Survivor: Shamouti Island

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Professor Ivy is standing on a ship sailing towards Shamouti Island, with a group of Pokémon trainers sitting on the ship silently.

"Welcome to Survivor: Shamouti Island," Ivy announces. "These 24 trainers are about to attempt to outwit, outplay and outlast each other for a large sum of money. They are about to be stranded on Shamouti Island, where they will have to figure out how to survive both the elements as well as each other. 39 days, 24 trainers, 1 survivor!"

The Survivor theme "Ancient Voices" plays, showing the 24 characters of the series:

(A/N: The backgrounds of these characters are based off where they were at the end of my story "The Elite Eight." You don't have to read that story to understand this one, though.)

Brawly, Dewford Gym Leader

Bruno, former Indigo Elite Four member

Candice, Snowpoint Gym Leader

Cynthia, Sinnoh League Champion

Cyrus, Team Galactic Leader

Falkner, Violet Gym Leader

Gary, Viridian Gym Leader

Giselle, Indigo League Champion

Gold, Mahogany-3 Gym Leader

J, Pokémon Hunter

Janine, Fuchsia Gym Leader

Jasmine, Olivine Gym Leader

Joe, Indigo Elite Four member

Karen, former Indigo Elite Four member

Liza, Hoenn Elite Four member

Lucian, Sinnoh Elite Four member

Melody, Shamouti Island trainer

Roxanne, Rustboro Gym Leader

Sabrina, Saffron Gym Leader

Silver, Johto trainer

Tate, Mossdeep Gym Leader

Volkner, Sunyshore Gym Leader

Whitney, Goldenrod Gym Leader

Will, former Indigo Elite Four member

(A/N: When a person's quote is in italics, that means that they are in a confessional. A confessional is when a character talks to the camera all by themselves, with no one else able to hear them. It usually occurs out of order of the time that it is actually shown in the episode.)

Episode 1

All We Wanna Do

Day 1

Professor Ivy addresses the players on the ship as it lands next to the island.

"Welcome to Shamouti Island," she reiterates to them. "You are just about to begin playing the game, but first, you are to be separated into four tribes. You'll come up here and grab a map to the spot on the island in which you will be staying, as well as a barrel of rice. First, the Kanto tribe: Sabrina, Will, Karen, Bruno, Melody and Gary. You will be wearing the red buffs."

The six Kanto members walk up to Ivy and take their buffs off her, as well as the map and the rice, then exit the ship onto the island.

"Next, the Johto tribe, with the gold buffs: Jasmine, Silver, Whitney, Gold, Falkner and Janine."

The Johto members receive their buffs and follow the Kanto tribe off the ship.

"Next will be the Hoenn tribe, with the sapphire-blue buffs: Giselle, Joe, Roxanne, Brawly, Tate and Liza."

Giselle looks over angrily at Roxanne as her tribe gets up to receive their buffs and exit the ship.

"Finally, the Sinnoh tribe, with the platinum buffs: Cynthia, Lucian, J, Cyrus, Candice and Volkner."

"That's Queen Cynthia to you," Cynthia retorts.

"Quiet! I didn't give you permission to speak yet!" Ivy snaps.

Cynthia looks puzzled at Ivy's willingness to stand up to her, while her tribe grabs their buffs and gets off the ship.

Kanto Tribe

(Sabrina, Will, Karen, Bruno, Melody, Gary)

The Kanto tribe members arrive at their designated beach where the map has led them, finding some tools waiting for them. They immediately get to work on building their shelter. Bruno, with his muscular arms, is easily able to gather some bamboo trunks to help put together the shelter for the tribe.

"Great job, Bruno!" calls Sabrina.

She joins Will and Gary in helping to put some palm fronds on top of the shelter area to build a roof.

"This is easy," Bruno comments, as he adds to the shelter. "What's not so easy is going to be making a fire."

"What do you mean?" Gary asks. "Just gather some wood together, and I'll start it."

Melody and Karen gather some logs and put them in a pile. Then Gary throws out a Poké Ball.

"Go, Arcanine!"

Within instants, Arcanine has a fire blazing. The other trainers applaud Gary.

"Thank you, thank you," Gary says.

"How easy can it get?" Gary says. "They call this game Survivor, but I don't think surviving the elements is going to be any problem with these Pokémon around."

