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The next morning, I woke up before Edward did. He was curled up around me with his hand on my ever growing bump. I decided to reciprocate what he did for me last night.

I peeled his arm off from around me and rolled him onto his back. I gave him a soft kiss on his lips, to which he sighed but did not wake up. I gave his nipples a quick lick, before trailing my lips down to the place that I wanted to lick and suck on like a popsicle. I gave the head of his cock a peck, before licking up his shaft to take his head into my mouth. I sucked and nibbled on his head, before I went down as far as I could. With what I couldn't fit, I used my hand. On the way back up, I gave it a lick and a nibble. Edward was moaning very quietly. His hand wove itself through my hair and started rubbing my head. With that, I looked up to see him staring at me.

"Morning, my love," he says. I hummed around his shaft as I was going back down on it, and he let out a groan. As I continued my ministrations, his moans and groans got louder. After a few more minutes, he tightens his hand in my hair, telling me that he is going to come. I kept up what I was doing till I felt his release. I then licked him clean and gave his head a peck, before I sat up to take him in. He was laying there, still panting away.

About a minute later, he finally was able to lift his head. He gave me his customary smirk and asked what that was for. I just told I was re-paying him back for last night. I got up off the bed to go take a shower and then see what we were doing for breakfast, before getting ready for the day.

~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L &K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~

We had a great time here in Florida. We were able to take Andy and Shay to the movie theater with dinner. We went to the Magic Kingdom quite a few times and ate at a few of the different restaurants quite a few times. Mom and I went to the spa, while Edward and Dad took the kids to the Magic Kingdom. Edward even went to the spa with me one time, while Mom and Dad watched the kids for us. A few days later, they went while we went to Epcot again.

It was our last night here at The Happiest Place on Earth. It was time for us to get back home, even though the kids were having a blast here. I missed my bed as well as the store and the rest of our family. We had decided that we would go back to Chef Mickey's for dinner and for breakfast, before we left for back home in the morning. Mom had most of our purchases shipped to the store for us. Em and Rose were taking them to our house, once they started arriving. I wasn't really looking forward to going through all of the things that we had gotten. Hmm... maybe we can make a night of it and invite everyone over for dinner. The girls could help me out.

~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~

We finally made it back to the LA area many hours later. Em, my dad, and Jazz were waiting for us when we made it to the baggage area. I walked as fast as I could to give my daddy a hug. I had miss all of our family.

"What am I, chopped liver?" I hear Em ask.

"Emmy bear, I missed you so much," I say as I give him a hug. Once I was done giving him a hug, I gave one to Jazz as well.

"Baby, we got all of the luggage. Are you ready to go home?"

"More then you will ever know," I tell him. "Where are Rose and Ali?"

"They are back at your house, making dinner. We figured that you two would be too tired to make anything," Jazz tells us all. "Mom and Dad, we will be taking you two home after dinner, if that is okay with you?"

"That'd more than okay with us," Dad says.

We walked out to where they were parked. They had brought ours and Em's trucks with them. Em, my daddy, and Jazz loaded up both trucks with our luggage. Edward and I got the kids into their seats.

"Edward, my boy, how about I drive my girl, so I can get some time with her and my grandbabies?"

"Sure, Dad, that's fine. I'll see you at home, my love!"

I wrapped my arms around him, and he wrapped his around me as we kissed and hugged each other goodbye.

"See you at home, baby," I tell him right before I get into the truck. Ever the gentlemen, he closes the door for me and hops into Em's truck.

"How was the vacation? I'm kind of jealous that Sue and I couldn't go with you all," my dad tells me.

"It was good, tiring at times, and just what we needed. Don't worry, Daddy, we will be planning a trip with you and Mama Sue. In fact, we can talk it over after dinner."

"Alrighty, she should be there right about the time that we get there. She went to do a little grocery shopping for you all. In fact Alice gave her a list on what to get. That girl sometimes," he says with a smile on his face.

Thank goodness that Alice isn't as hyperactive as she used to be. How she gets up as early as she does and stays up as late as she does at times, is beyond me.

