Title: Love and Kids Outtake

Pen name: hapakids

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing/Characters: Edward/Bella

Rating: M

Warnings: As per my beta, you're going to want to eat something before reading. It seems that I torture her with all the food mentioned, and I make her hungry. ^_^

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I just like to play with her characters. Any places that are mentioned belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

Beta: flamingpen18

Pre-readers: teamhotmen

Banner by: Mina Rivera

Summary: Bella and Edward had the perfect life. They had a beautiful home and four gorgeous kids. All of that is about to change when Bella finds out that Edward had lied to her about getting a vasectomy. See where their adventure called 'life' goes.


I don't think that the shock has worn off of everyone since I had triplets. Although it does explain why I was always hungry.

Edward had sent out Rose and Em to pick up another bassinet and car seat for us, while I was still in the hospital, waiting to get the all clear for myself and the triplets. We had gotten rid of the ones that we had for Nicci and Nate. I told Edward that it was a really good thing that we had gotten the van, and he agreed with me.

Edward had stayed with me and the triplets the whole time that we were there in the hospital. Besides my dad, Mama Sue, my mom, Phil, Esme, Carlisle, and Rose and Em, everyone else had decided to wait till we were settled at home to come and see the newest members of the Cullen household. I was amazed that Alice had waited so long, but I found out that the store has been really busy.

After we came back from our Disneyland trip, Mama Essie had helped Edward with the nursery. I got to help pick out the colors and the bedding for the cribs. The cribs are being made to look like they are part of a carousel. Edward had to call the company to let them know that it needed to be big enough to fit three cribs, not two like we had originally thought. Thank goodness they had only started on the horses and not the base. We knew it would take a while for them to complete it, but we were told that once the horses were done, it wouldn't take them that long to finish it. We had decided to use a sea blue for the main color. The bedding for London is going to be flowers and the bedding for Liam and Landon is going to be of monkeys.

Shay was fascinated with the babies as soon as we got home. Nate and Nicci were too young to know what to do about them. Andy had become our little helper in keeping the twins entertained. Shay wanted to help with the babies as much as she could. She would always bring us their blankets with help from Angie. We even let her pretend that she was holding them. But in reality, Edward had her sitting in his lap with his arms around all of them to make sure that none of the babies were dropped. He did the same with Andy as well.

We had decided to have everyone over for dinner the Sunday after the triplets were born. A sign was put out at the store a few days in advance to let the customers know that Alice and the girls were going to be closing it early to celebrate the new arrivals of our babies. Alice, Rose, and Mama Essie had all decided that they would be making dinner for all of us, so that I didn't have to prepare it and could spend all my time with all of my babies.

Edward and I had decided that, once the triplets were a little older, we would spend quality time with Andy and others stayed at home with Angie and whoever else was on hand. We would go out with them one at a time and also have some mommy and me or daddy and me time with them as well.

Nate and Nicci would, not only babble to themselves, they would talk to the triplets too. One would think that will all the kids that we have that they would all be jealous of each other. Nate and Nicci are a little too young still to know differently. That was never the case, even when the twins were born.

Days just seemed to blend together as well as being hectic. Thank goodness for Angie as well as for my mom and Esme. Edward helped out as much as he could. He would wake up in the middle of the night to feed the triplets, while letting me get some sleep. Most times though, I was right there with him. Since I had triplets, it was suggested that I formula feed them, because I wouldn't be producing enough milk to feed all three of them. For the most part, they weren't fussy. But when they were hungry, they sure did let you know.

Liam and Landon looked so much like Edward that they could have very well have been him as a baby. They both had his crazy hair. As for their eyes, they are a greenish/grayish color. London looks like me. I think that she is going to get my brown eyes. Her hair is a lighter brown than mine is. They change day by day.

~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L &K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~

One day I went into the kitchen to get some water to drink, and I walked back into the family room to see Edward lying down on the floor with his head on one of the throw pillows. The triplets were laying down on his chest with Nicci and Nate on each side of him with his arms around all of them while giving London a kiss on her head. Andy and Shay were with my dad and Sue, spending the day at the zoo. I grabbed my phone and took a picture of them. I sent it off to Jasper, asking him if he could blow it up, so that it could get framed and that we could put up somewhere in the house. He was also going to be taking our family picture very soon. We love his work so much that he has done all or our pictures for us.

Edward and I had plans on taking all of the kids to the store one day very soon. We were going to be staying there for an hour or so.

"Baby, I was thinking that we could take the babies to the store after their first appointment. What do you think? We could also have lunch there too, and I can check on a few things as well," I say to him.

"That could work. It will also give Angie some time to herself. She hasn't really had any free time."

A few days later, we were getting ready to take the triplets to their first doctors appointment. Nate and Nicci have what is suppose to be their one year check-up, but we were able to postpone it till the triplets were born, so we could take them in at the same time. All the kids go to see Dr. Shreck as in Dr. Robert Shrekengaust. Everyone calls him Dr. Shrek, since his last name is a mouth full. He even has Shrek scrubs to keep the kids amused… or maybe it's his way of making fun of his last name. Anyway, the kids love him, and he loves kids.

