Episode 2

Catch Me if You Can

Previously on… Survivor…

24 trainers were split into 4 tribes, ready to begin the journey of a lifetime. They competed in their first immunity challenge, where two tribes won and two tribes lost:

"That's it!" Ivy yells. "Sinnoh gives up a goal, and they will be headed to Tribal Council tomorrow night!"

Kanto and Sinnoh both lost and were sent to Tribal Council. At Kanto, Karen got what she wanted, voting Sabrina out of the tribe.

"Sabrina, the tribe has spoken."

At Sinnoh, Candice and Volkner had already gotten tired of Cynthia's antics.

"Oh, and no rice for you, Candice," Cynthia adds. "Not until you bow before me."

Cynthia had even gotten thrown out of the challenge:

"Cynthia, first person in Survivor history to be kicked out of a challenge!" Ivy exclaims.

Candice found an immunity Master Ball, allowing her to cancel out any votes against her, but Lucian spied on her and ratted her out to Cynthia:

"So, they found some sort of ball?" Cynthia asks the kneeling Lucian.

"Yes, my queen. It was an immunity Master Ball. That means that all votes against the one who plays it are cancelled out."

So Cynthia got her three loyal followers Lucian, Cyrus and J to split their votes and take out Volkner after Candice used the Master Ball. Volkner joined Sabrina at Redemption Island, where they will have a chance to later get back in the game. 22 are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

Day 4

Redemption Island

(Sabrina, Volkner)

Sabrina and Volkner sit around the fire that Sabrina made a couple nights earlier, wondering what is going to happen.

"Are we going to battle each other?" Volkner asks her.

"I assume," Sabrina replies. "But I don't know. Maybe we wait longer."

"I'm going to do whatever it takes to get back into this game," Sabrina says. "It doesn't matter that I was voted off first. I'm still around as long as I can win Pokémon battles. I'll just take a different path in getting along in this game."

Kanto Tribe

(Will, Karen, Bruno, Melody, Gary)

Will seems pretty depressed after Sabrina was voted out, but Karen tries to cheer him up.

"Hey, don't worry about it!" she tells him. "All you have to do is join Bruno and me and we'll carry you along farther!"

"That's a nice offer," Will replies, "but I'd be much happier if Sabrina was here."

"Well, too bad! She isn't here! You're going to have to live with that!"

"If Karen wants me to join her and Bruno, she's going to have to be a little more considerate than this," Will says. "Right now I don't really feel like helping her out at all."

Gary and Melody, meanwhile, talk about their strategy.

"Should we vote again with Karen and Bruno, and take out Will as well?" Melody asks Gary.

"That's one option," Gary replies. "The other is to join forces with Will to take out either Karen or Bruno."

"Your choice actually sounds better," Melody remarks. "Because that way we'll still have the numbers after the vote, whereas after a vote out of Will we'd be tied 2-2."

"We're in an interesting position," Gary says. "It seems that we still have the power, but in reality the second we voted out Sabrina, our power dissipated and things became wide open all over again. Will could easily join Karen and Bruno and take one of us out. Nothing comes easy in this game."

Sinnoh Tribe

(Cynthia, Lucian, J, Cyrus, Candice)

Candice is still starving, having eaten very little rice. She then notices the rice barrel sitting next to Cynthia.

"I'll just take some of this," she says, with Cynthia keeping a close eye on her.

"I think you won't," Cynthia replies.

As soon as Candice reaches for the barrel, Cyrus and J rush over to her and pull her away from it.

"Excuse me, but I have to eat too!" Candice cries.

"And you will…" Cynthia says, "… as soon as you bow down before me."

"Nonsense!" Candice yells. "I'll never do that!"

"Very well then," Cynthia states. "Lucian, go ahead and cook the rice. Go make three portions, for yourself, Cyrus and J, and one large portion for the queen."

"Yes, my queen," Lucian replies.

"You can't make me starve!" Candice shouts.

"I can make you do whatever I want," Cynthia responds.

"Candice doesn't realize it yet, but she's nothing more than another one of my servants," Cynthia says. "She may refuse to obey, but she'll end up doing my bidding after all."