~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~ L & K~

Amazingly, traffic wasn't too bad. By the time that we made it back home, the babies looked like they were ready to go to sleep. Once the trucks were parked, we all piled out. The guys started to unload the trucks, and Jazz was placing Mom and Dad's luggage into the back of their truck.

We all walked into the house through the garage. All of the guys were either carrying the babies or our luggage. As soon as we walked into the kitchen, it smelled heavenly. Whatever the girls were cooking smelled delicious.

The girls walked into the kitchen as soon as they heard us all come in. We all hugged each other. I then told them that we needed to get the babies fed before they fell asleep. Alice went into action once I said that. The twins got put into their highchairs, and Andy and Shay sat down at the table. Alice and Rose came to the table with their plates.

"Bella, we will get the kids fed. Why don't you go get more comfortable and unwind some from all of the traveling."

"Thanks, girls! I will take you up on the offer," I say.

"I'll be right behind you with our luggage, love."

I nodded my head and gave Edward a kiss, before heading upstairs to our room.

"Em, Jazz, can you take the kids' luggages upstairs, please? Just put them in the laundry room, and we will get it sorted tomorrow," I heard Edward say to them.

Once I had gotten to our bedroom, I was peeling off my clothes and leaving them in a trail to the bathroom. I figured either I could pick them up later, meaning tomorrow, or Edward would pick them up for me. I had decided that I was going to take a shower to wash off the grime of traveling.

As I was just about to start the water in the shower, I heard Edward walk in, and he was chuckling. I figured that he saw my trail of clothes on the floor. I got into the shower and about a minute later Edward joined me. We washed ourselves, since we had a house full of family. Edward got out before I did and told me to take my time and that he will go help with the babies and keep the family entertained till I got back downstairs.

I washed my hair and condition it, before getting out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my head and another around my body and went to the closet to get dressed. I decided to wear a pair of yoga pants and a hoodie. After I put on a pair of socks and some Uggs, I went downstairs to see what was going on and when we could eat.

As I was making my way down the hall, I noticed that the night lights were on in my lovebugs' rooms. I went into each room to give them kisses on their heads. Once I was done, I went downstairs.

I made it downstairs and go to the kitchen, just as Ali and Rose were putting our dinner down on the table. Edward walked up to me to wrap his arms around me and gave me a kiss. He then proceeded to pull out my chair for me. Before I sat down, I gave Mama Sue a hug. She must of shown up while I was in the shower. I sat down, as did everyone else, and we all helped ourselves to the delicacies that Ali and Rose made.

"Ali, what have you and Rose made? It smells so good and looks really delicious."

"I made a Chicken and Spinach Pasta bake, Baked Mozzarella Chicken Rolls, and Cheesy Pesto bread. Rose helped out where she could and even did the shopping for me."

"It just sounds all delicious to me. Let's dig in. I am eating for three again," I say and started placing some of each dish to my plate. From the first bite, every flavor just bursted on my tongue. I had found out that Mom and Mama Sue had put the babies to bed for us and had even given them all a bath.

~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~

After dinner, everyone left to go home. Em and Rose said that they would stop by in the morning before Em had to go to work and Rose went in to see what needed to be done at the store. They told us that, just in case Edward and I were still sleeping from all the traveling with the kids, they would keep an eye on the babies for us and make sure that they had breakfast as well. Rose also would stay till one of us woke up. We thanked them for everything. I had also asked the girls if they wouldn't mind coming over for dinner again and to help go through all of our purchases. Mom and Dad said that they would come over to help out where it was needed. My dad said that we could talk sometime later, since we didn't get a chance to because I was so tired and wanted to go get into bed.

"Baby, I'm going to go get ready for bed."

"You go right ahead. I'm just going to make sure that everything is locked up for the night and turn all the lights off."

I went upstairs and got ready for bed. Before I got into bed, I made sure to grab my phone out of my purse to charge overnight and grabbed my iPad mini to read on my Kindle app. As I was reading, I could feel my eyelids getting droopier and droopier. Just as I was falling asleep, I heard Edward walk into our room and let out a quiet chuckle. He grabbed my iPad from me, and I heard him pull me into his arms and curl around me.

Just as I was almost completely out for the night I heard him say, "I love you, my Bella!"

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