Hello! I wanted to start writing something new on the side, so I chose this challenge and it really helps me with my writer's blocks. All couples are included, with Romantica, Egoist and Terrorist in that order.

IPod Shuffle Challenge Rules: 1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like. 2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle. 3. Write a ficlet related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards! (found randomly on ff)


He really did save me. Before he came into my life, I was a mess. Not eating or sleeping for days. Just crying, smoking, and writing love poems to my one and only, at the time, Takahiro. There was nothing I could do but watch him from afar and admire his whole being. I could never have him. He wasn't mine to have in the first place. But then he came along. That one person who was able to bring me out of this black void and back into the real world. Misaki. I owe my life to him. He rescued me with his love. I was able to forget about Takahiro, and instead fall for his brother. And I must say, I have never been this happy in my whole life.

Number 1-Big Bang

"You know what? You really are a moron," Hiroki said, looking at the crisp and clean, dressed Nowaki.

"You don't like it, Hiro-san?" Nowaki asked, looking over his black suit.

Hiroki was speechless. He never saw Nowaki dressed up. And right now, he would say he was more than turned on by his handsome boyfriend.


"Speechless huh," Nowaki remarked.

"Stop being so cheeky you brat! Anyway, it's just a cocktail party why are you so dressed up anyway?"

"So that I can look good next to my Hiro-san."

Total Eclipse of the Heart- (glee cover)Bonnie Tyler

Shinobu sat in silence, looking down at his clenched fists. He had let it happen. He let the man walk away from him, for the hundredth time. It was always his fault, Miyagi was right to be mad at him.

'Why would such a wonderful man want to stay with me?' Shinobu thought miserably.

He turned around to look at his cellphone. No missed calls. It had been three days since they broke up. He wasn't coming back. Not this time, Shinobu concluded.

'Miyagi, please, wherever you are, come back to me. I'll try to change. I'll try to be worthy of you.'

Sighing, Shinobu collapsed on his bed, crying himself to sleep once again.

New York State of Mind (glee cover)-Billy Joel

"Misaki, have you ever thought of going on vacation?"

"With you? Never." Misaki huffed, still annoyed by his lover who had tried to screw him over a stove just a few minutes ago.

"But it would be so much fun! Just think about it! A new place, a large hotel room, a large bed…" Usami trailed off, getting another look from Misaki.

"Of course, that's all you ever think about."

Misaki came up behind his lover, who was sitting on the couch, "…Where were you thinking of going?"

Usagi's face brightened, "New York.

Take A Bow-Rihanna

"Hiro-san I'm so, so sorry," Nowaki whispered through their bedroom door.

"Get out!" Hiroki yelled, clutching his head in between his knees.

This scene was way too farmiliar. Hiroki thought back at when Nowaki had sought him out at the university and he had let him in. Well, this time it wasn't going to happen.

"Hiro-san, I didn't know how to tell you! Please!"

"You could have just told me you jackass," the brunet cried.

"If I did you would have still been mad at me, just as you are now, only sooner!"

"So you held off your little announcement of going away for three freaking months until now?!" Hiroki was hysterical.

"I'm sorry."

The Harold Song-Kesha

"I missed you!" Shinobu ran into Miyagi's arms, not caring that people stopped and looked on at the odd scene.

Miyagi hugged Shinobu back, almost crushing his young lover. He breathed in Shinobu's sweet scent, tears of happiness almost breaking though his eyes.

"Shinobu," he whispered, kissing the top of the honey-haired man's head.

The two lovers separated, looking at each other, huge smiles on both faces.

"Please, never again," Shinobu spoke softly.

"Never. I'll never leave you again. I can't live a second without you, Shinobu-chin."

Paradise Stars-Noah and the Whale

Usagi aimed once more, firing the plate at his tiled kitchen walls. His breath was heavy, his hands red and sliced in cuts from the broken ceramic.

'How could I have ever let him go…'

He sunk down on his knees and wept.

Chasing Pavements (glee cover)-Adele

"I give up," Hiroki said softly.

Hiroki and Akihiko were sitting quietly in his apartment, besides the fireplace, on a rainy night.

"Excuse me?" Akihiko brought his eyes up from his book.

"I give up!" Hiroki repeated louder.

"Hiroki wha-"

"I can't do this anymore, Akihiko. I can't pretend that everything is okay when it's not!"

"What are you talking about?!" Akihiko asked, bewildered.

"I have to go," Hiroki stood up, brushing dust off of his pants.

"Talk to me, old man!"

Akihiko grabbed Hiroki's arm. Hiroki looked up at the author and kissed him.