"Before we leave Dr. Shrek's office today, we need to add Angie onto the list of people that they have for the kids," I say to Edward.

"I know. I was thinking the same thing. How are we going to do this, since Nate and Nicci have their appointment as well?"

"There's a good chance that we can get them all into the same room. We'll ask when we get there. Andy and Shay can play in the playroom."

Dr. Shreck had a playroom for the kids. It was one of many reasons why we chose him to be the kids' doctor. There's that, and the fact that he came highly recommended.

Edward got the boys ready to go while I got the girls ready and made sure that the backpack that we were now using as a diaper bag had everything that we needed for all of the kids. I made sure that I had my phone with me before taking the girls downstairs to the family room with the help of Angie who had Shay by the hand and was holding Nicci while I had London. She stayed downstairs while I went up to help Edward bring the boys downstairs. We had the triplets in a portable crib, and the twins are in their walkers.

"Edward, don't forget to put the stroller for the triplets in the back of the van."

Everyone chipped in to get us another stroller when we thought that we were having twins. Edward exchanged it for one that fits triplets once we were settled in at home with them. Today will be the first day that we will be using it.

"I'm going to grab some food, snacks, and juice for Andy, Shay, Nate, and Nicci."

"Ok, love," he tells me. "I'll start getting the babies into their carseats after I get the stroller in."

"Angie, I'll be back as soon as I have everything from the kitchen," I tell her.

"No problem, Bella." She sat with Andy and Shay and was reading to them.

I grabbed everything that we needed for the kids and added it into the backpack. When I got back to the family room, the triplets were still in their portable crib, sleeping away. Edward was walking back in. He picked up Landon and took him out to the van. Angie walked back and picked up London and I picked up Liam. Edward took London from Angie when we made it out to the van. I buckled up Liam in his seat. We said goodbye to Angie before leaving.

"Did Angie say what she would be doing today by any chance?"

"She mentioned something about seeing Mom and Dad. I think they are going to lunch."

"That'll be nice for them to spend some time with her without all the kids around," I tell him with a smirk. Every time mom and dad come over, Angie is always doing something with one of the kds. "We should let her have some time to herself more often, most especially before the childrens section is up and running. At least while we are the store, I can see what needs to be ordered and go over it with Angie later on."

"Pretty much everything needs to be ordered."

"Ok, when we get back on, I'll start taking a look and see what I find."

A few minutes later we were parking. We got Nate and Nicci situated into their stroller first. Edward got the stroller set up, before getting back into the van and handing me the sleeping triplets to get them settled into their stroller. He got Andy and Shay out of their carseats and then handed me the backpack to put in the basket of one of the strollers. We had Andy and Shay standing on the back of the strollers in front of us so that we didn't have to worry on where they were.

I got the babies signed in and Leah, Dr. Shreck's nurse, saw that we were here and took Andy and Shay to the playroom, so that they wouldn't get antsy while waiting for us to get taken to the back. She also told me that she would make sure that the babies were all in the same room since they had back to back appointments.

"I stopped by your store after you had these cuties," she told us while we were on the way to the room. "Alice told me that you had triplets. She also mentioned that you all thought that you were having twins and were shocked when three came out instead of two."

"Shock would be the right word, if any," I tell her. "Did she mention that we are extending the kids section to the upper floor?"

"She did mention that. I'm going to have to take little Will there when you are finished with it."

"I'll let you know when it is completed," I tell her.

"Alright let's get these babies weights, why don't we," she says as she is setting up the scale for them. "They're all gaining weight nicely. Are Nate and Nicci still light eaters?"

"They're eating a bit more now than what they have been, but then again, they are a little more active since being in their walkers," I tell her.

"I'll make a note of that for Dr. Shrek. He should be in shortly. I'll see you all before you leave," she says.

"See you in a few, Leah," we say to her.

"Da," we hear and look at each other.

""Da," we hear again.

"Was that?" Edward asks.

"Nicci and Nate?" I finish for him.

"Da, da," they say at the same time.

"Did they just say their first word?" Dr, Shrek asks as he walks in.

"Yes, they did," I say beaming, and Edward just looks like this is one of his happiest moments in life with the smile he has going on.

After that, Dr. Shrek looked over Leah's notes and checked them over. He checked on the triplets as well. "Everything looks good for all of them. The triplets need to get their first series of shots as well. I'll send Leah in to do those, and I'll see them back in a few months unless anything else comes up. Leah also tells me that you all are expanding your kids area at the store," he says.

"Yes, we are. We also told Leah that we would let her know when it's completed. We'll just send the information here instead so that you all know."

"Sounds good... I'll see you there if nothing happens before then. "

"See you later, Dr. Shrek," we say to him.

