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24th December

Six Years Later


I could still feel her lying on my chest, her warm body sleeping peacefully in my tight arms.

I moved a little, and as I did so I realised my arms were empty, causing me to open my eyes.

She wasn't in the bed.

I frowned a little, rubbing my eyes as I sat up.

I always woke up when she left the bed… Or even moved.

I stood up, pulling on my boxers before I checked the bathroom.

Nope, no sign of her.

Walking downstairs quietly, I faintly heard the coffee machine from the kitchen.

I smiled, my legs moving quicker until I reached the doorway, where I stopped and gazed at her.

She had her back to me, and she poured herself some coffee as she stood in her silk dressing gown, tied tightly at the waist.

I sneaked forward, creeping up behind her and wrapping my arms around her waist, grinning as she jumped a little.

"Morning." I murmured, kissing her ear lightly.

She left her coffee on the counter, before turning around to face me, "Hi there." She smiled, raising an eyebrow, "Sleep well?"

"Very well." I grinned, "I'm surprised I didn't wake up when you got out of bed though."

She smirked, running her hands over my bare chest, causing shivers to run up and down my spine, "I think you were worn out after last night."

"And you weren't?" I countered, letting my hands sneak under dressing gown, touching her warm stomach lightly.

She sighed, "I was." She admitted, "That's why I came for coffee."

I leaned closer, letting my lips touch hers softly, "I can think of something else that will wake you up."

She murmured something incoherently, wrapping her arms around my neck as she kissed me back, letting my tongue slip into her mouth as she melted against me.

"How is it… After everything… You look so perfect?" I whispered, kissing her ear softly.

"What?" She laughed, pulling back a little to look at me.

"Pregnancy, childbirth…" I shook my head, pulling her dressing gown open a little more to look down her body, "You're perfect…" I leaned closer, placing an opened mouthed kiss on her collarbone, "And everytime we make love, it's just like the first time… You haven't changed at all and I don't get it. I don't understand."

"I have changed." She laughed, "Trust me."

"You're beautiful." I countered, bringing her closer and kissing her again.

Our hands travelled over each other, our breaths heavy and loving as our lips joined and danced together.

Suddenly, I heard someone clear their throat from behind Bella.

My eyes opened quickly, and I glanced over Bella's shoulder before closing and tying the robe around her – now frozen – body.


We both laughed slightly, before turning to look at the two people by the doorway.

Our five year old son, Edward, stood in his pyjamas, with his coat half on and one wellington boot on his left foot.

He was holding the hand of his little sister, Holly, our two year old daughter who was currently rubbing her eyes and frowning, probably because her brother just woke her up.

Edward raised an eyebrow, "What are you guys doing awake?"

"Haven't you saw, daddy?" EJ bounced on the spot a little, causing Holly to blink a few times, her cute little face still trying to wake up, "It's snowing!" He shouted.

Edward and I both glanced out the kitchen window, looking at the sheeting snow lying in layers on the back garden.

"EJ, did you wake Holly up for the snow?" I asked, and at the same moment Edward walked towards her.

He picked her up, and I watched as she rested her head on his shoulder, her bronze curls still tight on her head from the pillow she'd slept on. She reached up with one hand to the back of Edward's head, touching his hair lightly with her tiny fingers.

She always did that when he was rocking her to sleep.

And it still made my heart squeeze with love.

Her eyes fluttered closed, and I glanced back down at EJ as he came towards me, "Of course I woke her up. It's Christmas soon, we need to make a snowman."

I lifted him up, grinning at his cute little face and his green eyes.

Edward Junior had his father's eyes, and my hair colour.

While little Holly had my eyes and Edward's hair colour.

It was a perfect combination.

"Mommy, I wanna go play in the snow." He whispered into my ear, reaching up to my hair and wrapping a strand around his finger, "Please?" He grinned.

I giggled, "I can't say no to you…" I put him back onto the floor, fixing his coat quickly, "Now go get your other boot and then you can play."

He ran off quickly, and I stood up again, looking over at Edward and Holly.

He was staring at her sleeping face, a crooked smile on his face and that look in his eyes…

The look he had with me, and Holly, and EJ…


I moved over to him, smiling as he wrapped his free arm around my waist. Holly moved suddenly, opening her eyes as she smiled at me, reaching for me suddenly.

I took her quickly, giggling gently as she sighed and rested her head in the crook of my neck. She only stayed like that for a short moment, before she raised her head and pointed to the window, "Snow. EJ."

"You want to go play too?"

She nodded her head, a little bronze curl dropping down on her face. I pushed it behind her ear gently, before kissing her cheek softly.

She looked over at Edward, "Kiss, daddy!" She squealed, pointing one little finger to her cheek.

Edward grinned, kissing her cheek gently as she let out a little giggle.

"Now mommy!" She instructed him, "Kiss, mommy!"

Edward laughed, coming closer to me before he pressed his lips to mine gently.

Holly squealed softly, clapping her hands before she blew us both a kiss.

We went to get her a coat and some boots, before letting her and EJ out into the back garden, watching them as they ran into the snow.

We poured ourselves some coffee, and stood at the window, watching as EJ began to make the snowman, while Holly sat down beside the Poppies we had planted six years ago, and began to babble stuff we couldn't hear.

"Edward." I called him, as he poured milk into his mug.

"What?" He looked up quickly, before glancing out the window.

His protectiveness over our children still made me smile.

His eyes landed on Holly, and he let out a breath, "She's sitting by the Poppies."

I nodded, "Isn't it weird? EJ used to sit by the Poppies when he was Holly's age, and talk absolute babble… Now Holly does it."

Edward moved to wrap his arm around my shoulders, kissing my forehead, "Maybe Poppy's just taking care of them."

I looked up at him, meeting his eyes, "You think?"

He smiled, "I know."

We kissed gently, before turning our heads back to look at our children again.

Holly was getting up now, moving over to EJ to help him with his snowman.

She stopped suddenly and both she and EJ turned their heads to glance at the Poppies.

And then, to mine – and Edward's – complete and utter shock, they each held up a hand in a wave.

Edward and I looked at each other, before glancing through the window at the Poppies once more, both of us holding up a hand of our own.

Edward pulled me closer with his free hand, "I love you." He swore.

I smiled, leaning my head on his shoulder, "I love you too."

The End

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