Preface: I Run Away…Again

August 12, 2012: Oxford High School, Oxford, England

I can never stay in one place for too long. Ever. I should have learned my lesson by now.

"Crap," I muttered as another window shattered. I pressed back further into the wall and held the gun closer to my chest, treating it like it was my lifeline. In a way, it was. I closed my eyes, trying to create a mental map of my surroundings. Opening my eyes and glancing around, I realized that all of the doors leading out of the room were either a.) locked, or b.) locked and blocked by rubble.

There went Plan A. Windows it was, then.

Another crash dragged me out of my thoughts and back to startling reality. This time, though, the crash was followed by a loud swear and banging against one of the doors, one that was not blocked by rubble. Another bang. Shouts for more help.

They were getting in.

Immediately, I pushed myself off the ground and looked out the window, or what remained of it, and sighed. Asphalt, of course.

I went to the next window, which miraculously had somehow not shattered. Picking up the nearest rock I threw it against it. Nothing happened. I shook my head in disbelief before lifting up my gun. Pointing it at the window, I pulled the trigger. I heard the glass break, and I also heard the noise at the door stop for a second before starting up again, full force.

The only thought in my mind was to not let them get me alive. I tore down the nearest curtain and threw one end out the window while tying the other to the window handles. I started to make my way down the side of the building, pausing every few seconds to listen and see whether or not they had gotten through the door yet.

"Please, please, please, just a few more seconds…"

I heard the door being slammed open against the wall and the frantic shouts of "Where is she?" just as I hit the ground. I took off running as fast I could, never stopping to look back.

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