Sabrina notices Karen trying to talk to Will, and she quickly pulls him away from her.

"What's the matter, Sabrina?" Karen asks. "This is a social game, and if you refuse to let me socialize, I'll put you out of the game."

"No flirting with Will!" Sabrina snaps.

"I wasn't going to flirt, just going to have a conversation, that's all," Karen replies.

"I got no favors handed to me with this tribe," Sabrina says. "Not only do I have my ex-boyfriend Gary on this tribe with me, but I also have Will's ex-girlfriend Karen. This is going to make us split right from the start."

Johto Tribe

(Jasmine, Silver, Whitney, Gold, Janine, Falkner)

The tribe has already gotten to putting together their shelter. Gold's Typhlosion has started a fire in the same matter that Gary's Arcanine did. At the moment, Janine is climbing in a tree trying to knock down some coconuts.

"I'll catch them, just knock them down here," Falkner calls.

Janine uses a machete (which was one of the tools waiting for the tribe on the beach) to knock down several coconuts to Falkner.

"Great, this is going to be easy," Falkner says.

Meanwhile, Silver calls over Jasmine, Gold and Whitney over to him, noticing that Falkner and Janine are distracted.

"This is going to be easy for us," Silver tells the others in a low voice. "The first two to go from this tribe will be Falkner and Janine. They can't do anything about it, we take them out with our four votes. We'll be an unstoppable alliance in this game."

"Good thinking, Silver," Gold replies.

"I've learned to work with Gold over the last few years, and I'm going to have to work with him if I'm to get far in this game. The question will be, does Whitney trust me enough to allow me to control our alliance?" Silver says.

"Already Silver's talking strategy, and let me tell you, I don't trust him," Whitney says. "I know it's to our benefit to stay together, but later in this game I'm going to be watching very carefully what he does. He wouldn't mind cutting Gold and me loose if it's to his advantage."

Hoenn Tribe

(Giselle, Joe, Roxanne, Brawly, Liza, Tate)

Only minutes after arriving at their beach, Giselle and Roxanne are already arguing.

"What's with Brawly and I having to carry everything?" Roxanne asks. "You and Joe refused to help us with that barrel of rice!"

"Why is his name Brawly if he's too weak to carry things?" Giselle replies. "And what are you scared of, getting your robes wrinkled?"

Roxanne and Brawly, who are wearing robes, stare at Giselle with indignation.

"We wear these robes in honor of Arceus," Roxanne responds. "We will be one with Arceus someday."

"I can't believe you actually think you're going to ever see some Pokémon that doesn't even exist," Giselle says. "You're absolutely crazy."

"You'll be the one who's going to be sorry someday," Roxanne replies.

Joe and Brawly simply roll their eyes as they work together to build their tribe's shelter.

"I'm sorry about Giselle," Joe says.

"Don't worry, Roxanne's just as bad," Brawly replies.

Meanwhile, Liza and Tate have changed into their bathing suits, as appropriate with the hot weather on the island.

"Come on, let's go exploring," Tate suggests.

Liza obliges, and the two walk off into the wooded area of their part of the island.

Sinnoh Tribe

(Cynthia, Lucian, J, Cyrus, Volkner, Candice)

While Volkner, Candice, J and Cyrus are hard at work putting together the tribe's shelter, Lucian is at work at a different task.

"That's right, Lucian, make me my throne," Cynthia tells Lucian.

Lucian gathers together some wood to make the base of the throne, then puts some palm fronds on top of it to make it a more comfortable seat for Cynthia. Cynthia then sits on top of the throne.

"I am queen of this tribe," Cynthia states. "You shall all call me Queen Cynthia."

"Whatever," J replies, continuing to work on the tribe's shelter.

"I shall be in complete control of this game from start to finish," Cynthia says. "I will command everyone to vote as I say, and when the game is over, they shall crown me their queen."

Candice speaks with Volkner quietly as they work on building the shelter.

"Cynthia seems like she is dead set on being in charge of this tribe," she tells him. "We should try to remove her from the game first."

"I agree, but that's going to be difficult," Volkner replies. "She probably has the support of the other three people in our tribe."

"We have to find a way to convince those two villains to vote with us," Candice says.

"You sure Cynthia and Lucian aren't the real villains?" Volkner responds.

