Most of the time, true stories are the best kind. This is a verbatim transcription of my morning drive to work today.

Sano took in the beautiful colors of the sunrise across the ridge as she turned off of Judd's Bridge road, heavy snow tires crunching loud enough to be heard over her music as they made the transition to blacktop. The radio turned loud and her windows down to embrace the cold winter chill in the air she drove to work calmly. Her morning commute was her moment of silent introspection about her life. University was drawing to a close, and the terror of a looming job search in her major was weighing heavy on her mind that morning. She skipped lazily around the radio stations as she sped past the cemetary and cow fields.

Soon Sano came to the intersection of Main Street and the exit off the highway. As she waited to turn onto Main South waiting for her right-turn arrow, a glimmer of motion caught her eye. She turned her head to look across the four way, four lane intersection, and her jaw dropped.

A man was running full bore out of the Dunkin' Donuts parking lot, down the steep embankment and straight toward the middle of the busy intersection. But what stunned Sano was not his foolish run toward certain peril if not at least broken bones, but rather his attire.

A brown overcoat flapping in the wind and around long legs clad in a smart brown pinstrip suit pants. One button of four closed over a dark shirt and red tie yanked loose. Red trainers pounded the pavement as the man ran diagonally across an intersection of four four lane roads.

Sano slammed on her breaks and watched, mouth open, eyes wide as the man pulled his tie out of his face and screamed,


And just like that he crested the hill beside Talbots restaurante and continued into the woods, running for all his worth and still laughing in a maniac, joyful way.

But Sano had to go to work, she was late already. And she turned right.

She'll regret it for the rest of her life.

I swear to god, I saw this happen this morning. I wish, with all my heart, I had wrenched my car around and followed him. I would have either gotten to be a Companion ;) or I'd have asked him to marry me.