"Cynthia is so full of herself," Candice says. "I can't believe anyone would actually treat her like a queen. Nevertheless, I'll find my way around her."

Candice goes back into the jungle, searching for another immunity Master Ball.

"The first one was right in the middle of all the trees," Candice says. "Surely it can't be there again."

But she looks in the same place where she found the first one. This time, she finds nothing in the sand.

"I'm not finished yet," she says. "I'll keep on looking."

She notices a certain tree which has a little more sand piled up at its roots than the others. She scurries over to it, then starts digging in the sand. A few minutes later, she pulls the immunity Master Ball out of the ground.

"Yes!" she exclaims. "This is my escape rope! This is exactly what I need to get out of my horrible situation!"

But as she tries hiding the Master Ball in her pocket amongst her other Poké Balls, a spying Lucian watches her from a distance…

Hoenn Tribe

(Giselle, Joe, Roxanne, Brawly, Liza, Tate)

Liza and Tate spend the whole day playing on the beach, enjoying themselves. Giselle sits under a palm tree, bragging to Joe. Roxanne is plotting with Brawly under another palm tree.

"We need to get rid of Giselle right away," Roxanne tells Brawly.

"I agree," Brawly replies. "She's really annoying."

"Not only that," Roxanne states, "but she doesn't believe in Arceus. To me, that makes her persona non grata. I refuse to even associate with her."

"I wear this robe for a reason," Roxanne says. "I serve at the Temple of Arceus at Rustboro City in Hoenn. Once I convinced Brawly of Arceus' existence, he helped me build the temple, and now we serve there every day, offering sacrifices to Arceus. He and I both now wear robes because that is the proper dress inside the temple, and we want to show the whole Pokémon World our allegiance to Arceus. If I could convince just one more person to believe in Arceus, that would be better than winning."

Joe gathers some rice for Giselle and brings it over to her, while she continues to brag to him.

"How many straight Pokémon League championships have I won? 5? No, I think it's 6. I lose count sometimes."

"Giselle, we have a game to play."

"That's right, and the first one we eliminate is Roxanne."

"Not Roxanne! She was my teacher at Pokémon Tech. I'm still very close to her."

"You don't love her like you love me, do you?"

"Of course not! I love only you, Giselle."

"Then vote her out."

"Oh, fine."

"I can control Joe so easily," Giselle says. "He can't resist a beautiful girl like me."

"I don't think it's wise to vote out Roxanne so early," Joe says. "She's very smart, she could really help us in a tough situation. I don't know if I'm going to go a long with Giselle's plans."

Johto Tribe

(Jasmine, Silver, Whitney, Gold, Janine, Falkner)

Tensions are beginning to grow in the Johto tribe, as Janine and Silver get into it with each other again.

"You just think you're the leader of this tribe, don't you?" Janine complains.

"I never claimed to be the leader," Silver replies. "But if you'd like to think of me as such, I'd be okay with that."

"So, you do consider yourself the leader! I knew it!"

"I'm just saying that if you think of me as leader, I'm fine with you thinking that way."

"Well, Fearless Leader, how are you going to lead us through this next challenge?"

"I say we all work as a team, none of this bickering that you so enjoy."

"I think you enjoy it just as much as me!"

"Janine is so annoying, it's hard to believe that she's a ninja," Silver says. "There's no stealth to her at all, she makes her opinions heard, loud and clear."

"Silver and I aren't exactly best buddies," Janine says. "I intend to make sure that he doesn't run away with this game, because his girlfriend Jasmine follows him like a lost puppy, and Gold and Whitney aren't much smarter."

Whitney watches the argument with much concern.

"I'm not about to let Silver run this show," Whitney says. "I know he wants to control four votes – his own, Jasmine's, Gold's and mine – but I want to win this game too. I'm going to approach this situation very cautiously."

Sinnoh Tribe

(Cynthia, Lucian, J, Cyrus, Candice)

Later in the day, Candice is starving, and she watches Cynthia continue to chow down on the rice.

"Come on, just give me some," Candice tells Cynthia. "If not, I'm not going to be able to do as well in the challenge."

"Who's worried about the challenge?" Cynthia replies. "The rest of us can win without you."

Candice looks desperate. "What have I got to do to let you give me some rice?"