"It's only Day 1, and Candice and I are in a very difficult situation," Volkner says. "Somehow we've got to wiggle our way through four very powerful people."

Kanto Tribe

(Sabrina, Will, Karen, Bruno, Melody, Gary)

Sabrina pulls Will aside to talk to him.

"Look, we've got to get Karen out of this game as soon as possible," she tells him.

"Do we have to?" Will replies.

"Don't tell me you still have feelings for her!" Sabrina exclaims. "You've got to let go of those and do what I say!"

"Oh, all right," Will responds. "But how can only the two of us get her out?"

"That's what I'm going to work on," Sabrina states. "Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to use my psychic powers in this game, or this would be really easy."

Sabrina goes over to talk to Gary and Melody, but as she goes over there, she sees Karen already talking to them.

"Sorry, Sabrina!" Karen shouts to her as she walks over. "I've already made a deal with these two to vote you out first! Too bad for you, huh?"

Sabrina simply stares down Karen as she walks away.

"So, Gary," Sabrina says, "are you really going to vote me out?"

"Hey, I just told Karen what she wants to hear," Gary replies. "I don't know who I'm going to vote out yet."

"Well, it better not be me," Sabrina states.

"And why not?" Gary asks.

"Because you will pay," Sabrina responds in anger.

"Sabrina and Karen both think they're running this show, but really, it's me who's in charge here," Gary says. "I control who goes home, not them!"

Johto Tribe

(Jasmine, Silver, Whitney, Gold, Janine, Falkner)

It is only the first evening, and already Silver and Janine are getting into it.

"You loser!" Janine yells at him. "You think you're going to control every vote!"

"Well, I will," Silver replies. "I am in an alliance of four, against your two. You're hopeless."

"I'll figure a way out," Janine states. "I am a ninja, after all. I find my way out of sticky situations."

"Not out of this one," Silver says. "My only question for you is whether you would like to be voted out before your boyfriend."

"That Silver!" Janine says. "He is so arrogant. We may have patched things up outside of this game, but mark my words that I will take him down. I have to, it's my only choice."

Hoenn Tribe

(Giselle, Joe, Roxanne, Brawly, Liza, Tate)

Liza and Tate continue exploring through the wooded area, climbing from tree to tree. After hours of going through the jungle, Liza notices a pile of sand in an unusual location.

"What could it be?" Tate wonders.

"I'm going to find out," Liza replies.

Liza digs through the sand, and she is surprised when she digs up a Master Ball.

"A Master Ball? What's that for?" Tate asks.

"There's a note attached to it," Liza states. "It says, 'This is an immunity Master Ball. Use it before the votes are read to cancel out all votes against you.'"

"Sweet! That could really help us out in this game."

"Absolutely! We're in great luck!"

The two hug warmly.

"So I found an immunity Master Ball," Liza says. "This could really help Tate and myself through this game. I'll be willing to let him have it if he needs it. We are playing this game as a team."

"Liza found that Master Ball, and now it could really be a boost to our game," Tate says. "We are so connected to each other, there's nothing that's going to separate us."

The two return to the rest of the tribe, where Giselle is curious about where they have been.

"So, you've been missing all day, while we've been doing all the work setting up this shelter!" she exclaims. "Thought you could just skimp out on all the hard stuff?"

"We're sorry," Liza replies. "We've never been to a place like this before, so we wanted to explore. All we wanna do is have some fun."

"It's okay, Giselle," Joe adds. "We were able to finish the shelter without needing them, and besides, they're so young."

"Hmmmph!" Giselle exclaims.

"I don't like the way Liza and Tate just went off on their own while the rest of us did all the work," Giselle says. "Maybe one of them should be the first one voted out."

Sinnoh Tribe

(Cynthia, Lucian, J, Cyrus, Volkner, Candice)

That evening, Lucian calls all the other tribe members over to where Cynthia is seated on her makeshift throne.

"Now," Cynthia demands, "bow down before me, all of you."

Lucian, J and Cyrus immediately bow down before Cynthia, while Volkner and Candice hesitate.

"If you do not bow, you will be the first one voted out," Cynthia adds.

Volkner decides to bow as well, but Candice refuses.

"So, you refuse?" Cynthia asks her.

"That's right," Candice replies. "I won't bow before you."

"Then expect to be on your way home, before anyone else," Cynthia declares.

"We'll see about that," Candice states.

