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"Promise you'll call us every night." Mrs. Vega demanded of her daughter for what felt to Tori like the hundredth time.

"I promise." Tori laughed. "I'll call every tenth night."

"Tori." Mrs. Vega warned, giving her daughter a look.

"Kidding!" Tori grinned, giving her mom quick hug. "I'll call every night, okay? No matter what." Mrs. Vega smiled, returning the hug full force and restricting Tori from pulling away.

"We're going to miss you so much."

"It's the summer, mom. I'll be fine." Tori replied, rolling her eyes good-naturedly. Her mom reluctantly released her death hold on her and smiled down at her daughter.

"You're growing up so fast." She beamed, blinking back tears.

"God, Mom, you're so embarrassing." Tori laughed, glancing to Andre who was impatiently tapping his foot by the door. She didn't blame him. He had been waiting for her for almost forty minutes while her mom cried, gushed, took pictures, and reminded her of things she already knew; she would do anything to stall her youngest daughter's departure.

Trina and Mr. Vega had eventually gotten bored with the whole charade, wished Tori luck, and disappeared to other areas of the house and now even Mrs. Vega was running out of reasons to keep them there.

"We really should go now, Mrs. Vega." Andre said, as politely as he could manage. "Otherwise we just might miss our plane." Mrs. Vega sighed and gathered her daughter tightly in her arms for one last hug.

"Stay safe." She whispered, kissing Tori's forehead.

"I will." Tori assured her. Gently pulling away from her mom, Tori made her way to the door which Andre opened for her, grabbing as much of her luggage as he could on his way. She waved a final goodbye to her mother and grabbed the rest of her luggage, shutting the door behind them.

"Thanks for that." Tori laughed as they walked. "I didn't think we'd ever get out of there."

"No problem." Andre grinned, struggling with all her luggage he was holding. "Goodness, girl, how much stuff do you need?" He asked as they reached the car, both practically collapsing from the weight of the bags.

"It's not that much." Tori defended, earning herself an incredulous look from her boyfriend. "Okay, okay, it is. But it wasn't my idea! My dad's a cop remember? He's all about being prepared."

Andre laughed. "Prepared for what, the end of the world?"

"Tori gave him a look. "Just help me get these in the trunk." She laughed. "I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to make fun of me and my bags later." Andre opened the trunk and began to help her lift the bags in, laughing to himself.

"Yeah, just wait 'til Jade gets a load of these!" He chuckled, making Tori groan.

"Perfect. Like she needed another excuse to make fun of me!" Andre smiled, tossing the rest of the luggage in to the back and opening the passenger door for her.

"Whatever. We're going to Hawaii, get pumped!"

Tori smiled. "To Hawaii!" She cheered, throwing a fist in the air.

"To Hawaii!" Andre echoed. He started the car and they pulled away from her house, blaring the radio and singing along just as loud.


"I swear, Jade if you make us miss our plane!" Beck rolled his eyes as his girlfriend rummaged around her room, roughly throwing clothes into an open suitcase on her bed.

"Relax." Jade replied. "We aren't going to miss our plane."

"I just don't understand why you waited until now to pack. You've known about this for weeks now!"

"I'm not going to pack weeks in advance." Jade said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I need this stuff."

"You could've packed last night."

"Actually, I couldn't have, considering I was at your RV."

"You could've packed before you came."

"That would require planning."

Beck rolled his eyes. "Are you almost done?"

"You could help me, you know. Instead of just stand there and whine."

"Help you? How am I supposed to help you pack?"

"You know what I wear. You know where stuff is." Jade replied. Beck sighed and headed for the door. "Where do you think you're going?" Jade demanded.

"To call Cat and Robbie and tell them they better find another ride to the airport. At the rate this is going we'll never be able to pick them up in time."

"Good. I didn't want them to ride with us anyway."

Beck had just gotten off the phone with Cat and Robbie when Jade appeared, holding her suitcase. "Ready." She said smugly.

"Seriously? You mean I didn't have to call Cat and Robbie? Why didn't you tell me you were almost done?"

Jade shrugged. "I didn't want to pick them up."

Beck rolled his eyes. "You're impossible." Jade smiled, reaching up to press her lips to his.

"I know."


"You're late." Jade barked at Tori and Andre as they joined the rest of the gang in the airport. Beck rolled his eyes.

"We just got here s minute ago." He told the two, earning himself a glare from Jade. "What?"

"Don't tell them that!" She growled. Beck shook his head at her, amused. Jade turned back to Tori and Andre. "We had a legitimate reason for being late." Beck laughed to himself, earning himself an elbow in his side. He didn't think that getting sidetracked by a make out session really qualified but that didn't seem to bother Jade as she continued to berate the couple for being late. "Cat and Robbie were on time." She continued. "And they don't even have cars."

"I do too have a car!" Robbie protested, making the others roll their eyes.

"That chiz on wheels is not a car." Tori countered.

"It's a car of the future!"

"Don't tell me you and Cat actually drove here in that." Andre begged. Robbie gave him a look.

"Of course not! It's way too far."

"Then how'd you get here?" Andre asked.

"His mom drove us." Cat replied happily. "She's got a real car!" The gang chuckled, making Robbie turn red.

"I have a real car too!"

"Whatever." Jade cut them off. "Can we just get in line now? I can't wait to get this stupid plane ride over so we can get to Hawaii."

"Not excited, huh?" Beck teased, wrapping his arms around his girlfriend.

"I just don't like planes." Jade countered, but she made no move to pull away. "Can we go or what?"

"Let's do it!" Andre agreed happily. "Hawaii, here we come!"

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