"Simple, bow down before me."

"Well, since I won't do that, what else?"

"Okay. Lucian tells me that you have found something."

Candice looks rattled. "Did he spy on me again?"

"Yes, in fact, he did. That's his job, as my loyal servant."

"All right, how about this?"

Candice pulls the immunity Master Ball out of her pocket.

"Here's proof that I have it."

"Very well, you have earned yourself a few grains of rice."

"Oh, come on!"

"How about this: you give me that ball, and I'll give you as much rice as you want."

"No way!"

"Very well, then, I retract my previous offer. No rice for you!"

Candice suddenly just dives at the rice barrel, hoping to grab some rice out of it, but Lucian rushes to grab her and pull her away.

"You're so cruel!" Candice cries. "Starving someone to death out of your arrogance!"

"I know," Cynthia replies with a smirk.

"I'm so hungry," Candice says. "I can't understand why someone would want to starve one of their own teammates. It makes no sense."

Kanto Tribe

(Will, Karen, Bruno, Melody, Gary)

Karen and Bruno bring over Will to talk to him.

"We want you on our side," Karen tells him.

"You don't have to be mad at us over what happened to Sabrina," Bruno adds.

"Fine, then, what do you want?" Will asks.

"We're thinking of voting out Melody next," Karen states. "She's pretty much useless, and she's not even a Pokémon trainer. She'd lose for sure at Redemption Island."

"What is your obsession with wanting our tribe members to lose?" Will yells. "You wanted Sabrina to lose, now you want Melody to lose? Wouldn't it be better if we had more members of our tribe around when we merge with the other tribes?"

"You're thinking about it too hard," Bruno replies.

Will walks away, thinking about Karen and Bruno's offer.

"I'm not overthinking anything," Will says. "Besides, if you don't think two steps ahead, you're going to fall behind in a pretty big hurry. You've got to think ahead or else you're going to be dead once you get farther in the game."

Johto Tribe

(Jasmine, Silver, Whitney, Gold, Janine, Falkner)

That night, the players sleep together based on their relationships – Jasmine with Silver, Whitney with Gold, and Janine with Falkner. Each of the couples whispers to each other on what they want to do next.

"We're taking out Janine first," Silver whispers to Jasmine.

"I understand," Jasmine replies.

"Then it's Falkner. But don't worry, I know you're friends with Whitney, I'll keep her around."

"I want to keep Jasmine happy," Silver says. "That means keeping around Gold and Whitney even if they end up getting on my nerves."

"Don't trust Silver," Whitney tells Gold.

"Of course not!" Gold replies. "Why would I?"

"Just making sure. He's in this for himself. I don't even think he cares about Jasmine all that much."

"We're sticking with him to win as much as we can now, but we'll split off from him later."

"Whitney's too smart to get fooled by Silver," Gold says. "I'm glad my girlfriend is on the ball."

"Gold and I are in a sticky situation until the inevitable merge," Whitney says. "We're stuck between a volatile Janine and an untrustworthy Silver. If we can just make it far enough together as a tribe, we will be fine, but losing early could really hurt us."

"We're going to need to do something tricky," Janine tells Falkner.

"Like what?" Falkner replies.

"I don't know, but I'll think of something."

"Janine and I do not have the numbers, that's patently clear," Falkner says. "It's going to be tough for us to survive against their alliance of four."

Day 5

Hoenn Tribe

(Giselle, Joe, Roxanne, Brawly, Liza, Tate)

Liza and Tate go over to pick up the tribe's mail that morning.

"We have a new note!" Liza exclaims.

"Let's bring it over to the others," Tate says.

So the twins bring the note to the others in their tribe and read it.

"Today, there will be another immunity challenge," Tate reads the first part.

"In addition, you will have the opportunity to win reward," Liza reads the rest of it.

"I wonder what kind of reward it is," Giselle says. "Maybe it's another trophy, for my big collection!"

Joe simply rolls his eyes.

"We don't need earthly possessions," Roxanne states. "We simply want to stay strong as a tribe."

"I don't care what Roxanne says, I'd like to win some type of reward," Brawly says. "But more importantly, we don't want to lose anyone in our tribe."