"Cynthia wanted me to bow down before her, and I refused," Candice says. "If that costs me my place in this game, so be it, but I'm not giving in to her demands."

"That brat Candice refused to bow before me," Cynthia says. "So she will be the first one to leave this tribe, plain and simple."

"Oh, and no rice for you, Candice," Cynthia adds. "Not until you bow before me."

"What?" Candice yells.

"That's right, my servants Lucian, Cyrus and J will defend the rice barrel from you. Your boyfriend may have a little, however."

"Cynthia is so arrogant," Candice says. "To refuse someone the ability to eat is ridiculous."

Day 2

Kanto Tribe

(Sabrina, Will, Karen, Bruno, Melody, Gary)

Melody and Gary go over to the place where the tribe is to receive their mail.

"Hey, we've got mail already!" Melody exclaims, pulling out the note.

"Let's bring it to the others," Gary states.

The two bring the note to the other players, to let them see what it says.

"Today you will compete in your first immunity challenge," Sabrina reads. "Two tribes will lose, two tribes will survive. The two who lose will be forced to vote someone out of their tribe."

"Sounds serious," Will adds.

"So the game starts very quickly," Sabrina says. "First there's Karen trying to get me out of here, now we're going to have a challenge, which I hope we can win."

Immunity Challenge

"Come on in, guys!" Professor Ivy shouts.

The four tribes walk into the immunity challenge area, seeing a gigantic Poké Ball and four large soccer nets.

"Welcome to your first immunity challenge," Professor Ivy states. "Here is how it's gonna work. Each of you tribes will defend one goal, marked with your tribe color. While some people try to defend the goal, other players will push the giant Poké Ball toward the other nets. If the Poké Ball ends up in your net, your tribe will go to Tribal Council. We will play until two tribes give up a goal, so two tribes will go to Tribal Council. However, the people voted out will not be leaving this game."

Everyone looks on with surprise and astonishment.

"What?" Giselle asks.

"That's right, if you are voted out, you are not out of the game – not yet. Instead you will head to Redemption Island, where you will await further opponents who get voted out. You will then have to win a 1-on-1 Pokémon battle in order to remain on Redemption Island and stay in the game. At some point, whoever is left on Redemption Island will return to the game."

The four tribes begin murmuring amongst each other after hearing this.

"I'll give you a moment to strategize, and then we'll get started."

The teams discuss their strategies, then they take their places in front of each of their goals.

"For immunity! Survivors ready? Go!"

For Kanto, Gary and Melody stay back to defend their goal. Johto has Gold and Whitney back at their goal. Hoenn leaves Giselle and Joe at their goal, while Sinnoh has Candice and Volkner stay back at their goal. The rest of the players charge out into the field to begin pushing the Poké Ball.

"This is a heavy Poké Ball!" Professor Ivy shouts. "You're going to need a lot of strength to push it around!"

Brawly begins to push the ball a bit, with Roxanne trying to help him. Silver and Falkner begin pushing the ball as well. Hunter J and Cyrus try pulling Silver off the ball, while Lucian gives the ball his best effort.

"You are allowed to push, shove and grab your opponents all you want, as long as you are not attempting to hurt them!" Ivy shouts.

Upon hearing this, Cynthia immediately grabs Sabrina and throws her to the ground. She then sits upon Sabrina's back.

"You're not going anywhere," Cynthia taunts Sabrina.

While Cynthia sits on Sabrina's back, Cyrus and Hunter J start to get the ball moving in the direction of the Kanto goal.

"Push it towards Kanto!" Cynthia tells the other players.

Will, Karen and Bruno try pushing as hard as they can, but all the other players gang up on them to begin pushing the ball toward the Kanto goal. It is eleven players against only three, and Kanto is in danger.

"What did we ever do to hurt you?" Karen asks. "Push it someplace else!"

But the three tribes work together to push the ball towards the Kanto goal, while Cynthia continues to sit on Sabrina. Sabrina tries desperately to escape from underneath Cynthia, but it is no use.

"Cynthia, just sitting on Sabrina and keeping her out of this challenge!" Ivy shouts.

Sabrina begins struggling even more, causing Cynthia a bit of discomfort, so Cynthia grabs Sabrina's long green hair and begins to pull it. Sabrina cries out in pain.

"Hold up, everyone! Time out!" Ivy yells.