Leah walked in a few minutes later to give the shots to the triplets. I held London while she got hers. Let's just say that I had tears going as well, when she was balling her head off. I got her to settle down and put her back into the stroller since Liam was up next. Edward passed him to me to settle down so that Landon could get his shots too. The water works didn't stop for me till after they were all back in the stroller. Nicci and Nate were crying as well, so we got them to settle down with some cuddles and kisses. Edward pulled me into his arms after we got them all settled down.

"It's okay, love. We knew this was going to happen, and yet, you do this every time," he tells me as he gives me a kiss.

"I know, but it just breaks my heart to see them in pain like that.

Leah just shakes her head and snickers at me.

"What are you snickering about? Can you say that you don't do the same when it comes to little Will?"

"No, can't say that I do, because I do the same as you. It's just funny when it comes to you, considering that you have seven kids now," she says. "We'll call you to set up the next appointment for the newest set of the Cullen bunch." She left us with a wave.

"Cullen bunch, huh?" I ask Edward.

"Well, love, we do have a bunch of kids," he tells me.

"That we do, baby, that we do," I tell him back.

~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~ ~L & K~

We had decided to have lunch at the store, instead of going somewhere else to eat. Plus this way the kids could play while we visited with everyone. Because I knew that I was going to be bombarded considering that I haven't been there for a while. Edward parked the van and got out to set up the strollers. I got Nate out of his seat first and handed him to Edward to get him settled in, and then followed by Nicci and then the triplets. Andy and Shay were the last two that I got out. I also handed Edward the backpack and grabbed my purse before I got out of the van myself. We were each pushing a stroller once again with Andy and Shay standing on the back of each one. I don't know what we would've done if we didn't have these strollers, I thought as we made our way to the store.

As soon as we walked in, I swear it look like everyone was running towards me with the exception of Ali and Rose since we see them practically everyday. Everyone was oohing and awing over the newest Cullen babies.

"Bella, there is a table set up for all of you. Edward said that you haven't had lunch yet," Ali says.

I didn't even notice that Edward had left my side. Then again, with all the people that are surrounding me, it wasn't hard not to.

"Here, Bella, let me help you out. Edward is getting Andy and Shay settled at their table that we brought out for them."

"Thanks, Rose!"

Between Rose and I, we got the stroller to the table that was set up for us. Andy and Shay had little Shepherds Pies in front of them along with some milk. The table that was set up for us had our drinks of what looked to be Pepsi. Alice brought us out the adult size of the Shepherds Pie with some shepherds bread to eat with it.

Alice, Rose, Tanya, and Kate all sat down with us to have their own lunches. The regulars knew that if they needed help at any time that we would be more than happy to stop eating to help them out. They would also tell anyone that they had never seen before in the store about our policy if they happen to see us all eating at a table out in the general area. It's a policy that we had established once we had opened up. Sometimes they would even join us, even if all they were having was a cup of coffee. I guess you could say in some ways they are our family, well an extended one that is.

"Mama, Daddy, I's done. I go pway?" Shay asked.

I looked up to see that both her and Andy were both done eating. "Yes, you can go and play now," Edward tells them.

"I'll go with them and grab the monitor," Rose tells us as she is helping them up out of their chairs and taking their hands.

"Thanks, Rose," I tell her as they are walking away.

A few hours later, we are on our way home. All the kids are napping.

"Whatcha thinking about over there, love?"

"I'm thinking what we should have for dinner. If you can keep the kids entertained, I'll cook dinner."

"What are you thinking of making?"

"I saw a recipe on Pinterest that I want to try. I think that the kids will like it as well as you and I. It's a recipe for Apple Pie Cookies. So I would need to run to the store to get what I need to make for it as well as some things for dinner. I was thinking of making a Chicken Pot Pie crescent braid that I found on Pinterest as well. Since it's still early, I can start with the cookies first, before starting on dinner itself."

"Alright, love, let's get to the house, and then you can do what you need to do."

Angie was home when we got their so she helped us unload the kids, since they were still asleep. Once we had all the kids settled, I asked Angie if she wanted to go to the store with me. I kissed Edward goodbye and told him that we would be back as soon as we can. It took Angie and I about half an hour at the store. She got what she needed, while I got what I needed to make dinner and the apple pie cookies, as well as some snacks and some more food for Nicci and Nate. On the way home she was telling me about all the ideas that she wants to implement for the children's section of the store. I told her about some of the things that I found on Pinterest. We had a good laugh when she told me that's where she got most of her ideas from. It would seem that we are both addicted to that site.

I pulled into the garage and she and I grabbed as many bags as we could. Edward came and grabbed the rest of them while she and I unloaded them and put things away, except for what I needed out. Angie even helped me out while Edward was with the kids. We had a good time while baking and cooking. Angie was definitely an asset to have around.

Life goes on. As long as I have my Edward, our love, and our kids, we will always be okay while weathering whatever life throws our way. Our lives aren't perfect, but it what it is, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. We have our family, including the fact that we have seven little love bugs. Mine and Edward's love knows no bounds.

A/N: Thank you for reading this, and if you haven't done so already please read Love and Kids as well as Love and Kids: The Beginning outtake.

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