Immunity Challenge

"Come on in, guys!"

The four tribes walk into the immunity challenge area.

"Johto and Hoenn, getting your first look at the new Kanto and Sinnoh tribes, Sabrina and Volkner voted out last Tribal Council."

"Wow," Silver whispers upon hearing that Sabrina has been voted out.

"First things first, I will take back the immunity GS Balls."

Jasmine and Liza hand over the GS Balls to Professor Ivy.

"Thank you. Once again, immunity is back up for grabs. For today's challenge, you will run a relay race. The first person on your tribe will run to a pit of sand, where they will dig up a Poké Ball. They will then hand it off to the second person, who will run through a pile of mud. They will hand the ball to the third person, who will climb up a grassy hill. The fourth person will run down the hill, and the fifth person will race across the beach to the finish line. First two tribes to finish win immunity. In addition, you are playing for reward."

Ivy unveils a bunch of pillows and blankets, as well two tarps.

"For first place, you get all this comfort, along with a tarp, to keep you dry in case of rain. Second place, you get a tarp."

All the players look excited over the comfort, save for Roxanne, who sees no need for earthly comfort.

"As for the two tribes that finish in third and fourth, you will be going to Tribal Council, where you will send one player each to Redemption Island. Johto and Hoenn, you each have an extra tribe member, who are you going to sit out?"

The tribes quickly discuss it amongst each other.

"We'll sit out Jasmine," Gold states.

"We're sitting out Roxanne," Brawly adds.

"Okay, sitouts, take a seat on the bench. The rest of you, I'll give you a minute to strategize, and then we'll get started."

The tribes talk over their strategies, then all the players take their positions on the course.

"Starting the race will be Will for Kanto, Gold for Johto, Tate for Hoenn and Candice for Sinnoh! For immunity! Survivors ready? Go!"

The four players rush toward the sand pit. Candice, still starving from not being able to eat, has a hard time getting any energy, and she falls behind the other players quickly. Tate is out to a quick start and gets to the sand pit first.

"You're looking for a Poké Ball in that pit of sand!" Ivy yells.

Tate digs through the sand and comes up with his Poké Ball. Moments later, Gold finds his in the sand. Will is a little behind the two in finding his. Candice is hopelessly behind as she has no energy in her arms to dig.

"Candice, falling out of this challenge early!"

Tate passes the ball on to Liza, who begins running through the mud. Gold gives his to Silver, and Will gives his to Gary. The three now carrying the Poké Balls are covered in mud as they trudge through it, trying to get to the next person in line. Candice finally digs up her ball and gives it to Cyrus.

"Cyrus, a lot of ground to make up!"

Liza passes her ball on to Brawly, while Silver gets his to Janine. Gary is about 30 seconds behind at this point.

"Hoenn right now with a slight lead over Johto!"

But as Brawly begins climbing up the hill, he stumbles and drops the Poké Ball, which goes rolling all the way back the hill into the mud.

"Brawly drops his Poké Ball! Now he's got to go back and find it in the mud!"

This gives Janine a big lead, while Gary now passes Brawly and passes his ball onto Bruno.

"It's now Johto and Kanto in the lead!"

Cyrus goes splashing through the mud, while Brawly starts going up the hill again. He stumbles a second time, but manages to hold on to the Poké Ball. Janine makes it to the top of the hill and passes the ball to Falkner. Bruno is about half a minute behind in getting his ball to Karen. Cyrus now manages to get his ball to J.

"Can Sinnoh and Hoenn catch up?"

J and Brawly are now neck-and-neck for third place, as they make it to the top of the hill. J passes her ball to Lucian, while Brawly gives his to Joe. Falkner finds himself with a huge lead, while Karen tries desperately to catch up.

"Johto, running away with this race!"

Falkner passes his ball on to Whitney, and now she runs across the beach toward the finish line. Karen gets her ball over to Melody. Lucian and Joe make up a bit of ground on Karen, and they get their Poké Balls over to Cynthia and Giselle, respectively.

"Who will avoid going to Tribal Council?"

Whitney pulls up near the end of the race, knowing she has a big lead. She simply walks across the finish line.

"Johto wins immunity and big reward!"

