bucking against Breakdown's posterior like an Earth canine as he kissed him, one hand on the back of the darker 'Cons head as the medic moaned into his mouth, lips mashing hard into the other's as his tongue dominated every inch of the Wrecker's mouth.

This time Breakdown submitted entirely, not only allowing the medic's mouth and tongue to search his mouth, but returning the kiss with his own, passionate and eager to please. Knockdown knew at that moment that he could demand just about anything from the rough-and-ready truck, and he would get it. Even now, Breakdown was still moving against him to feel any remaining heat and friction.

After several long seconds, Knock Out broke the kiss, sliding out slowly from Breakdown's port, bubbling transmission fluid pouring out after him as he sat on the large 'Cons bed, leaning against the wall. His hand was still on the back of the darker mech's head, and he pulled him around so his face pressed against his cables. "Now, I could use a little kiss to get clean down here."

Huffing slightly, there was only the slightest hint of hesitation from Breakdown. He had come twice already that night; another opportunity to feel that good was not going to be passed up. He rolled onto his back and sat up, looking down at Knock Out's sticky cables. His movements cautious, he bent forward slowly before kissing the flexible metal. After about a second, he did it again, but followed it up with an experimental lick. Then another, longer and deeper, moving over the sensors and cables slowly. As he did so, he reached for his own cables, and began rubbing at them at a similar pace.

Knock Out shuddered at the feeling of that tongue teasing over his length, and he rewarded Breakdown by resting a hand at the bottom of his back, teasing a finger against his still hot port, tracing it with a grin before sliding two finger inside, seeking out the larger machine's sensors in a similar fashion grinding his fingertips over each one as he finds it. "That's good Breakdown... Just like that... If you don't stop, I won't."

That promise made the blue mech even more eager, and he licked at Knock Out's hardening cables and port even faster, cleaning them of the fluids so recently spilt. As his own body was teased and aroused, he took the thick cable into his mouth of his own accord, sucking lightly.

Knock Out gave his helmet an encouraging rub, pushing a bit to get him to take more as his fingers went deeper, reaching the knuckles before sliding back out, only to be joined by a third on the way back in as a bit more fluid leaked from the interface at the end of his cable, right into Breakdown's waiting mouth.

Driven frantic by the attentions of the medic's skilled touch, Breakdown only released a soft whimper as he endeavoured to take more of him into his mouth moving his lips up and down the wet cable. His mouth was hot and he was heating up himself as his moans vibrated against the sensitive organs slightly. He swallowed the small amount of fluid without protest.

Knock Out smirked and spread his fingers inside the other mech's port, stretching the flexible orifice as it put pressure on the sensors, making sure to catch some with his fingertips as he pressed his hips up to meet Breakdown's mouth, moaning as he felt him swallow down both the old and new transmission fluid. "Mmm... I didn't think you'd be so good with your mouth. Had practice?"

Breakdown's mouth was too full to give an answer, and as his rear port was stretched he let out a heated cry, almost a squeal. With one hand still rubbing at his own cables, he wrapped the other arm around Knock Out's waist, pulling his hips closer and licking harder.

Knock Out was pleasantly surprised by this, moaning again, louder than before, as he reached all the way to the knuckles once more, beginning to curl his fingers inside of Breakdown this time instead of simply pulling out. As he felt Breakdown pulling at him, he decided to help out, pushing his hips up even more, his tights on the bed and shoulders on the wall making it easier to push into the larger mech's throat.

Breakdown couldn't have placed exactly where it was that he had shifted from being Knock Out's victim, to his willing toy, even if he'd been asked. He groaned again as he felt those fingers stretching and rubbing deep in his port, panting for a few seconds, before he caved in, and his fluid spilled, harder and with more of it released than the other times. His cry of ecstasy was muffled, but audible even so as he came heavily.

Knock Out pushed until he felt Breakdown's lips around his base, pressed to his body as he let out a loud moan of his own, pouring himself down the Wreckers throat as he worked the tightly curled fingers inside of him, twisting them as he fucked them in out and out, feeling the pull at the entrance to his port, too thick to slide out without stretching it a good bit now. "Frag! D-drink it all down Breakdown, don't you DARE spill one drop!" As he said this, his hips dropped back on the bunk with clank, the rest of his transmission fluid filling the large Decepticon's mouth around the end of his cable.

Breakdown did his best to comply, but there was too much of it, and despite swallowing plenty - it had a sticky, sweet texture to it - it also dripped from around his mouth. Finally he pulled back, his vents heaving as he continued to moan, the fluid trickling down his face, "Oh, Knock Out..." he grunted as his port was stretched and pressed, "I... I... I belong... to you..."

Knock Out finally pulled his fingers free, not bothering to uncurl them first, so it took a good bit of force, stretching his port from the inside, not dissimilar to a human being stretched open from the outside, and giving his new pet's spent cable a firm squeeze. "Mmm... Now that you understand, I'm looking forward to filling that port, and that mouth, a few times a day. Not to mention..." He gave a firm squeeze to the cable he held. "Riding this from time to time." He smirked as he leant in to lick a bit of fluid from Breakdown's face. "I could have sworn I told you not to spill any."

"I... I tried..." Breakdown's tongue met Knock Out's, "I'll do better next time," he promised fervently, his entire frame shaking at the idea of more of this treatment. Perhaps part of the reason that he'd enjoyed being taken so much, was that in some ways he had wanted it to happen.

Knock out smirked and returned the kiss, one hand playing with Breakdown's crotch while the other was on the back of his head. He controlled the kiss every bit as much as he controlled every moment up to this point, and when he broke it, he brought a finger around to press between his pet's lips. "I guess we just need to train you more, don't we?"

Breakdown only nodded, kissing Knock Out's finger lightly. In the back of his mind there was humming some sort of reason why he should be protesting more against this treatment, but for the spark of him he couldn't place it. Their activities had all but exhausted him, and yet more and more he anticipated any future domination by the medic.

Knock Out gave his cable one last firm squeeze before he stood up, clipping his armour back on. "I expect to see you in my room after you get back from your mission this evening for a 'check-up' Breakdown. I'll be filling more than just scratches and dents." He gave the larger mech a grin as he said that.

NOTE: Should this pairing be called Breakout, or Knockdown? There should be more of it, that's for sure.