All the players stop dead in their tracks. Cynthia continues pulling on Sabrina's hair even as Ivy says this.

"Cynthia, you're out of this challenge! Trying to hurt an opposing player is illegal!"

Cynthia simply sighs, getting off Sabrina's back and walking out of the challenge area. Sabrina gets up and wipes the dirt off her body.

"Cynthia, first person in Survivor history to be kicked out of a challenge!" Ivy exclaims. "Now, the rest of you may continue the challenge!"

The players continue pushing the ball, most of them pushing it toward the Kanto goal. Sabrina rushes over to help her tribemates, but they find the ball being pushed all the way toward Gary and Melody.

"Come help us!" Sabrina calls to Gary and Melody.

Gary and Melody join the other Kanto tribe members in pushing the ball, but even Bruno's immense strength cannot make up for the eleven others pushing as hard as they can. Brawly and Silver are making the most progress in pushing, and the ball gets dangerously close to the Kanto net.

"Take out some of their players!" Sabrina calls to Will.

Will runs around the other side of the ball and tries ripping players off the ball, but he is only able to get Tate away from the ball. By the time he has a chance to push away anyone else, Brawly gives the ball one final shove, and the Kanto tribe members are pushed into the net along with the ball.

"Kanto gives up a goal!" Ivy yells. "They will head to Tribal Council tonight."

The Kanto tribe members frustratedly leave the field, with Sabrina feeling especially embarrassed after what happened with Cynthia.

"Now we will put the ball back into the middle of the field, and play will resume," Ivy explains. "The next team to give up a goal will head to Tribal Council tomorrow night."

The ball is moved back to its original spot, in the direct center of the field. The players line back up at their original positions, save for the Kanto tribe, which has of course been eliminated.

"Survivors ready? Go!"

The players run out to start pushing the ball. From the sidelines, Sabrina immediately calls, "Push it towards Sinnoh!"

Silver and Brawly's eyes light up as she says this, and they immediately begin pushing the ball towards the Sinnoh goal. Sinnoh, being down a player, has a very difficult time trying to keep the ball from going their way. Hunter J, Cyrus and Lucian do all they can, but the ball keeps on rolling toward their own goal.

"Sinnoh, in quite a bit of trouble now!" Ivy shouts.

"Come on, help!" Silver calls to Gold and Whitney, who are still back at their own goal.

Gold and Whitney rush out to help push the ball, and Joe and Giselle rush out to help as well. There are now 12 people pushing the ball against only the three of Sinnoh, and the ball begins picking up speed on its way toward the Sinnoh goal.

"We need help!" Lucian calls to Candice and Volkner.

Volkner and Candice rush out to help them. Volkner begins pushing on the ball, while Candice tries grabbing players and pulling them off the ball. She gets Giselle off the ball for a moment, and then pulls Joe away from the ball. Still, it is of no use, as the other players work together to push the ball right into the Sinnoh goal.

"That's it!" Ivy yells. "Sinnoh gives up a goal, and they will be headed to Tribal Council tomorrow night!"

Sabrina makes a face at Cynthia, feeling that she got a measure of revenge by having Sinnoh also lose. Cynthia ignores Sabrina and goes over to the rest of her tribe.

"Congratulations, Johto and Hoenn, these are for you," Ivy states.

She hands Jasmine and Liza each a GS Ball.

"Those are the immunity GS Balls. With it, your team cannot go to Tribal Council. You may head back to camp."

The Johto and Hoenn tribes happily go on their way back toward their camps.

"As for you, Kanto and Sinnoh, each of you will be voting out a player to send to Redemption Island. For Sinnoh, you've got another day to think about it, but for Kanto, you'll be doing it tonight. I'll see you for Tribal."

The Kanto and Sinnoh tribes begin on their way back toward their camps.

"Cynthia really embarrassed me at this challenge today," Sabrina says. "It's clear she hates me. I hope I get a chance to show her what I'm made of."

Kanto Tribe

(Sabrina, Will, Karen, Bruno, Melody, Gary)

The Kanto tribe members come back to camp disappointed and defeated.

"The other tribes shouldn't have listened to Cynthia," Sabrina complains. "That just shouldn't have been allowed."

"Well, it was allowed, and now we're voting someone out!" Karen replies.