Cynthia tries catching up to Melody, while Giselle runs right next to Cynthia. As they run, Giselle is gaining ground on Melody, so Cynthia runs right into Giselle's path as she is about to pass her. Giselle gets boxed out and stumbles to the ground.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Roxanne yells from the bench. "Cynthia cheated!"

Cynthia now tries desperately to catch up to Melody, but Melody is far enough ahead to taunt Cynthia.

"Catch me if you can!" Melody shouts.

Melody then crosses the finish line easily ahead of Cynthia.

"Kanto wins immunity as well!"

Cynthia crosses the finish line third, while Giselle comes in fourth. Giselle then immediately gets in Cynthia's face.

"You cheated! That's the only way you could beat me!"

"It doesn't matter," Cynthia replies. "We both lost."

"Ivy, do something about this!"

The Hoenn players protest to Ivy, saying that Giselle would have not only passed Cynthia but also caught Melody for immunity. Ivy then makes a decision.

"We have a protest from Hoenn," Ivy announces. "They claim that Cynthia unfairly prohibited their tribe from having a chance at immunity. From my view of the run, I determine that Cynthia did not do anything unfair, and simply used strategy to box out Giselle. The protest is denied! Hoenn finishes last and will be headed to Tribal Council tonight!"

"That's a bunch of crap," Brawly complains.

"Hey, maybe if you didn't drop the ball, you'd have won," Cyrus taunts Brawly.

Meanwhile, some of the players rush over to Candice, who has collapsed on the ground.

"She's fainted!" Liza yells.

Ivy then rushes over to see the fainted Candice.

"Let's get medical in here right away," she states.

A few minutes later, everyone sees Nurse Joy riding a speedboat, with Melody's sister driving the boat. The boat pulls up to shore, and Nurse Joy hops off to check on Candice.

"I know you're more familiar with Pokémon fainting," Nurse Joy states. "But we have a person who has fainted here."

Nurse Joy checks on Candice's vital signs. She is surprised when Candice wakes up as she is checking on her.

"So… hungry…" Candice mumbles.

"It appears that Candice simply has not eaten enough," Nurse Joy states.

"That's odd, because we have provided more than enough rice for the players," Ivy replies.

"Candice, you go back to your camp and eat," Nurse Joy tells her. "If conditions worsen, we'll have to take you out of the game."

Candice has no strength to tell Nurse Joy or Ivy about Cynthia's tactics, so she simply nods her head.

"Very well," Ivy states. "Candice will stay in the game, and Sinnoh will go to Tribal Council tomorrow night. Hoenn will go to Tribal Council tonight. As for Johto and Kanto, these are for you."

She hands over the immunity GS balls to Whitney and Melody.

"You cannot be voted out tonight. In addition, Johto, pick up your big reward, and Kanto, get your tarp. You can head back to camp."

The Johto players happily take their comfort and begin their walk back to camp, while Bruno grabs the tarp for Kanto as they walk back to camp.

"Hoenn, Sinnoh, I got nothing for you, except dates with me at Tribal Council. You can head back to camp."

"It's clear that Cynthia cost us a chance at immunity," Joe says. "But Brawly also really struggled in the challenge, and for that, he's going to have to go home."

Sinnoh Tribe

(Cynthia, Lucian, J, Cyrus, Candice)

Cyrus and J have to carry the weak Candice back to camp.

"Please… I beg you…" Candice cries to Cynthia, "please let me eat."

"If you don't eat, then you'll get taken from this game, and that's exactly what I want," Cynthia replies.

"I'll do anything," Candice begs.

"Then bow down before me," Cynthia commands.

"Anything but that," Candice responds.

"Then hand over the immunity Master Ball."

Candice thinks over her options, then finally pulls the immunity Master Ball out of her pocket and holds it out to Cynthia.

"But you must promise me you won't vote me out this time," Candice pleads.

"Oh, I promise," Cynthia replies. "I wasn't planning on voting you out anyway."

Candice hands the ball over to Cynthia, while Lucian, J and Cyrus look on in shock.

"Lucian, give Candice a spoonful of rice," Cynthia commands. "That's all."

"What?!" Candice screams. "But you made a deal!"

