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College was exciting, a new experience, a new life.

I loved it.

Everything changed so much when I went to College. I'd met so many brilliant people, made amazing friends and enjoyed every part of my life.

I loved the freedom.

The possibilities...

I met him on the 3rd October in my first year. He was third year, a medicine student, and by far the most beautiful guy I'd ever seen in my life.

He stood with his friends, a beer in one hand, and the other in his pocket. He wore jeans, a dark blue t shirt, and a lighter blue shirt on top. His hair was a mess - Tousled, golden locks of hair that sat in disarray on his head. His face was god-like. His smile literally lit up the room. His green eyes seemed to pierce through any silence that anyone heard.

He made everyone happy.

But he would never have been interested in me, a silly little first year Maths student. I wasn't the most beautiful person either, no matter how many times someone told me I was, I'd never believe it.

The only word to describe me was plain.

But that night, apparently I wasn't plain.

I caught him looking at me throughout the night. I'd simply gone out to a bar on the University campus with a few friends, and he'd seemed to have done the same thing.

At one point I went to the bar, and a few seconds later he was beside me. His elbow brushed against my arm, and he turned his head slightly to look at me.

I smiled up at him slightly, attempting not to be dazzled by his utter beauty.

He smiled back, blinking a little before he put out his hand, "Edward Cullen." He introduced himself.

I took his hand, shaking it gently, "Bella Swan."

"Would you like a drink?" He offered, pointing toward the bar.

I shook my head, "I'm not old enough, I'll buy myself a coke."

"You're telling me you don't drink?" He raised an eyebrow.

I laughed, looking down at the ground, "Umm…"

"You do." I could hear the smirk in his voice, "What would you like?"

"I can buy my own." I nodded, looking back up at him again with a smile.

He repeated his question, and I sighed, telling him I'd like a beer.

He ordered two drinks, before asking if I'd like to sit with him.

We sat in the corner, where it was quieter and we could talk. Which just made me nervous.

He spoke first, "Please tell me if I start to annoy you." He laughed, "I'm slightly drunk, hence the reason I'm talking to you. If I was stone cold sober I'd be far too shy."

My heart melted a little as I watched his crooked smile, and I giggled, admitting I was in the same situation.

"You have a beautiful laugh." He smiled, "You're very beautiful."

We stared back at each other for a long moment, green eyes burning into brown, brown eyes melting in a puddle at my feet.

We talked for the majority of the night. I found out tons about him.

He was a third year medical student, 21 years old. He had one brother, who still lived in his hometown of Forks with his parents, a little town a while away from Seattle. He'd always wanted to go to Seattle University, to follow in his father's footsteps. He played guitar aswell, and sung, though when I asked him to sing something for me, he refused, but promised he would at some point.

I was just happy because that meant I'd see him again.

He was incredibly smart, and funny. He told jokes and I couldn't help but laugh at his cheeky smile everytime he said a punchline. He was the nicest guy I'd ever met, he made great conversation, and he made me feel comfortable.

He couldn't believe I was from Florida, mostly because of my pale skin. I explained I preferred the cold, which was why I chose Seattle as a University. We talked about my mom and dad for a short while, and I admitted that I missed them a little, to which he replied, "But if you hadn't left Florida, I'd never have met you."

I felt like I loved him after that first night.

Our friends eventually joined us, and we all bonded that night. His friends were lovely, and I had no qualms that they were nothing but genuine people.

When myself and my friends decided to leave, himself and his friends stood up to say goodbye. He hugged me tightly, and I couldn't help but marvel in the heat of his body and the feel of his arms around me.

We pulled back slowly, glancing into each other's eyes once again. For a short second I thought he was going to kiss me.

He reached up with his right hand, tracing his finger down my cheek as his eyes burned into my own.

As he moved closer, my friend Alice chirped and called my name.

Edward and I turned around, glancing at her before laughing awkwardly. I let myself out of his arms and he smiled softly at me, "I'll see you around, Bella."

After that night I didn't think I'd see him again, even though my friends insisted that he clearly liked me and wanted to see me more than once.

But all that kept ringing in my mind was that when he was sober, he was shy.

It turns out I had nothing to be worried about.

We ran into each other, we talked, we laughed, we ended up seeing each other on nights out, we spent more and more time together.

We started dating half way into my first year.

We dated the whole way through College.

He finished his medical degree and began work in the hospital.

A year after that I finished my Maths degree.

It had been the most perfect three years of my life.

And on my graduation day, he asked me to marry him.

I married him.

That guy I spotted on a night out, the guy I happened to bump in to at the bar, the guy I spoke to all night and realised he was perfect.

Too perfect for me.

I married him.

My first love. My only love.

I married him.