"Sabrina thinks that she is the leader or something here, but in reality, I am," Karen says. "I'm going to be the one who sends her to Redemption Island tonight."

Will goes over to talk to Gary and Melody.

"We want Bruno out of this game," Will tells them.

"Bruno? But he's one of our strongest members!" Melody exclaims.

"I'm rather close to Karen," Will replies. "I'd like her to stay around."

"I'm not sure…" Melody states.

"Just do it, okay?" Will says.

"We'll think about it," Gary responds.

"Will isn't using his head when he says he wants Bruno out," Melody says. "He likes Sabrina and I heard he used to be in a relationship with Karen. So naturally his only choice is to vote out Bruno."

Karen later goes over to Gary and Melody to speak with them as well.

"It's Sabrina, right?" she asks them.

"Right," Gary replies.

"Good," Karen states. "Can't wait to see her reaction."

"As much as Karen wants Sabrina to go home, I don't know if I actually want it," Gary says. "We have a big decision coming up here."

Tribal Council


The six Kanto tribe members walk into the Tribal Council area, where Professor Ivy is waiting for them.

"Each of you grab a torch and dip it in the fire," Ivy commands. "This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council. In this game, fire represents your life. Once your fire is gone, so are you, with a slight exception: Redemption Island."

The players do so, then set their torches off to the side, before taking their seats across from Ivy.

"Let's talk a little bit about today's immunity challenge," Ivy comments. "Sabrina, you got completely embarrassed by Cynthia out there."

"Yes, but she crossed the line by pulling my hair," Sabrina replies.

"She seemed like she really wanted you to lose, by first taking you out, and then telling the other tribes to push the ball towards your goal."

"She has a grudge against me. She hates me, but I'm not going to let that affect me. I'm going to ignore the way she treats me."

"Now Karen, does it affect the way you think about voting, if you've got someone on your tribe who isn't very well-liked?" Ivy asks.

"Absolutely," Karen states. "If the other tribes are going to try to defeat us just because we have Sabrina on our tribe, it makes the best sense to take her out immediately. And hopefully she loses at Redemption Island right away."

Will shakes his head as Karen says this.

"Will, you're shaking your head," Ivy remarks. "Why is that?"

"I don't agree with Karen at all," Will replies. "Sabrina is a very big asset to our tribe, and I hope that the rest of the tribe will recognize that."

"Gary, what goes into making a decision this early in the game as to who to vote out?" Ivy asks.

"I think it all comes down to who you think you are more compatible with," Gary states. "You have to make sure you're with people you get along with, in order for your tribe to do well."

"But," Melody breaks in, "you don't want to vote out someone strong early. Otherwise, you put your tribe into position to lose even more challenges."

"Bruno, would that favor you?" Ivy wonders. "You're certainly a strong person."

"The tribe would be stupid to vote me out early," Bruno states. "I'm very strong, and I know that I can help us win the next challenge."

"Okay, it is time to vote, Bruno, you're up first."

The Tribal Council theme "Tally the Vote" plays as the players go to vote.

Bruno goes to vote.

"Sorry, Sabrina, but this is what Karen wants," Bruno says.

Gary goes to vote.

Karen goes to vote.

Melody goes to vote.

Sabrina goes to vote.

"I know you're strong, but this is all strategical," Sabrina says, holding up her vote for Bruno.

Will goes to vote.

"I'll go tally the votes," Ivy states.

Ivy goes over to the voting booth, gathers the votes, grabs the voting urn, then returns to the players.

"If anyone has an immunity Master Ball, and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so."

The tribe members look around in confusion, wondering what that even is.

"Okay. Once the votes are read, the decision is final, and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

Ivy pulls out the first vote.


Sabrina glares over at Karen angrily.


Bruno simply crosses his arms.


Sabrina begins to get very nervous.

"Bruno. We're tied, two votes Sabrina, two votes Bruno, two votes left."

Both trainers look on nervously as Ivy pulls out the next vote.

"Sabrina. Three votes Sabrina, two votes Bruno, one vote left."

Ivy opens up the final vote extremely slowly.

"First person voted out of Survivor: Shamouti Island, Sabrina."

Sabrina hugs Will, then gives Karen another glare as she gets up to grab her torch. She takes it and brings it over to Ivy.

"Sabrina, the tribe has spoken."

Ivy snuffs out Sabrina's torch.

