Chapter 3: Meeting Room #5

"Change of plans?"

"Yes. Now there is one more Fusion out there… scary, evil, and obsessed just like yours."

"Ob- Ob- Obsessed? Just like my Fu- Fusion?!" He said aloud. He couldn't believe this. Was that possible? Another Fusion…? Scary, evil, and obsessed? Just like his? "Which is the other Fusion out there?" He asked to Ben. He needed to know which Fusion was Ben talking about.


"I'm talking about…" He couldn't say it. He couldn't finish the sentence. He was far too shocked at what he saw. Those pure evil red eyes, just like Ur-Dexter's. They had the same red eyes, the same feelings for each other for being best friends (EVIL BEST FRIENDS). They were a team. "I'm talking about… my Fusion."

"WHAT?! This can't be possible. This can't be happening. Not now."

"Shhh… Relax, Dex."

"I will try to, Benjamin."




"What happened between you and the Fusions? What did those slimy things said to you?" He said to his best friend, putting a hand on his shoulder again.

"I'm not in a good position to tell you that." He looked at Dexter, and then he smirked. "Do I have access to your computer?"

"Of course you do, Ben."

"Good. Do you have an empty meeting room?" He asked.

"Yes, I do. I have three empty meeting rooms. Which one do you want?" He answered. Why did Ben needed an empty meeting room?

"I need one that haves comfortable chairs, because what we are going to see might be a little long; a big screen, because I want all of you to see; and that nothing can be heard outside of the meeting room."

"Okay. What do you mean with 'all of us'?"

"I mean You, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Professor Utonium, and sergeant Chip Morton. Not to mention Kevin and Gwen, of course, this is about the new style of my Fusion. I need all of you to see what happened last week."

"Oh. Okay. Just to know." They left Dexter's Lab and headed to the meeting room #5, with everything that Ben wanted. They reached the elevator to go five floors up to the meeting room #5. "Computress," Dexter said in the elevator, "contact Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Chip Morton, Professor Utonium, Kevin Levin, Gwen Tennyson, and Mr. Green. Tell all of them to meet us at the meeting room #5, it's very important information."

"As you wish, Dexter." Said the super computer. Then she obeyed. She didn't keep talking after that.

"Mr. Green?" Asked Ben.

"Yep." He answered.

"What for?"

"He can be very useful, Ben, trust me."

"I don't have a problem with that. I trust you with all the good friendship we have."

"Good to know."

"You already knew I trusted you." He looked at Dexter. It was true. Dexter already knew that Ben trusted him completely.

"True." He didn't look at Ben, but he continued to stare at him.

"Well? Why do you say 'good to know'?"

He looked at Ben, his best friend, he smiled at him, "Well, I say "good to know" because it feels good to know that you trust me completely. But it feels better when I hear it coming from your mouth. That's all." Now Ben was smiling too.

"Oh, okay. We better get to the meeting room #5. We want to be the first ones to get there, right?" Ben said as they were stepping out of the elevator.

"Yes, of course, Mr. Tennyson. Let's be the first ones to get there." Dexter said pointing at two hover boards outside of the elevator. They both took the hover boards and went flying to get to their destination.


Professor Utonium and his daughters, the Powerpuff Girls, were at a big and nice park, surprisingly not invaded by Terra Fusers. They were sitting on a bench. They were enjoying a nice picnic that they were having. They were telling jokes.

"Nice one, Bubbles!" said Blossom applauding to her sister.

"Thanks!" she replied back. She was smiling like never before.

"Naaah, whatever." The green powerpuff girl said with so much boredom… like always. Except is she was kicking some monster butt.

Professor Utonium stopped reading the newspaper and placed a hand on Buttercup's shoulder, "You know, Buttercup? You don't have to be so bored, if you don't want to. You decide-" He was cut off by the hologram of Dexter's super computer, Computress.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything, Professor."

"Oh, it's okay, Computress. Go ahead."

"It appears that Ben and Dexter want to see all of you in the meeting room #5, right now."

"For what?" said all four of them.

"They didn't give me any details, they only told me that it was important information, and that they needed to see you right away. And for the tone of their voices… it appears that it must be something bad."

"Thanks, Computress." The hologram of Computress disappeared and he sighed a long moment before saying to the Powerpuff Girls: "Come on, girls. Ben and Dexter want to see us right away."

"Okay, let's go!" They shouted as they grabbed Professor Utonium by the arms and fly through the sky to get to DexLabs.

"Girls, can you slow down a bit? Please?" The girls started to laugh and slowed down their flying velocity.


Sergeant Chip Morton, Head of DexLabs' Security, was outside of DexLabs (don't ask me WHY) remembering the faces of all the kids that are fighting for Planet Earth. "Aaahhh. I can't believe this. All those kids… making adult's decisions. This is not right. The kids are not supposed to grow up so fast, their decisions grow so fast. WHY, Fuse? Why do you want to take over the entire Universe?" He thoughts got away when he heard Computress' voice in his walkie talkie.

