Loki stood out on the street, hating the human race more and more each second. The cool, New York air blew and Loki wrapped his very expensive, stolen jacket tighter around him. Staying on Earth was Thor's idea. Loki thought back to his brother's words.

"Brother, only trouble awaits you in Asgard, and your deal with Thanos certainly does not help. It would be safer for you to stay on Earth."

Loki remembered scoffing then. He, the should-be king, stay in the place he caused so much destruction, panic and chaos? Surely his brother was joking.

"Please brother, do as I say. Stay here, get a job, find a girl, and make a new life."

Loki actually found the idea appealing back then. A new start for him. An opportunity to fall in love, make a family. At least he'd rule something, even though his subjects would only consist of himself, his wife and kids. It was better than ruling nothing. But now, standing in the cold, having virtually nothing, Loki despised the idea. He couldn't get the ball rolling. And why was that? Because for some strange reason, it seemed no-one wanted to hire someone who tried to take over the world. He felt he was more than qualified for any job. After all, he was a God! Doesn't that count for anything? Of course not! He'd walk in a business, and introduce himself and ask for a job, and the person would always get that same look in their eyes, fear, panic or most likely hate, Loki thought, and then, they'd say:

"I'm sorry but we're not looking for any help right now." Their hand would hover over the phone, probably in case they needed to call the police.

Loki growled in anger. He get hired somewhere. He had to. He looked around and started up the street again, looking for a place that he'd like to work in. He settled on a pizza place finally.

"Hello," he greeted to the young girl working the counter." I'm Loki Laufeyson. I'd like to work here, if possible." He was sure to be extra polite.

The girl blew a bubble in her bubble gum and popped it. "Um, I don't think we're hiring."

Loki slammed his hand on the counter. "I demand you to hire me!"

Her hand hovered over her cell phone. "I'm sorry, but I don't own the place."

Loki sighed." But, I'm a God and I need a job."

The girl raised her eyebrow. "Um, well that's good for you. You know, if you need a job, you should check the paper. They list all the job postings in there."

Loki smiled and left. He went in search of one of these papers she spoke of.

"How are you, brother?" Thor asked, running into Loki on the street.

Loki glared at his brother. In one hand Thor held a hot dog, the other a folded pamphlet- looking thing.

"What is that called?" Loki asked pointing at it.

"This? It's called the New York Times. It's very interesting."

"Like a paper? Is that slander the humans use for the New York Times?"

Thor smiled. "Yes actually, it is. How did you catch on so fast, I'm still figuring it out."

Loki ignored Thor and grabbed the paper from him. "Goodbye Odinson