"You will have a chance to get back in this game. Take your torch and head to Redemption Island."

Sabrina walks out of the Tribal Council area with her torch.

"It seems that you went with brute strength over smarts for this first vote," Ivy states. "Will it be the right decision? We'll find out. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night."

The five remaining tribe members pick up their torches and begin walking back toward their camp.

Redemption Island

Sabrina walks onto Redemption Island and wastes no time making a fire and a shelter.

"I fully plan on returning to this game," Sabrina says. "I'm going to win every battle I face, and I'll come back to haunt both Karen and Cynthia. Just wait and see."

Who voted for whom:

Bruno – Sabrina

Gary – Sabrina

Karen – Sabrina

Melody – Sabrina

Sabrina – Bruno

Will – Bruno

Day 3

Sinnoh Tribe

(Cynthia, Lucian, J, Cyrus, Volkner, Candice)

Candice and Volkner have taken their spot in the jungle, where Volkner takes some of the little rice the others have afforded him and gives it to Candice.

"Thank you, Volkner," Candice replies.

"You're welcome," Volkner says. "It's no fair for them to starve you."

"Well, I think we will just have to pull a surprise on them."

Meanwhile, as Cynthia sits on her makeshift throne, Lucian walks over and kneels before her.

"What is thy bidding, my queen?" he asks.

"Go spy on Candice and Volkner," she tells him. "Then you will report what you see back to me."

"Yes, my queen," Lucian replies.

Lucian sneaks out into the jungle area, where he sees Candice and Volkner digging through the sand.

"There looked like there was something here," Candice says.

"I think you just imagined it," Volkner replies.

But a couple minutes later, Candice pulls out an object.

"What's that?" Volkner wonders.

"It says it's an immunity Master Ball," Candice replies. "That means… it can cancel out all votes against the person who uses it! We're in such luck!"

"Good," Volkner says. "Now don't show this to anybody."

"This ball could help us out of a whole heap of trouble," Volkner says. "it's such good fortune that we found it."

But Lucian sees the whole scene and reports back to Cynthia.

"So, they found some sort of ball?" Cynthia asks the kneeling Lucian.

"Yes, my queen. It was an immunity Master Ball. That means that all votes against the one who plays it are cancelled out."

"Very well then. Bring J and Cyrus to me, so we can work around this."

So Lucian gets Hunter J and Cyrus and brings them over to Cynthia, where they all kneel before her.

"J and Cyrus, I want you voting for Volkner," Cynthia commands.

"But weren't you mad at Candice?" J asks.

"Silence!" Cynthia demands. "I know exactly what I am doing. You just follow the plan."

"I don't know why Cynthia wants this, and I don't know if I'm going to obey," J says. "Maybe I could just defy her and see what happens."

"Our plan is utterly foolproof tonight," Cynthia says. "Those two will never see it coming."

Tribal Council


The six Sinnoh tribe members march into the Tribal Council area.

"Each of you take a torch and get fire," Professor Ivy states. "This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council. In this game, fire represents your life. Once it is gone, so are you, with a slight exception: Redemption Island."

The players light their torches in the fire, then they set them off to the side, before taking their seats in front of Ivy.

"A fierce immunity challenge yesterday," Ivy states. "Cynthia, you eventually got thrown out of the challenge for being too violent to Sabrina. Your tribe then lost the challenge. Do you regret that?"

"I don't regret anything I do to hurt Sabrina," Cynthia replies. "I'm glad to have seen her suffer, and I hope she was the first one voted out of their tribe."

"Your tribe lost, though, and here you are, with the possibility of being voted out yourself. Does that concern you?"

"I have three loyal servants. They will be enough to keep me safe."

Candice and Volkner smile at each other, while Cyrus winces at the word "servants."

"You don't like being called that, do you, Cyrus?"

"Whether I like it or not, I am Cynthia's servant," Cyrus groans. "I will do as she says."

"Is this true? Do we really have three people who are going to do whatever Cynthia tells them to do?"

Lucian, Cyrus and J slowly nod their heads.

"Wow. This gives Cynthia a huge advantage. Candice and Volkner, what are you going to do to combat this?"

"You'll see," Candice replies.

"It's a secret," Volkner adds.

"I won't force you to give up your secret yet," Ivy states. "But I will ask you how you plan to play long-term against so many people."