"I'm letting you eat," Cynthia replies. "But I decide how much you eat. And my choice is one spoonful."

Lucian takes a spoonful of the rice and feeds it to Candice.

"You'll pay for this, Cynthia!" Candice yells.

"I can't believe this," Candice says. "Cynthia makes an agreement with me, then she takes it back. She's a bully, that's all she is. But right now she's about to cost me my very life."

Hoenn Tribe

(Giselle, Joe, Roxanne, Brawly, Liza, Tate)

Giselle comes back from the challenge very angry at Brawly.

"If not for you dropping the ball, we would have won immunity!" Giselle yells at him.

"I'm sorry!" Brawly replies. "It was just one mistake. I was in such a hurry that I couldn't hold on to the ball. It won't happen again!"

"You're right, it won't happen again, because we're voting you out!" Giselle exclaims.

Brawly looks over to Joe for some support.

"I'm sorry, Brawly," Joe says, "but if you mess up at the challenge, you're a weak link, and you have to go."

Brawly simply sighs in frustration.

"One little mistake, and it's about to cost me my spot in this game?" Brawly whines. "I don't think it's quite fair, especially given that I helped our tribe win that first challenge."

Roxanne sees Brawly's desperate situation, so she goes over to Liza and Tate to try to get some help.

"Vote out Giselle," she tells them. "She's arrogant and full of herself."

"I wouldn't mind seeing Giselle going home," Liza replies.

"Roxanne wants us to vote out Giselle," Liza says. "It's a choice between her and Brawly. Tate and I are going to have to figure out who we want to keep, and who we want to send home."

Tribal Council


The six Hoenn tribe members march into the Tribal Council area, where Professor Ivy awaits them.

"Each of you grab a torch and dip it in the fire," Ivy commands. "This is part of the ritual of Tribal Council. In this game, fire represents your life. Once it is gone, so are you, with a slight exception: Redemption Island."

The players do so, then set their torches down and take their seats across from Ivy.

"Let's talk a little about today's immunity challenge. Tate and Liza, you built up a big lead for your tribe, before Brawly threw it all away. How frustrating is that?"

"It's very frustrating," Tate replies. "We did a lot of hard work."

"We put our tribe in position to win," Liza adds. "For Brawly to ruin it for us like that, it really hurts."

"Brawly, what do you have to say for yourself about this?"

"I may have made a mistake," Brawly responds, "but truthfully, we would have won immunity anyway had Cynthia not illegally tripped Giselle."

"According to my ruling, it was legal," Ivy states. "So you can't use that as an excuse."

"Maybe not," Brawly replies. "But it did affect the game, legal or not."

"Giselle, does Brawly have anything to stand on, after his poor performance?"

"Not at all," Giselle responds. "He's cooked his own goose."

"He is very strong, however," Roxanne breaks in. "And I think that he could help us out in future challenges. He did help us survive the first one, didn't he?"

"We didn't need his help to win the first one!" Giselle shouts. "All that matters is what happened here today, and what happened is that Brawly cost us a challenge."

"I would rather think that it was you who lost the challenge by not outrunning Cynthia and Melody," Roxanne replies.

"Wow, a lot of animosity here," Ivy states. "And now we'll have a chance to solve that animosity, as it is… time to vote. Brawly, you're up first."

The Tribal Council theme "Tally the Vote" plays as the players go to vote.

Brawly goes to vote.

"You're arrogant, you're annoying, you're a brat," Brawly says, holding up his vote for Giselle.

Giselle goes to vote.

"You cost us a challenge, and you cost yourself your spot in the game," Giselle says, showing her vote for Brawly.

Joe goes to vote.

Liza goes to vote.

Roxanne goes to vote.

"I pray to Arceus that you are punished for your unbelief," Roxanne says, showing her vote for Giselle.

Tate goes to vote.

"I'll go tally the votes."

Ivy gathers the votes, rearranges them, then returns with the voting urn to the players.

"If anyone has an immunity Master Ball, and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so."

Giselle and Roxanne both look around with confusion. Liza tries to keep herself from smiling, but she does not make a move.

"Once the votes are read, the decision is final, and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

Ivy pulls out the first vote.


She takes out the second vote.