I wasn't Isabella Swan anymore. I was Isabella Cullen.

I loved his family, they loved me. Our families loved each other. My friends and Edward's friends were now all best friends.

Everything was perfect.

The first year of marriage, we adapted to quickly. I loved our Seattle apartment, our little home. With both our jobs, we had a good amount of money. We were planning on buying a house, making that our home too.

We had an amazing life. I was so happy with him. Everyday I had a smile on my face. I woke up next to him, I fell asleep in his arms. I told him l loved him. He told me he loved me more.

I couldn't ask for anything more.

18 months after our wedding day, I fell pregnant. Words cannot describe how excited we were.

We were going to have a little Edward or Bella, and the pregnancy only brought us closer.

We bought our house in Seattle, a gorgeous period home we both fell in love with as soon as we saw it. We decorated it, made it our home, and I knew I didn't want my life any other way.

6 months into my pregnancy, I went into labour.

The baby was premature, our little baby girl was ill.

"She's like a poppy." Edward had said, "So delicate."

We named her Poppy.

Edward and I never left the hospital, we held each other together as we prayed she'd make it through.

I couldn't imagine my life without Edward Cullen, so I wasn't sure how everything fell apart like it did.

Our delicate little flower didn't make it. Edward and I watched as she took her last breath, and I could still remember how my body shook against Edward's as we cried.

We buried her, we said goodbye to her, we attempted to live a normal life after we'd mourned.

Edward and I were never the same.

We drifted apart.

It was my fault. It was his fault.

It didn't matter.

It was over.

I could still remember the day I left.

It broke my heart.

I could still hear his voice calling…

"Bella, come back. I love you."

"I love you too." I'd whispered, but the door was already shut behind me…

Two years later…


My eyes were heavy, and I attempted to shut them as I took a seat in my office chair, leaning my head back.

But of course, with every shut of my eyes came the flash of her face.

I sat up, sighing as I ran my fingers through my hair.

My stomach had been churning for the past hour, and I had no idea why.

I pressed the button on my computer, watching it buzz to life as my office door opened.


I glanced up at Mary, the Senior Nurse for Accident and Emergency. She was a motherly figure, kinda like my rock at work.

"Yeah?" My eyes looked at hers, and I knew automatically it was something serious.

"Car accident." She explained, "The car veered off the road due to ice, off the bridge, into the river. The ambulance is a few minutes away."

My legs shot up, cursing the November weather over and over again as Mary and I walked towards the entrance, waiting on the arrival of the patient.

"I had a bad feeling this past hour." I muttered to her as the sickly feeling increased, "I knew something was wrong… What do we know?"

"Nothing. Literally nothing." She sighed, "Someone saw the accident, they saved the girl but it's critical."

"We'll need to get her warmed up slowly." I noted, "And then take a look at external and internal damage."

Mary nodded her agreement, "They say she's probably mid-twenties. Hopefully she's healthy enough to fight through it."

I didn't get the chance to answer her, because suddenly the ambulance pulled up.

The rush was crazy, but it was a reminder of why I came to work.

To stop myself from thinking about her…

The stretcher was taken out of the ambulance slowly, the woman's face and body covered completely in the hypothermic blankets the crew had thought to use.

They potentially saved her life.

We brought her into the Emergency Room, bringing her into our secluded section, Mary and I beginning the initial checks and giving out instructions to the other nurses.

I slipped my hand under the blanket, reaching for the woman's right arm, feeling her ice cold skin almost pierce through my own. I pressed my two fingers to her wrist, trying to feel for her heartbeat.

I glanced down at her pale arm.

So so pale.

My fingers moved slightly, running them over her wrist to try and locate her pulse.

As my fingers moved, they stalled faintly, my eyes widening at the small scar near her vein. At that moment my heart beat thudded erratically, just as my fingers located her faint pulse under her skin.

I stared at the scar, my eyes widened, yet still able to prickle with fearful tears.

I could hear Mary calling my name, but all I could see was the scar.

A little, tiny heart shaped scar.

Bella's scar.

It was from the needle they'd used at the hospital when she went into labour. They used about ten needles, all in the same spot, trying to get blood from her vein.

They'd left a distinct scar.

One I'd never forgotten about.


It couldn't be…

That was impossible…

It couldn't be her…

The tip of my finger touched the scar, just as my eyes travelled to the rest of the blankets, looking at the small body underneath them.

Mary was still calling me, asking if she should remove the blanket from the woman's upper body to check for chest injuries.

She suddenly realised she wasn't getting an answer from me. She knew something was wrong.

But right now her focus was the patient, and she used her own initiative and decided to pull the blankets away.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion, and my finger shook on the scar as Mary pulled the blanket away from the woman's face.

And there she was…

My Bella…

My wife…


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