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With Edward and I having four kids, I've been so busy between them and Bell's Books, Beats & More, that I didn't notice how late Aunt Flo was until yesterday. I went to the local Target to get a pregnancy test. I told Edward that I wasn't feeling all that well. He took the kids with him to our store. You see, we own a book/music/coffee store in the valley where we live. The place is huge, and ,with all of our workers, the kids won't be getting into trouble. Plus, the older two will look after the twins.

We had our kids relatively close together. Andrew Anthony was three, Shay Marie was our two year old and our ten month twins are Nathaniel Jacob and Nicolette Jayne. They are our pride and joy, but, I digress.

I am waiting for the timer to go off for the tests that I bought. While I am waiting, I am wiping down the bathroom counter, thinking that I better not be pregnant. Edward had gotten a vasectomy done, or, at least, he was suppose to. The timer finally beeped, and I took a look at all three tests. At the same time that I was looking at them, I heard the garage door open up. I heard Edward, Andy and Shay's footsteps coming up the stairs. By the sounds of it, Edward was putting the twins in their room, while Andy and Shay went into the playroom. I grabbed all of the tests, which confirmed that I was pregnant, and turned to go out into our room just as Edward walked in. I stood where I was ,with my arms crossed over my chest and my left eyebrow raised, looking at him.

"Hi, Baby! Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, you, Mister, have a lot of fucking explaining to do!"

"I do? For what?"

"Explain why the fuck I had to take these, and that they came up positive!"

"Baby, what are you talking about? What came up positive?"

"The three pregnancy tests that I took. You told me that you got the vasectomy done, and that all the results came back negative. So, if you got it done, then why am I pregnant, again?"

" Shit! Well, ummm...you see, I was going to get it done, but then the store got busy. I forgot?" he tells me, but it comes out as a question. "Plus, we always did say that we wanted a big family."

"Big, yes, but not five kids!"

"I'm sorry for lying to you, Baby," he says with a pout. He can't stand when I am mad at him. He tries to keep me as happy as he can. "If you want me to get it done, then I will. I'll even take you with me to make sure that I do get it done this time."

"You bet your fuckin' sweet ass you will be taking me with you, because if you don't, you will be sleeping elsewhere, and you will be getting nothing from me."

"Did you want me to call in the morning to make the appointments for the both of us, Baby?"

"The last time I let you make an appointment, you didn't go to it. I'll call myself and make both of them for us."

'Ok, Baby! I am going to go check on the kids and start dinner. Why don't you lay down and take a rest. Or, you can read on your Kindle, and take a bath to relax." With his head down, he walked out of the room.

I have no idea what he will be making, but the thought of a nice hot relaxing bath does sound good, and so does a little nap. Walking back into the bathroom, I went to turn the water on in the tub. Once it reached the temperature that I wanted, I pulled the plug on it.. When it got to the correct water level, I turned the jets on I started to take my clothes off to get into.

I could hear Andy and Shay playing with their toys in the playroom. While, yes, I was angry that Edward didn't get the vasectomy done, I am not angry that I am pregnant again. I miss having little babies around. Even though the twins are still babies themselves, they are going to be a year old in two months. How times has been flying by. Before you know it, Andy will be starting school soon. I can only imagine at how shocked the family will be.

The water was starting to get cold, so I turned the jets off, unplugged the plug, and got out of the tub. I wrapped a towel around myself, and went to go take a short nap on the bed. The next thing I knew, I hear Edward speaking softly to me.

"Bella, Baby, you need to wake up. Dinner is ready!"


"Dinner is ready, Baby."

"Ok. Can you help me up, please?" He gives my head a kiss and helps me up out of the bed. He made sure that I was able to stand on my own before he let me go with a sweet kiss to my lips. I gave him a smile before I turned to go to the dresser to get a pair of panty's out for me to slip on. I, then, went to another drawer and got a tank top out and a pair of sweats. Once I have those on, I turn around and see that Edward never left the room. He was just standing there staring at me. He had this look of love and hunger all rolled into one. "See something that you like?"

"Baby, you are glowing. Now that I know that you are pregnant, I see it even more."

"I was glowing before I took the tests?"

"Yes, Baby, you were. Although, it was subtle before. Now, it's more."

"Let's go get Andy and Shay. I'm hungry! Are the twins still napping?"

No, they are up. They took a short nap, because I didn't want them to be up all night."

"Even though I am still upset with you, that was still sweet of you to do." I'm just letting him think that I am still angry at him. I'll let him know later that I am not mad at him anymore. We do make some cute kids, if I do say so myself. "What did you make for dinner?"

"I made Chicken Alfredo with broccoli and carrots in it."

"Yum! Plus, it's a guarantee that Andy and Shay will eat the veggies in it because it is covered in the Alfredo sauce."

"Andy and Shay were both asking for it. So, I agreed to make it."

"Either way, it still is something that we know that they like to eat."

"Yes, Baby, that is so true."

After we got the twins from their own room, we went to the playroom and then went downstairs to eat dinner. The twins ate one of their Gerber NatureSelect stage 3 foods. It was Herbed Chicken with Pasta to go along with our pasta. They loved the stuff, which is always a good thing. It was never a pretty site when they ate things that they didn't like.

Afterwards, I cleaned up the twins, while Edward loaded up the dishwasher. We went to the family room to watch a movie before we needed to start getting the kids ready for bed. Andy and Shay agreed to watch Lilo & Stitch. About mid way through it, they were falling asleep. Edward picked up Andy first, and got him settled in. He came back for Shay. She had fallen asleep on her little pull-out Disney Princesses couch. Andy has the Cars one. Once he had the both of them in bed, he came back to help get the twins ready for bed.

"Andy and Shay were both asleep by the time that I got them upstairs. So, I thought that we could just give them a bath in the morning."

"That's fine. It won't hurt them to wait to do so."

The twins were half asleep by the time we made it to their room. So, we gave them both a quick bath before we got them settled into their crib. Yes, I said crib. They refused to sleep in separate cribs. They are just too cute when they sleep. With their blankets snug around them, they curl up around each other. Edward turned the monitor on so that we could hear if they happened to wake up at all during the night. We both kissed their heads and left the room.

Edward went into the bathroom to start the shower, while I went to brush my teeth. He joined me in brushing his before he hopped into the shower. I left the bathroom to take off my sweats and to put some shorts on instead. I got into bed when I heard the shower turn off. Edward came out with a towel slung low on his waist. After going to the dresser to put on a pair of green boxer briefs, he walked back into the bathroom to put the towel back. He got into bed, pulled me close to him, with my back to his chest, and gave my neck a kiss.

"I've been thinking about what you said. I realised that the twins will be one in two months, and that they will no longer be our little babies. I do miss having a little baby around to cuddle with, not that I don't love cuddling with you." I feel him chuckling behind me since he knows how much I like to cuddle with him. He is the same, as well.

"I love you, Baby, so much. You have made me so happy by giving me another Little Man or Princess to love."

When he said that, I could feel the tears forming. He can be so sweet at times, that I fall even more in love with him. "I love you so much, too. I don't know what I would do if anything were to happen to you."

"Baby, I would be the same way! Now, let's go to sleep. You still look exhausted. Night, My Love."

"Goodnight, Baby!" With that, I fell into a deep sleep with Edward curled around me like Nate does with Nicci. Although, when they cuddle, it's innocent because they are babies and are brother and sister.

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