"Sarge Morton?"


"Ben and Dexter want you in the meeting room #5 right away."

He got inside DexLabs and made his way to meeting room #5. "On my way."


Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin were inside of Ship (Julie's pet and it's a Mechamorph). They were talking to Azmuth (The Creator of the Omnitrix) and telling them about what was happening with the war against Planet Fusion, and Ben's doppleganger.

"Hmm… Interesting what you're telling me…" Azmuth said processing all the information given to him.

"Yeah. The whole Planet is in war. If we fail… we're doomed." Kevin said remembering Planet Fusion, and with his negative side 'on.'

"Yeah, I can see that. Very interesting that the fact that now there are two evil copies of Ben, the savior of the Uni-" Gwen's Plumber badge began to blink.

"Sorry, Azmuth. This can be important."

"Blah, whatever. Go ahead and answer it."

"Kevin and Gwen, are you there?" It was Computress voice in the communicator.

"Yes, It's us. What's up Computress? Something wrong?" Gwen said, because she knew better Dexter's super computer more than Kevin does.

"Oh, no. Nothing wrong. Just that Ben and Dexter need you at DexLabs, meeting room #5. It's important information. I have no details about it."

"Okay. We're going right away."

"See ya at DexLabs." Computress said and Gwen's Plumber badge stopped blinking.

"Ship, we need you to get us to DexLabs immediately. Azmuth, you coming?"

"Of course I'm coming! It's my responsibility to protect the Omnitrix as the Wielder too."


"Shiiip… shiiip…" They got to DexLabs at full lightning speed. (Ship's way to do things)


Mr. Green was in detention room with some fan girls of Dexter and Ben.

"Now, young ladies. Why were you sneaking up on Commander Tennyson and the owner of DexCorp's conversation?" asked Mr. Green with long papers on his right hand.

"We are very sorry. We are just some crazy fan girls of Commander Tennyson and Dexter." answered the 'crazy fan girls'.

"Young ladies, that you are 'crazy fan girls' doesn't mean you can sneak up on people!"

"We are very, very sorry for what we did, Mr. Green."

"Yeah, sure."

"For what do you need those papers?" asked one of the fan girls with a scared tone of voice.

Mr. Green started laughing and said: "These papers? In these papers you are going to write everything that you heard about the conversation." He gave the papers to the four crazy fan girls. "Now start writing!"

He was sitting on his desk when a hologram of Dexter's super computer appeared. "Hello, Computress," he said to her.

"Hello, Mr. Green," she replied back.

"What does Dexter want now?" he asked, knowing that Computress only showed up if Dexter wanted her to.

"Actually… it will be 'what do they want,' she said awkwardly.

"They?" he asked confused.

"Yes. It will be 'they' because it's Ben and Dexter." she answered

"Well, in that case… What do they want?" he said looking at the crazy fan girls writing a lot about the conversation that Ben and Dexter had the day before.

"They want to see you."

"Where and when?"

"Meeting room #5 at DexLabs, right away."

"Thanks, you can go now." Computress obeyed and disappeared from Mr. Green's desk. He got up from his chair and approached to the fan girls, "You can stop writing now. Today is your lucky day."

"WHAT?! Seriously?"

"Yes, now go away. I have an important meeting to attend to. OH! And one more thing…"

"Yes, Mr. Green?"

"I don't want to see you sneaking up on other people. Understood?!"

"Yes, Mr. Green. Don't worry, we won't." And they left the detention room.

Now Mr. Green was alone in his detention room. "As for me… I better teleport to DexLabs right away." He did as himself said and teleported back to meeting room #5.


Back at meeting room #5…

Ben and Dexter were talking about Azmuth, the creator of so many things (including the Omnitrix, of course), and the smartest alien species in five galaxies.

"Hmmm… Interesting what you are saying about Azmuth… I would love to meet him in person. I would love to be in front of one of the smartest people I have ever seen…" said Dexter enjoying listening to all the stuff that Azmuth had accomplished.

20 seconds after what Dexter said… all the people that were invited to get to the meeting were inside the meeting room.

"Speaking of Azmuth… Look who's there. It's Azmuth." He gasped to Dexter as not to heard him.

Dexter stood straight with his hands on his back… as always. "Hello, everyone. And welcome."

"Yeah, whatever. Can we start already?" Said Kevin.

Dexter looked at Ben and asked him, "What the Hell is wrong with your friend?"

"He has always been like that, trust me." Answered Ben.

Dexter looked back at Kevin and said: "As you wish, Mr. Levin." They started to sit around the boardroom.

Professor Utonium was worried about the awkward silence around the boardroom, so he managed to say: "Well, what's going on? Why do you need us here? What is this all about?"

Ben and Dexter looked at each other and nodded to say something. "It's about our Fusions."


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