Brawly sits back and crosses his arms.


Giselle scowls over at Roxanne.

"Brawly. We're tied, two votes Giselle, two votes Brawly."

Ivy pulls out the next vote.

"Brawly. That's three votes Brawly, two votes Giselle, one vote left."

Ivy opens up the final vote very slowly.

"Third person voted out of Survivor: Shamouti Island, Brawly. You need to bring me your torch."

Brawly hugs Roxanne, then walks over to get his torch. He grabs it and brings it over to Ivy.

"Brawly, the tribe has spoken."

Ivy snuffs out Brawly's torch.

"You will have a chance to get back in this game. Take your torch and head to Redemption Island."

Brawly walks out of the Tribal Council area.

"Tonight's vote came down to the performance in today's challenge. You better make sure to perform well in the next one, or you'll be suffering the same fate as Brawly. Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night."

The players take their torches and begin their trek back to camp.

Redemption Island

"I see someone coming," Volkner says to Sabrina.

"It's Brawly," Sabrina replies.

"Brawly, nice of you to join us," Volkner tells Brawly as he walks over to them.

"Yeah, I messed up in a challenge, and now here I am," Brawly replies.

"I'm a fighter," Brawly says. "Even though Roxanne makes me wear this silly robe because she forces me to believe in Arceus, I'm ready to fight my way back into this game."

Who voted for whom:

Brawly – Giselle

Giselle – Brawly

Joe – Brawly

Liza – Brawly

Roxanne – Giselle

Tate – Brawly

Day 6

Sinnoh Tribe

(Cynthia, Lucian, J, Cyrus, Candice)

Candice, still starving, sits in front of Cynthia's makeshift throne, where the rice barrel is stored very close by, with Lucian watching it carefully. She pleads with Cynthia.

"I gave you the immunity Master Ball, what else do you want?"

"I want you to bow."

"Fine, I'll bow!"

Candice quickly bows her head in front of Cynthia.

"That's not good enough," Cynthia states. "I want you to show your reverence to me."

Candice plunges her face into the sand in front of Cynthia.

"Is that good enough?" her muffled voice yells.

"Very well," Cynthia replies. "Lucian, give her some rice."

Candice lifts her head up. "That was the most embarrassing thing I've ever done," she complains.

Lucian feeds Candice a spoonful of rice, then closes the rice barrel.

"What? That's it?" Candice yells.

"That's it," Cynthia taunts.

Candice is desperate at this point, so she rushes Lucian and the barrel. However, she is so weak that Lucian easily shoves her to the ground, and she simply lies there, crying.

"This has to be against the rules," Candice cries. "For the whole tribe to deny me the ability to eat for six days, that's just cruel. I don't feel like being out here any longer."

While Candice lies there with her face to the ground, Cynthia calls over Lucian, J and Cyrus.

"The voting strategy is simple," Cynthia states.

"And what is that?" Cyrus asks. "I thought you said you weren't voting out Candice."

"You actually believed that?" Cynthia shouts. "Of course we're voting out Candice! Send the crybaby to her boyfriend!"

Candice simply lies on the ground, crying.

"Candice chose the wrong person to mess with," Cynthia says. "She now knows that no one messes with Queen Cynthia."

Tribal Council


The five remaining Sinnoh tribe members walk into the Tribal Council area with their torches ablaze. They set their torches down, then take their seats across from Ivy, who immediately notices Candice's condition.

"Candice, you look very weak," Ivy states. "Are you eating better?"

"I'm not allowed to eat," Candice replies. "Cynthia won't let me."

"Excuse me?" Ivy says. "Cynthia won't let you?"

"She has the other members of the tribe guard the rice barrel so I can't get to it," Candice states. "I'm only allowed to have a few spoonfuls."

"Cynthia, is this true?"

"No, Candice is completely lying," Cynthia replies. "She's had the opportunity to eat, she's just refused to."

"You're lying!" Candice cries. "I've done everything I could to earn your favor, and you still will hardly let me have any."

"Cynthia, Lucian, J, Cyrus, I must admonish you on your behavior," Ivy states sternly. "You are all given a warning, that if you do anything else to hurt another player in the game, you will immediately be ejected, and not even given the chance to go to Redemption Island. Cynthia, you're going to be especially watched now, after what happened at yesterday's challenge and after you were kicked out of the first challenge."