"If our plan works tonight, their alliance will fall completely apart," Volkner replies.

"Very well then. We're about to find out if your plan works, as it is… time to vote. Candice, you're up first."

The Tribal Council theme "Tally the Vote" plays as the players go to vote.

Candice goes to vote.

Cynthia goes to vote.

Cyrus goes to vote.

"As you wish, Cynthia," Cyrus says, holding up his vote for Volkner.

J goes to vote.

Lucian goes to vote.

Volkner goes to vote.

"You'll never see this one coming," Volkner says, showing his vote for Cynthia.

"I'll go tally the votes," Ivy says.

Ivy gathers the votes, rearranges them, then takes the voting urn with her back to her old spot.

"If anyone has an immunity Master Ball, and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so."

Candice immediately stands up, then walks over to Ivy with the ball.

"This is an immunity Master Ball," Ivy states. "Any votes against Candice will not count."

Candice happily skips back to her seat, then gives Volkner a high five.

"The rules of Survivor state that if an immunity Master Ball is played, all votes against that player do not count, and the person with the next-highest number of votes is voted out," Ivy states. "Once the votes are read, the decision is final, and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

She pulls out the first vote.

"Candice. Does not count."

Candice gives Volkner another high five.

"Candice. Does not count."

Candice looks over at Cynthia, smiling as she does.


Cynthia crosses her arms, not caring about Candice.

"Cynthia. Two votes Cynthia."

Ivy pulls out the next vote.

"Volkner. Two votes Cynthia, one vote Volkner, one vote left."

Candice and Volkner both look a little bit confused upon seeing that vote.

"Volkner. We have a tie."

Cynthia puts on a huge smile over at Candice and Volkner, while those two look befuddled.

"We will now have a revote, and you will vote for either Cynthia or Volkner. Cynthia and Volkner, you may not vote, but you may first give a reason why you should not be voted out. Volkner, we'll start with you."

"You don't want this queen to rule over you, do you?" Volkner questions the other players.

"And Cynthia."

"Obey the queen," Cynthia commands.

"Very well. It is time to revote, and Candice, you're up first."

The Tribal Council theme "Tally the Vote" plays as the players go to revote.

Candice goes to vote.

Cyrus goes to vote.

J goes to vote.

Lucian goes to vote.

"I'll go tally the votes – again."

Ivy gathers the votes, then takes the voting urn and returns to the players.

"Again, once the votes are read, the decision is final, and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

She pulls out the first vote.


Cynthia does not look concerned at all.


Volkner and Candice look nervously at each other.

"Volkner. Two votes Volkner, one vote Cynthia, one vote left."

Ivy takes out the next vote and opens it extremely slowly.

"Second person voted out of Survivor: Shamouti Island, Volkner. You need to bring me your torch."

Volkner hugs Candice sadly. He then grabs his torch and brings it over to Ivy, as Candice wipes tears from her eyes.

"Volkner, the tribe has spoken."

Ivy snuffs out his torch.

"You will have a chance to get back in this game. Take your torch and head to Redemption Island."

Volkner waves good-bye to Candice, then walks out of the Tribal Council area.

"Well, only the first vote for this tribe, and already we've seen strategies and sub-strategies go out the window. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night."

The players take their torches and walk back to their camp.

Redemption Island

"Sabrina!" Volkner calls, as he walks into the Redemption Island camp.

"Volkner," Sabrina replies. "Big bad Cynthia got you, didn't she?"

"Wait till you hear what happened," Volkner responds.

"Not the way I expected things to go," Volkner says. "Candice and I had no way of getting by those four. I hope she finds a way to stay afloat against them."

Who voted for whom:

Candice – Cynthia

Cynthia – Candice

Cyrus – Volkner, Volkner

J – Volkner, Volkner

Lucian – Candice, Volkner

Volkner – Cynthia

Scenes from our next episode:

Cynthia continues to become the biggest villain in Survivor history:

"Hey! That's not fair!" Roxanne yells from the bench. "Cynthia cheated!"

Her reign of terror goes on:

"Please… I beg you…" Candice cries to Cynthia, "please let me eat."

"If you don't eat, then you'll get taken from this game, and that's exactly what I want," Cynthia replies.

and on:

Candice quickly bows her head in front of Cynthia.

"That's not good enough," Cynthia states. "I want you to show your reverence to me."