Cynthia wrinkles her nose at Ivy.

"We were simply obeying Cynthia's commands!" J pleads.

"It doesn't matter," Ivy replies. "You must choose your own path."

Candice raises her hand.

"Yes, Candice?" Ivy asks.

"Cynthia forced me to give up my immunity Master Ball to her," Candice tells Ivy. "She said she would feed me if I gave it to her, but she only gave me a little bit."

"I'm sorry, Candice, but I cannot do anything about deals that were made during the game. If she had stolen the Master Ball, you would get it back, but since you chose to give it to her, she now has possession of it."

Cynthia smirks at Candice.

"Now, I assume that you three – Lucian, J and Cyrus – are all following Cynthia's orders," Ivy says.

"That is correct," Cyrus responds. "We do what she tells us to do."

"Does that mean then that you're going to vote out Candice?"

"Absolutely," Lucian replies. "She's a goner."

"If that's the case, then let's get to it. It is time to vote. Candice, you're up first."

The Tribal Council theme "Tally the Vote" plays as the players vote.

Candice goes to vote.

Cynthia goes to vote.

Cyrus goes to vote.

J goes to vote.

Lucian goes to vote.

"I'll go tally the votes."

Ivy gathers the votes, grabs the voting urn, then returns to the players.

"If anyone has an immunity Master Ball, and you would like to play it, now would be the time to do so."

Cynthia pulls out the immunity Master Ball. She sticks it right in Candice's face, then pulls it back.

"Are you using that?" Ivy asks.

"Of course not!" Cynthia replies. "I don't need it!"

"Very well then. Once the votes are read, the decision is final, and the person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately. I'll read the votes."

She pulls out the first vote.


Cynthia simply shrugs her shoulders.


Candice looks on sadly, about to cry.

"Candice. Two votes Candice, one vote Cynthia, one vote left."

Ivy opens up the next vote slowly.

"Fourth person voted out of Survivor: Shamouti Island, Candice. That's three, that's enough. You need to bring me your torch."

Candice cries as she gets up from her seat slowly, walking over to her torch. She can barely make it over to Ivy.

"Candice, the tribe has spoken."

Ivy snuffs out her torch.

"You will have a chance to get back in this game. Take your torch and head to Redemption Island."

Candice sniffles as she takes her torch and leaves the Tribal Council area.

"As for the rest of you, you're following Cynthia like a cult leader. Remember that you are in this game to win too! Grab your torches, head back to camp, good night."

Cynthia puts on a big smile as the tribe grabs their torches and begins to walk back to camp.

Redemption Island

Candice walks into the Redemption Island area, where Volkner embraces her.

"I'm so hungry," she cries.

"We have plenty of rice here," Volkner tells her. "Go ahead and eat up."

"So Cynthia starved you?" Sabrina asks.

"Yes," Candice replies. "Nothing I could do was good enough to satisfy her. She refused to let me eat more than a couple spoonfuls."

"She is truly evil," Sabrina states.

"Disgusting," Brawly adds.

"After all I went through, Redemption Island is a reprieve," Candice says. "I'm glad to be here, and I hope to stay here a little longer."

Who voted for whom:

Candice – Cynthia

Cynthia – Candice

Cyrus – Candice

J – Candice

Lucian – Candice

Scenes from our next episode:

The first battles take place at Redemption Island:

"We now bring in the competitors in today's Redemption Island battles. Sabrina, Volkner, Brawly and Candice."

Heavy rains and winds crash the islands:

"Oh Arceus," Roxanne prays, "you are showing your power right now by pouring rain on our island. You bash the islands with wind and soak them with rain. Your power is clear to all. Please punish those who refuse to believe in you, and reward those who obey you. Allow the weather to show as a reminder to all that your power is to be feared above all."

And two players grovel to stay in the game:

"I love Lucian, so I will not vote him out," Cynthia states. "We will vote together against one of you two."

"Which one of us?" Cyrus asks.

"It depends on which one of you shows me the most reverence. Bow down, both of you."

Cyrus and J both bow down before Cynthia.